Men try to rob SLO restaurant,find empty register

September 6, 2016

SLOPDTwo men attempted to rob a downtown San Luis Obispo restaurant Monday evening but fled after finding an empty cash register. The suspects did succeed in evading capture, though, due in part to restaurant employees debating whether or not to call the police. [Tribune]

At about 8:35 p.m., two men approached San Luis Fish & BBQ at 474 Marsh Street. One man stayed outside as the lookout while the other entered the restaurant, brandished a black and silver semiautomatic handgun and demanded money, San Luis Obispo Police Sgt. Chad Pfarr said.

An employee then opened the cash registered and showed the robber there was no money inside, prompting the suspects to flee. As the suspects fled, restaurant employees waited about 10 minutes to call the police as they debated whether to report the crime because nothing had been stolen.

Officers responded and searched the downtown area for the would-be robbers. A CHP helicopter also searched from above, yet authorities did not locate the suspects.

Investigators request that anyone who has tips about the incident call the police department at 805-781-7317.

No one suffered injuries during the botched robbery.

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There was a gun. Somebody could have been killed and you’re talking about the food.


MOds are a lot over active today! but that’s nothing new

“over active” not at all.

However we deleted your murder fantasy comment and will delete any other murder fantasy’s we find.

Do it enough times and your account will go too.

A great place for fish and rice, very good rice. The robbers picked the wrong place, this family works very hard at their business and has earned many loyal customers.

I *love* the rice… coupled with the halibut BBQ plate; oh yeah, one of my favorite “local” places near downtown SLO.

San Luis Fish & BBQ reminds me of Scrubby & Lloyds (except specializing in fish, duh) – but it’s that hole-in-the-wall, questionable cleanliness, delicious food combo.

Someone points a gun at me, I am definitely calling the cops. I hope that the cops are suspicious because it is extremely strange. Was this an “inside job” gone wrong? Would there normally be money in the register at that time?

This is very strange.

I guess the employees were all former Morro Bay Burger King employees. Thankfully, no windows or door were destroyed in the attempted robbery.

They might not have called because of language barriers. Also, back in China, one tends to NOT want much to do with the police (or the gangs, which is being redundant).