Ignore Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s deception

September 30, 2016


In response to the democratic flyer I received in my post office box this morning, slandering Jordan Cunningham for ‘making his living helping those who break our laws: Please don’t cast your vote based on this flyer, I beg of you.

Please do not judge someone as less worthy because they stand up for the bad guy sometimes. How many second chances have you been given over your life? How many of you have friends and family who might deserve one and didn’t get it?

The intent of this flyer was to cast Cunningham as a liar, as a criminal, as dishonest. I don’t know the guy and I don’t know his work.

But I do know this:

I respect the guy that goes to work every day to fight for the right of a second chance.

We all screw up. Sometimes it’s a whopper and sometimes it’s an oops. A young, confused person of seventeen makes a stupid choice. An ex-marine with a hole in his heart from PTSD loses his temper. A drug addict with an abusive past writes a bad check, stealing from their neighbor.

We, the people, may be rotten to the core, or we may be at rock bottom, where the only place to go is toward recovery, health, and happiness.

But if we’re lucky, we have someone at our side holding space for love, acceptance, forgiveness, and second chances. Maybe we get a second chance and maybe we don’t. But unless that someone trusts in the good of people, holds their breath optimistically and takes a little (or big) chance on you, you’ll never have the opportunity to receive one.

There may be some criminals who deserve life without parole. Thankfully, this is not my decision or judgment to make. But I respect the guy that goes to work every day fighting for the right of a second chance.

Cast your votes with love and tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance, be forgiving of Leggs-Ortiz for a lesson well learned DUI or Cunningham for optimistically taking a chance on humanity. Cast your votes with love and tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.


She is a Clinton supporter, that’s all I needed to know


Also an Adam Hill supporter and exgirlfriend


Is this true that she is an ex-girlfriend of Adam Hill? Please elaborate.


And early in her career, Hillary Clinton was a….. defense attorney.


And she chuckled with glee when she got a rapist off the hook. What say you Dawn? Your mentor I would guess.


All the Jordan Cunningham signs I post around Atascadero have been taken down. With supporters like this, who can trust Debra Ortiz-Legg. Really!?!?! You’re going to win by taking down Jordan signs and mailing deceptive ads? Does anyone even read mailers in 2016?


So, Miss Ortiz-Legg and her Party show their true colors with a dishonest vile attack on a decent member of our community. Another immoral Democrat as we organize to try to get rid of Adam Hill, another Democrat that is corrupt, immoral, threatening and irrational. We do not need Miss Ortiz-Legg;s type of politics representing us in this County. I am use you used a ‘deplorable” lawyer for your arrest in the DUI case that you seem to laugh off as a learning experience. Would you still be drinking and driving had you not been caught? Really, do not make light of your DUI arres.

Also, could you please tell me where all those hundreds of PERMANENT jobs are that YOU created in the energy industry or is this just another lie?


I’ll make you a deal. If you can stop over-generalizing the flaws of Ortiz-Legg and other Dem. machine candidates to everyone in the party, I won’t over-generalize the flaws of Mr. Trump (or Ted Cruz or . . . ) to every Republican. I am not a Democrat but I know several who are ethical and honest — just as I know Republicans who aren’t con-artist idiots, theocrats, etc.


You may post whatever you like as do I. Please don’t be polite in trying to silent me, as I will not be silenced. Thank you!


This is rich. The Tribune has published an article on this and the other controversy. In in, the Dem party that sent out the flyer has apologized (in about as backhanded a way possible) their errors in the flyer (but make no mention of the fake court document). They then are demanding the Cunningham apologize for defending a criminal.

Yes the Democrat Central in Sacramento just sent a letter to a newspaper of record demanding that a trial lawyer apologize for defending a client. Let me say that another way because it bears repeating. The Democrat party, through their Executive Director Chris Masami Myers (not some flunky) is telling one of their biggest backers and funding source, the Trial Lawyers Associations, that ALL their members are scumbags and should apologize for the work they do, defending the constitutional rights of their clients.

I predict that Mr. Masami Myers got some ‘splaning to do very soon.

You can’t make this up!


This is probably the best op-ed piece I’ve read here in a while. Nice presentation!

Noodly Appendages

In our current police state, it is common for prosecutors to throw multiple charges at a defendant that may or (usually) may not be justified. That way, they can make the actual charge stick and the spurious ones are only a bargaining chip. You unintentionally elbow the police officer behind you while fighting a drunk, not even knowing he was there. Now, instead of pleading innocence because you were just defending yourself against the drunk who attacked you, you get a ‘felony assault on a peace officer’ too. Shot a deer in your yard, out of season? They throw in discharging a firearm toward an inhabited residence. IT’S OVER A HALF MILE AND I USED A BOW!!! But I digress…


Did Ortiz-Legg have a defense attorney when she was arrested for her DUI? If so, who was it? Did she think her own attorney was despicable?


Didn’t need one because she said she enjoyed the experience. Like the comedian Ron White says “you can’t fix stupid”.


She obviously lacks judgement to drive under the influence, putting the community at risk with her behavior. Someone else must have present her case to the judge, cause if she’s anything like she’s appeared in recent debates, thoughtfulness + presence of mind aren’t Debra Ortiz-Legg attributes.


Well said Ms. Grometer. There were times where standing on your own principals was enough. Sadly, those days are past, and one apparently has to tear one’s opponent down rather than explain why you are better.

That being said. It think it is important to understand where a candidate’s “center” lies, and while history or professional affiliations are important, so too are endorsements (as a whole, rather than individuals). So, as I see it, from their websites it appears that the majority of Mr. Cunnigham’s endorsements come from local public safety and local business people, the vast majority of Ms. Ortiz-Legg’s come from national unions and liberal politicians. I suppose that is to be expected as Republicans typically are endorsed by law and order and business and Democrats by labor.

What is telling is that Ms. Ortiz-Legg is taking aim at Mr. Cunningham for his work as a defense attorney. But that flies in the face of the simple fact that pretty much the who’s who of law enforcement in this district supports him and not her. Thus her “campaign” against him makes not one iota of sense and is a most confounding strategy. This is compounded with the bizarre fact that she, not he has a criminal record. Did she not think that someone would find out? Frankly it’s surprising that Cunningham hasn’t taken that juicy bone in his teeth already and slamming the airwaves with it. I guess, going back to your point, that is an honorable thing on his part.

Lastly, and this is the most profound for me, the California Teacher’s Association, the most powerful, liberal leaning labor union in the state has endorsed Cunningham, not Ortiz-Legg! Whaaat? That must

So, really, she should never, never have opened the door to mud slinging because she is the fragile one, most susceptible to criticism. The party bosses who are funding her campaign did a terrible job of vetting her (and her opponent) before deciding on a strategy, and now they are going to have to live with it since the money is spent.


The right to legal defense is one of the foundations of our democracy. The fact that Ortiz-Legg demonizes an attorney who has represented clients charged with offenses is downright scary.

Scary. No other way to put it- this woman is scary.


It was clear during recent debates Debra Ortiz-Legg doesn’t understand Due Process or basic civics. How can she navigate the California State Assembly when she can’t comprehend basic rule of law?


The other possibility is that she does understand it but believes that “All is fair in love and war” with politics being a form of war.

This attitude has been common in politics for a long time — especially in big metro areas — and is not unique to the Democrat Party. (For those old enough, do you remember the Willy Horton ads used against former Democrat presidential candidate Michael Dukakis back in 1988?) It seems to be more common locally than it used to be and I suspect that the source of the current epidemic is Adam Hill and his supporters in the SLO County Democrat Party machine. Even though my politics tend to be a mix of Liberal and Conservative, I can’t vote for someone who relies on such scummy tactics even if I found their politics closer to mine than that of their opponent. In fact, if the opponent is not outrageously offensive, I will vote for them just to send that message.