Dawn Ortiz-Legg does not understand the legal system

September 20, 2016
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s negative ads against Jordan Cunningham in the upcoming State Assembly race tell us much more about her than about him.

I have known Jordan for many years, and served with him as a Deputy District Attorney in San Luis Obispo County. He is a hard-working, honest, and intelligent man, having graduated from the prestigious University California Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law.

After he left the District Attorney’s Office but before he began his own practice, Jordan worked at Adams, Moroski, Madden, Cumberland & Green, a highly-rated law firm in Avila Beach. And yes, he was assigned to represent clients in criminal cases.

Defendants have a right to be represented by counsel and to the presumption of innocence. Ortiz-Legg’s ads imply some guilt by association because Jordan has represented clients charged with crimes. She apparently does not understand the criminal justice system, or feels that criminal defendants are not entitled to a vigorous defense.

Jordan’s work as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney makes him that much more knowledgeable when it comes to addressing the needs of law enforcement and of our citizens. I’m voting for him.

Karen Gray worked as a San Luis Obispo County deputy district attorney before her retirement.


I didn’t get a chance to ask Ms Ortiz-Legg my question during the recent debate. She said she determined to run for State Assembly because someone spoke to a group she was at that more women need to run for elected office. As a woman, I agree we must support each other for leadership positions – but based on merit, not gender. Who was this person who nudged Ms Ortiz-Legg to run for Assembly, and why had the thought not occurred to her based on her own passion for politics? Is she simply filling a quota or is she passionate about issues affecting Californians? I just watched Johnny Depp on stage at MidState Fair, but I’m not joining a band.


Jordan Cunningham knows a lot more about the law, civil and criminal, than his opponent, and that is more relevant than working as a PR person for a solar energy power plant.


Beware of hyphens.


Dawn Ortiz-Legg…can’t handle the truth!


Well said Karen. I don’t object to political differences, but Ms. Ortiz-Legg’s attempt to fool the voters by transposing information about known felons onto Mr. Cunninhham’s image at best assumes we the voters are simply stupid. Any objective evaluation of Ms. Ortiz-Legg’s ads should come to the same conclusion. I suggest she spend more energy and time getting her message out than questioning the background of a good and honorable man.


Do people honestly believe a tea-party conservative republican can get anything done in Sacramento that will benefit the best interests of the people in this district? He is surly distancing himself from the presidential election because he hasn’t mentioned anything of it. He seems like too shady of a character to trust. He has hardly any experience in working with the community and is not transparent enough for young people like myself to get persuaded to vote for him.

Jordan seems like the most incompetent in successfully representing our district.

My vote is for Ortiz-Legg. Through and through.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. Jordan served on the Atascadero School Board and is very well known by many people in the community. That’s why the teacher’s union is backing him. They know him to be fair and honest. As far as not commenting on the Presidential race, that’s not his job. He’s running for the Assembly of the State of California. Why don’t you try talking to him before you start making unfounded, deragatory statements about him? I believe that he will be the best Assemblyman this district has ever had.


Want to see a Liberal Progressive go into full meltdown mode (you know that horrible thing that Diablo was going to do hours after it was built)? Just need two words: “President Trump.”


Well, if you think by doing so you will have a Legg-up on the competition…go for it.


Most of the current city council in Atascadero support him, which makes me very uncomfortable.


I watched one of their debates. She came across as unprepared, like she was confident it’s her to win. He answered questions, and in a few cases, he informed above and beyond. I prefer candidate who speak to the issues, and she just didn’t seem with it?

the guy paso

She admitted on the radio today of being a drunk driver. Too bad Capps is leaving, she would fit right in