Dawn Ortiz-Legg is not fit for office

September 28, 2016


Local Code Pink co-founder Dawn Ortiz-Legg is politically unfit to represent the 35th Assembly District. The deplorable rhetoric and offensive “protest” strategies from Code Pink delegitimizes both their cause and Dawn’s candidacy.

As a brother of a Veteran of the U.S. Marines, I urge you not to vote for Dawn Ortiz-Legg.

Her leadership role in the San Luis Obispo chapter of Code Pink is nothing short of appalling. The distasteful protests of Code Pink, whose directive is to instill hate of our country’s leaders and polices on war, is not the kind of platform I want my representative to hold.

The founder of Code Pink has even gone as far as to prop up dangerous Communist leaders like Fidel Castro and terror organizations like Hamas – both possessing abysmal human rights records.

Ortiz-Legg’s desire to represent our veterans in this district lies in direct contrast to her involvement with a group that protests and mocks wounded veterans. Through her radical ideology and involvement with Code Pink, Dawn has proven that she is not the right fit to be my representative.

Daniel Lewis was born and raised in Paso Robles. He is 26-years-old

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As if the hyphenated name wasn’t already a red flag.

I wonder if it was a “learning experience” when Dawn was arrested at SLO airport trying to smuggle illegal drugs in her luggage.

after her DUI

Ortiz-Legs’s tv commercials are in insult to human intelligence.

Dawn is a nice person, but off base on her ads.

The one with the returning vet who said he could not find a good paying job for more than $10 per hour, is especially interesting because Topaz Solar hired only union help or licensed contractors, and had to pay prevailing wages. Sounds very good, but;

it was not Dawn who brought the plant here nor hired the vet. She was an employee in the management level and liasion between the BOS, the public and SLO County Public Works. She came to the SMAAC and CSA23 board meetings and brought the latest news.

I received 2 pieces of mail today from DOL’s Campaign and I’m completely blown away at the sheer stupidity of her message. The first one was a 2 paged mailer that appeared from the front to be a piece from Jordan Cunningham until you opened it and it was all about how he supposedly aided criminals in his practice of law….as a criminal defense lawyer. Gee Dawn, you really must be all kinds of stupid to come up with and support that message as a campaign tactic. I’d bet your first call from the drunk tank when you were “learning from your DUI experience” was to a Criminal Defense lawyer to get your sorry-ass out of jail!

Here’s the curious thing Bob. Cunningham’s website shows that he was a prosecutor with the DA in 2012. Yet Legg’s mailer shows a document that indicates Cunningham was the lead attorney for a dope smuggler in 2012. So unless the DA allows their prosecutors to moonlight as consiglieres, one of them is not being honest.