Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s ads are dirty and dishonest

September 15, 2016
Dawn Ortiz-Legg

Dawn Ortiz-Legg


Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s dirty attack ads on the television and radio are misleading.

Here are the facts: Jordan Cunningham is the candidate supported by virtually all of law enforcement. That includes District Attorney Dan Dow, Sheriff Ian Parkinson, Sheriff Bill Brown, California Correctional Peace Officers Association, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, Crime Victims United, California State Sheriffs’ Association, Peace Officers Research Association of California, as well as about 50 other local police officers, deputy district attorneys, and public safety officials.

They support Jordan Cunningham because he is a former prosecutor for the county, and they know he will pursue policies that will keep our communities safe.

Don’t believe Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s dirty ads. Jordan’s endorsements speak loudly and he is the obvious choice of Law Enforcement for the Central Coast.

Gary Gilbert served in the Korean War. He has lived in Paso Robles for eight years.

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Hyphens are code for “I have no self confidence”.

Seems to me ads from both candidates are pretty bad.

Here is the deal: The Democrats want to have a super majority in the Assembly as they do in the State Senate. They only need a switch of two Republican seats to achieve the super majority.

Their thinking is that many conservative voters will stay home on election day and that Clinton will win California by a wide margin that will leverage down ballot races that are normally Republican into the Democratic camp. Look no further than Debbie Arnold’s margin which was much narrower than it should have been because there was no Republican contest for the Presidential nomination.

This thinking is why many thousands of dollars have been pored into the Ortiz-Legg campaign, funding the deplorable attack ads. To attack an officer of the court who provides legal representation for defendants is beyond the pale. We have the best system of justice ever devised and by trashing Jordan, Ortiz-Legg is trashing that system – which protects us all.

If a super majority materializes in the Assembly – hold on to your seat because both new & higher taxes as well as new regulation burdens will be on the way.