Authorities break up North County meth ring

September 1, 2016
Jesus Ayala Flores

Jesus Ayala Flores

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office say its narcotics unit has shut down a major methamphetamine distribution ring that was operating in North County. Sheriff’s officials believe the methamphetamine ring has ties to Mexican drug cartels.

An investigation into the North County drug ring began in June. Thus far, the case has netted nine arrests. Another four suspects have outstanding warrants.

In SLO County, deputies served warrants in Paso Robles and Atascadero and seized about two pounds of methamphetamine.The methamphetamine has an estimated street value of more than $12,000. Officers also seized two handguns and ammunition.

Ismael Garcia Cruz

Ismael Garcia Cruz

Authorities arrested Jesus Manuel Flores Ayala, 37, of Paso Robles; Clarice Christensen, 59, of Paso Robles; Harold Johnson, 59, of Paso Robles; Ismael Garcia Cruz, 22, of Paso Robles; Hugo Ubaldo, 27, of Paso Robles; Angelica Solorio Lopez, 42, of Paso Robles; Wendy Millan, 28, of San Miguel; Lisa Becerra, 44, of Atascadero; and Kevin Snyder, 30, of Atascadero.

Warrants are outstanding for Francisco Simon Wbaldo, 30, of Paso Robles; Detra Nash, 53, of Atascadero; Kansas Anderson Dorsey, 26, of Shandon; and Froilan Flores Gonzalez, 44, of Hesperia.

Lisa Becerra

Lisa Becerra

The suspects face a range of charges, including possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation of a controlled substance for sale and conspiracy to commit a crime. Ayala also faces a charge of transportation of drugs for sale from one country to another.

Sheriff’s narcotics detectives received assistance with the investigation from the sheriff’s K9 unit, San Luis Obispo Police Department, county probation department, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security Investigations.

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One down, 99 more to go.

Think what you may about drug laws, just know that this drug is like drilling little holes in your brain. The dealers only care about their money while your children are getting drilled. Sure they can get treatment and hopefully stop but the drill holes remain, nothing funny about this incremental murder.

Great now we have to house, clean, feed, and medically support a bunch of tweekers on the tax payer dime. While the cartels just find some more sheep to do their dirty work. The cycle never ends.

I am not sure whether blanket criminalization of drug use is more beneficial than not but taking out dealers of one of the nastiest drugs out there is a far better use of law enforcement than harassing pot heads. This should remain a priority until we figure out better ways of dealing with addictions.

Come Nov, Calif will legalize marijuana for recreational use….

Take ’em down and ship ’em all out. Thanks so much to our law enforcement heroes!

What a nasty drug. Too bad these poor souls decided to travel down the road of disaster.

YEAH! YA, Way to go!! Awesome! Applause…..

anytime we can get that evil tweek off the Street I consider it a major victory!! so CONGRATS and FANTASTIC job!!