Is Marx flip-flopping on rental inspection ordinance?

September 25, 2016
Mayor Jan Marx

Mayor Jan Marx

Amid public outrage over a rental inspection program, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx asked city staff to put the city’s rental inspection ordinance on a March agenda for review and discussion. Marx said she selected a date five months away in order to provide staff time to gather information about the ordinance.

Marx, who previously promoted the ordinance, is currently running for reelection. Many city residents have opposed the program, arguing it constitutes government intrusion and a tax on rentals.

In May 2015, the city council voted 3-2 to adopt the ordinance that allows an inspector to enter and examine rental units to determine if the properties are safe and habitable. The ordinance also requires landlords to pay a fee to fund the program.

Mayor Jan Marx, Councilman John Ashbaugh and Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson support the program. They contend there are deteriorating neighborhoods in the city where landlords do little to maintain their properties and government oversight is needed.

Carpenter and Councilman Dan Rivoire voted against the rental inspection program, and have continued to ask that it be discontinued.

Late last month, Councilman Dan Carpenter and two local attorneys unveiled a plan to strike San Luis Obispo’s controversial rental inspection program through the initiative process.

The proponents of the measure have 180 days to collect the signatures of 15 percent of registered voters in the city, or roughly about 3,900 signatures. If successful, the measure will then go to the people for a vote, unless removed first by the SLO City Council.

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To update Reagan’s line:”Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”!; Everybody should say “Mayor Jan Marx, tear down this ordinance”!

Fire Jan Marx

She is a Marxist in the classic sense of the word.

Fire Adam Hill.

He too is a Marxist, and all Marxist BAD.

Caren Ray is a Marxist too.

Do NOT elect Caren Ray

Get rid of all Marxists.


Let’s wait until after the election so I can violate your Constitutional rights and they’ll be nothing you can do about it. Nothing you can do about it because you’re all too busy working and you don’t have enough money to go against the City of Slo. No time, no money, and no energy. That’s how they systematically win.

Vote her out.

Yeah, I think FIVE MONTHS to “gather information” about something THEY came up with is insulting, Jan… I bet we can find out EVERYTHING there is to know about this ordinance in FIVE MINUTES.

Seriously, how inept do you think “staff” is, Jan? Perhaps she is simply projecting her level of competency onto the staff? Or are they really that bad?

Betteridge’s law in action again.

Check out Fire Adam Hill 2016’s FaceBook page to see a picture of Jan Marx and Adam Hill at John and Jody Belsher’s house in support of Adam Hill. No more Team Adam Hill, please.

Fire Adam Hill.

Actually, just go to Team Adam Hill’s FaceBook page and scroll down five posts. There is a nice Hi Res shot of Adam Hill and Jan Marx schmoozing. Fire them both.

It gets even better. Adam and Dee are no longer a number. Now it’s Adam and Carlyn. How many votes does Adam get on the SLO city council?

“Marx said she selected a date five months away in order to provide staff time to gather information about the ordinance”, shouldn’t that had been done prior to voting on the ordinance in the first place? or is Marx one of those politicians that believes something should be voted on first then they can worry about actually reading about it later….

She sounds just like Pelosi on the healthcare law.

I was just thinking that! Marx does remind me of that stammering old fool Pelosi…

…Need to pass this ordinance and then wait five months to see what’s in this ordinance…

Yes why not wait until March to bring it back, that way the election will be over. And if I win I can just vote the same way as before. She too must think that some of us are deporable.

Marx said she selected a date five months away in order to provide staff time to gather information about the ordinance.


I’ll just pass it after the election Suckers!

Ban it Janet strikes again…