Mask wearing man robs SLO beauty supply store

September 18, 2016

Police carA man wearing a Halloween style mask and sunglasses robbed the Sally Beauty Supply in the Madonna Plaza on Saturday, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Shortly after 4 p.m., a man wearing a grey mid-length coat, a brown baseball cap, a silver Halloween style mask and sunglasses entered the store and approached a cashier. The robber then allegedly flashed a handgun and demanded money.

The clerk gave the man cash from the register and the man fled out the front door of the store.

Police describe the robber as approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall with an average build.

Police are asking anyone with information on this incident is to call the SLO Police Department at 805-781-7312, or Crime Stoppers at 805-549-7867.


Passive aggressive grammar police are far more annoying than this headline that everyone of us understood just fine.


Let’s go back several years to the local bank robbery where 4 suspects pulled up in the parking lot to rob a local bank….and they never even got inside. Why? Because citizens flagged that action with the police and knew what was coming down–calling 911 FAST. All 4 of the men were sentenced too. Now…..we have armed robberies taking place on a routine basis. Why? What has changed?

I have seen the creepy developer/property flipping invasion seeping into the area lately (and although we cannot “see” it, there are banks that have swarmed into the area–wanting massive development–with a willingness to back construction projects with low interest loans). The community always takes a turn for the worse when this happens. It literally tears up the fabric of a community when that core of caring for the safety and wellbeing of the community turns to “how much can we make out of this place..? Or to put it more succinctly: How much liquor can we sell to college students? (I wish you could post “pics” here–I would show you an actual picture of a maternity shirt in a SLO shop window that says “Mama needs a drink”–baby bump and all [Folks–you live in one of the highest fetal alcohol cities in the US–and this is a community issue]). How many small businesses can developers buy, renovate and raise the rent so high– that only major chains can afford to be here?

Answer: There is no hope; San Luis Obispo County is not only on the top 10 rising crime rate list—but rents have tripled in only the past few years, and the wholesomeness of the community has been traded in for money. Anytime you are in downtown SLO–you are within steps of a bar. And, shop keepers had better get city smart. As in sawed off shotgun behind the counter. It is no longer a community here—it is every man for himself.


5’11” and really ugly apparently.


Nice headline! Either these folks weren’t taught to hyphenate compound adjectives or that mask is really gonna be in trouble when they find it.


Well, they may have been taught to hyphenate those compound adjectives, but even if they were, they certainly didn’t learn to do it.

In any event, great observation- and thanks for taking time to point it out, and for the accompanying wit to accentuate your point.