Searchers for Kristin Smart find remains

September 10, 2016
Kristin Smart

Kristin Smart

FBI agents and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies found remains during a three-day excavation looking for Cal Poly student Kristin Smart, who was last seen alive more than 20 years. Nevertheless, it may take months before officials know if the remains are human or related to Smart’s disappearance.

On Friday, the FBI finished evacuation efforts at three sites below the Cal Poly “P” selected after a strong tip led agents to bring trained dogs which alerted to the dig sites.

On May 25, 1996, several people found Smart passed out on a lawn next to an off-campus party, one of whom allegedly walked her home. The 19-year-old was last seen in the company of fellow student Paul Flores who claims he escorted Smart to her dorm, which was relatively empty due to Memorial Day weekend. Flores remains a party of interest.

While at first campus police discounted reports of her disappearance, later intensive searches were conducted to no avail. Smart was presumed dead.

On Wednesday, Stan and Denise Smart, Kristin’s parents, released a statement saying they are cautiously optimistic.

“We are encouraged and hopeful for the new developments in Kristin’s case. We have been hoping, praying and waiting for the last 20 years for the return of our daughter,” the statement said. “While the road has been difficult beyond words, our hopes were rekindled when Sheriff Parkinson took office.”


I saw on the Internet Scott Petterson was at Cal Poly at the same time .. It would be nice If these people Had Closure .. Yes It could be a Old Indian … I hope They Find Peace


The FBI has called in forensic anthropologists, which indicates the bones are not identifiable to a specific person, ie no skull with a full set of teeth.

The bones have to be examined, dated and possibly the sex of the decedant determined, depending on what exactly was found.

The age of the bones and conditions under which they were buried will determine if DNA is found; DNA breaks down quickly exposed to the elements, but buried away from light, heat and oxygen can last a long time. One research team studying extinct birds in New Zealand determined Mitrochondrial DNA has a half life of 521 years, meaning that after 521 years half the DNA present in the bones when the specimen died was still present.

I hope the remains are Kristen’s, so the Smart family can bury their daughter and maybe they can prosecute her killer.


Paul Flores will continue to get away with it. Cal Poly administration actively participated in the cover-up, denying her roommate’s insistence that something was wrong after she returned from a weekend away, found her gone, and had evidence she had not left voluntarily (girls, roomies, know each others’ habits), refusing to investigate after Stan Smart showed up at the PD on Tuesday, refusing her parents’ request to have her bank account checked for activity three days after her disappearance over “privacy concerns” which they gleefully violated in illegally releasing medical and academic records through backdoor channels to besmirch the victim, one of which told me of this, and suggesting that she had some imaginary boyfriend at UCSB. Paul easily got away with murder with the full and complete cooperation of a Cal Poly administration concerned only with their reputation. After being embarrassed by having to turn over their incompetent investigation to the Sheriff (too late) they publicized the incorporation of the story as a cautionary element of Week of Welcome…for three years and then dropped. No current Poly students knew why the FBI was digging on the hill.


The blame for not declaring Smart a missing person and immediately starting an investigation goes directly to President Warren Baker. He directed the Cal Poly Police Chief to wait (she might turn up).


Baker was a useless tool. The current prez even more so if you read the thanks from Michigan State that he is gone. Baker actually always drove from his on campus home, constantly remodeled by his crazy wife Carly, famous for looting budget line items for her whims, and which they later declined to live in with Poly additionally paying for his Avila Valley home, to his office a few hundred yards away. R.E. Kennedy was known for greeting students headed to their 7 am classes as he walked to his office from his comfortable on-campus home. Unfortunately Baker and Armstrong are exactly who Poly wants to be in charge.

San Louie

Baker was excellent at bringing $$$ to the campus. Kennedy was not. Other than his fundraising and “industry connection” abilities (which are indeed extremely important), Baker’s tenure was fairly unremarkable.

Cal Poly was coming into its own with or without Baker. All the current guy needs to do is not fcuk-up. He’s not all to a great start so far…


Let’s not convict someone before all the evidence is in, we’ve all done things we regret. Remember she was $hit faced and had a habit of that. Not a reason to die but you must protect yourself. If Paul Flores isn’t guilty now two lives are wasted.


Do you work for Poly? Being drunk is reason to be assaulted and murdered by a guy known as “the creeper” in high school? Maybe you’re Paul Flores’ father, famously quoted as saying “she deserved to die.”


BTW, what is it that you have done that you “regret” similar to Paul Flores’ actions? Paul Flores is guilty as was O.J. so justice may not be done, but your “understanding” is disturbing. You are sick.

Kaiser Bill

“Remember she was $hit faced and had a habit of that.”

What a stupid comment.


Tweeksbalmer: That is the creepiest comment I’ve ever read. I truly hope that you don’t actually live in this community.


You can run Paul, but you can’t hide.You won’t be able to take the 5th this time around you coward.


You won’t be able to take the 5th this time around you coward.


Huh? Of course he will.

And just because they find her body won’t alone give them probably cause to even arrest him let alone get a conviction. They’d have to have more than her body at this point.


Well, he can invoke the 5th all he wants to avoid self incrimination but unlike the civil trial, the DNA and remains will speak volumes in his prosecution….it will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he murdered Kristin therefore the 5th will be useless.

Kaiser Bill

Hopefully Kristin is found and Paul Flores gets the death penalty if evidence connects him to the crime.

The remains could be anyone, it could be Kristin, it could be a Chumash Indian from 200 years ago. Dental records, if teeth are available on the remains, will determine whether it is Kristin Smart. This is how Martin Borman’s body was confirmed to be his when remain were found almost 30 years after Borman went missing at the end of World War II.