San Luis Obispo city inspector charged with burglary

August 16, 2016
Mark Williams

Mark Williams

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a San Luis Obispo city engineering inspector for allegedly burglarizing a home in Nipomo. Deputies arrested Mark Williams on Sunday in Atascadero, according to an incident report.

On Saturday, Williams, 56, allegedly went to the home of a former girlfriend to discuss the sale of a car to a third party. After Williams finished his transaction, he asked his former girlfriend, who he had last dated in Oct. 2015, to a restaurant for dinner.

When the former girlfriend declined the invitation, Williams allegedly caused a “scene” and was asked to leave the property, according to the incident report.

At 11:05 p.m., Williams began texting his ex asking were she was.

“RU home?” Williams texted. “Who are you f**cking tonight? I better contact me tonight.”

The former girlfriend did not reply.

Williams then returned to his former girlfriend’s Nipomo home,  broke down the front door, destroyed a stereo speaker, broke an interior door, knocked a hole through a wall and dumped makeup and CDs into the toilet, according to a sheriff’s department incident report. There was also blood left on the front door of the home and an interior door, according to the incident report.

In addition, a black bull’s head wall decoration was missing.

The former girlfriend was not home at the time of the burglary.

Deputies caught up with Williams at his home in Atascadero on Sunday. During an interview, Williams admitted to breaking into the home and tossing makeup into the toilet, but said the blood was not his and that he did not also toss the CDs into the toilet, according to the incident report.

Williams has worked as an engineering inspector for San Luis Obispo since 1994. He inspects and monitors private and public works construction projects.

In 2015, City Manager Katie Lichtig named Williams employee of the year.

For more than 20 years, Williams has also owned and operated Andamo Concrete, which is contracted by a “large clientele” to do public works projects, according to Williams’ Linked in page.

On Sunday, deputies booked Williams into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a burglary charge. He remains in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.


So whats happend with this fool, has he been fired,in jail or are we the taxpayer still employing him as we do the rest of the riffaff.


Sounds like a winner


A review of city construction projects would show if he was listed as a subcontractor on any project. Competitive bids are opened at one time from sealed envelopes and I think it would be hard to rig it yourself, although he could offer an extremely low price and some general contractor might use him. HOWEVER, the city has many informal bids for jobs under $100K or so that do not have to go out to a formal bid. Instead contractors can add their names to a list every year to be contacted to give informal bids, usually for repairs or small jobs. The city is supposed to get three estimates, and then select one. If he was on the list and got an unusually high number of these, I would start to a be a bit suspicious. Does he choose who gets those jobs? That would be a definite conflict of interest.


Really a good guy, he was getting hammered several days ago with one of his kids, check out the security tape at two local bars, Black Sheep and Tiki bar hammered to the max


Scott, What are you supposed to do at a bar? Not Drink? Why are you following him to 2 bars? Hammered to the Max? The 70s called and want their cool lingo back. To the Max!!! Get a life.


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Well then you should file a formal complaint against the Tiki bar and Black sheep for violating the law instead of stalking their customers from bar to bar since you are sheriff of moral town.


You sound like a total Buzzkill.

Maybe you should grab a beer and stop drinking the kool-aid


This homie is always downtown. Usually he’s throwing glo-sticks into the crowd and dancing like a crazy mofo. I’ve seen him out on bike night with a giant ghetto blaster on the back of his bike cranking the tunes and straight giggin like he just hit tha pipe. He used to drive his car around SLO cranking his radio at max volume and dipping out.


Found this video of him doing his thing in front of Woodstocks in SLO. Crazy mofo!


There is always an underlying story with couples. It could be as simple as him losing his temper and needing anger management and working on emotional intelligence, or it could be as complex as a narcissistic female who tormented him with pics of herself with other men, and mindgames galore. (Knowing fully this would end up in the news when he finally reached his breaking point-and licking her lips in anticipation of the tasty meal she is making of his reputation). Or maybe he was raised with really bad examples–or worse. The important thing is that we not judge. Unless it is pedophiles that have offended….then we should all get out our verbal scissors and snip away ;)


The headline doesn’t fit the crime. This is a domestic dispute. Harworking guy that lost his temper with ex. The headline makes it sound like he’s In some theft ring. Yet San Luis obispo fire department employees a firefighter who almost beat someone to death.


A “domestic dispute”? Are you kidding me? He broke down the door, knocked a hole in the wall, and vandalized property. That’s violent psychotic anti-social behavior – hallmarks of someone who is primed to inflict severe injury, not some simple domestic dispute.

Your apologist stance makes it clear that you are a friend of this criminal.


This should be a lesson to everyone. If you let your emotions and especially anger take over, you can ruin the rest of your life.


San Luis Obispo city/county government: Come for the weather, stay for the side-jobs.


And send the bills to the tax payers that you hold hostage.