Man arrested for violent Pismo Beach carjacking

September 25, 2016

cocos-3Pismo Beach police arrested a man suspected of a violent carjacking and stabbing Saturday night.

Shortly after 7 p.m., a man was leaving Coco’s Restaurant on Five Cities Drive in Pismo Beach when the suspect stabbed him in the parking lot and took off in his black Ford truck. Police found the victim laying on the sidewalk outside Starbucks.

Emergency medical personnel transported the man to a local hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Shortly after 11:30 p.m., Pismo Beach Police located the vehicle with the suspect inside. Officers booked the suspect into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of attempted murder and carjacking.

Officers are currently withholding the name of the victim and the suspect because of the ongoing investigation.

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Seems like the police and the courts care more about the feelers of violent criminals than about the pain and suffering of the victims of violent crime.

This crime is the one that marks the defined line that SHOULD NOT BE CROSSED. What is the line? Well, of course it is my own definition–but I saw the line crossed in large cities I lived in throughout my life. The line is where you can still look back at what a wonderful town this used to be–define what the factors are that changed this and address them head on. What I see here so far is guns and Gov. Brown. People like to do that….they like to blame things they are against themselves–issues that hit home with them. Typically, however, it is not always your pet peeve that is the real factor. But something else….such as–are these recent armed robberies committed by locals? If so what are the demographics behind this? Are programs needed? Are these crack kids now grown up with a warped sense of values? Or are these “arranged” visits from gang members in a nearby town that do this to be initiated into the gang? Or, are these transients? Statistics can reveal a lot.

Because, what THIS crime brings to light is this: you now live in a city where the level of crime includes someone randomly attacking you, attempting to kill you on your way out of a family type business (NOT a bar, not a strip club, not a crack house) then steal your vehicle while you lay nearby dying. We all live in a dangerous area now–this is the line that marks that day. Living in a dangerous area produces lots of stress hormones. It also makes people in the community trust other people less (which fragments the community). It restricts the movements of your children due to fear of their safety. I could go on….and on….but why? We all know nothing will be done. An arrest was made, a few years in prison–and we will read about an even worse crime next week or next month–until we read about it every day. And still, nothing will change. People are in a daze. Note this post–I will reprint it again when we see even worse crimes happen. And even though I do–no one will acknowledge this community needs to do something MAJOR to prevent a “little LA” from forming.

Our right to defend ourselves diminished? I can buy a firearm today off the shelf that will stop or incapacitate any human.

Fun Fact: there are more firearms in the US today than any time in history, far more than enough for every american to have one. So no, I dont think the problem is that we lack access to firearms for defense purposes..

Lots of good points made and I realize that there are numerous socio economic issues, gang activity etc. etc. Yes, it is a complex problem that is going to take a lot of work and time to reverse the trend. I realize there are millions of guns, but you miss the point. Sure I can go get one off the shelf (after a 10 day wait once the background check is done), which is a good thing. The problem here though is, it is next to impossible to get a permit to carry it. When you get accosted while your in a parking lot, the gun you had to leave at home won’t do you much good. Now, with the new ammunition purchasing restrictions, the legal gun owner is treated like a criminal. I won’t be able to just go to Dick’s sporting goods and buy a box of ammo without having to pay for another background check, wait 10 days, and register with the DOJ as an “ammunition User”. In addition to that, I won’t be allowed to purchase online anymore where I can get a good price and be able to buy enough to train so I can be more proficient and safe.These laws are not going to affect anyone engaged in criminal behavior, just the legal gun owners. So I guess you are right, if you are at home during a break in, there are no lack of self defense options…………..I guess the answer is just stay home.

What used to be shocking news in this area has now become commonplace, sadly, I find myself becoming desensitized. It is ironic that our right to defend ourselves has diminished as the threat to our safety has increased.Thanks Gov. Brown.