Some Americans are deplorable

September 15, 2016
Allan Cooper

Allan Cooper


I woke up this morning thinking about Donald’s slogan and Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable.” Permit me to share with you what I was thinking.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the times when we were flushing raw sewage into creeks, let’s return to the time when there were so many bear we could hunt them into extinction, let’s return to the day when Native Americans were regarded as godless, ignorant savages and our solution was to indenture or exterminate them.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the time when only males were allowed to own property, run companies, be educated or govern, let’s return to the time when public hangings were a form of public entertainment, war was considered a great and noble undertaking and let’s return to the times when your wealth was a function of how many slaves you owned. Yes, let’s make America great again!

David Brooks on Meet The Press the other night described Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable” as evidence that she has a “dark side.” He accused Hillary of believing that some people were irredeemable and further suggested that her use of this word was un-Christian-like.

For Hillary, being accused of being un-Christian is a low blow. Of course Hillary was describing the deplorable “behavior” of these Trump supporters. I don’t believe she was commenting on their “souls.” But the slogan “let’s make America great again!” truly does have a dark side and those who embrace that dark side are, in my opinion, deplorable.

Alan Cooper, a long-time San Luis Obispo resident, is the secretary of Save Our Downtown.

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Johnson/Weld. seriously folks, lets send these nattering nahbombs of negativity to the dust bins of history and start to get control of OUR government back!

Trump floats rolling back food safety regulations

“In a fact sheet posted online Thursday, the campaign highlighted a number of “specific regulations to be eliminated” under the GOP nominee’s economic plan, including what they called the “FDA Food Police.””

Lol, he wants our food to be deplorable and birth control without a prescription, that’s freedom.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Hillary Clinton is deplorable.

Just saying,


Trump is far worse and does not care.

This whole 2016 election sorta reminds of the 1980 Reagan vs Carter one & pounded Reagan as “too ill-informed and too dangerous to be president”.

The press & their grunts had no clue that Reagan would win by a margin of 5\% to 41%. at the time they blurted out such propoganda. It didn’t work out well.

Trump is up now in Ohio, Florida….poor HiLiary and the Left..

Get ready for them to be NASTY when they realize that America isn’t with them and their ideas.

By the way, the stupid Trump slogan doesn’t refer to the 19th century like his 2nd paragraph makes you think.

Allan Cooper would be wise to stop demonizing his fellow Americans, who he THINKS are motivated by hate and fear. This just shows what he sees when he encounters someone with a different set of opinions.

Wow Allan are you REALLY this much of a simpleton?

First off, Trump was not and is not my first choice. That said, great again? Yes how about enforcing our laws? Didn’t realize that was racist.

Lets put money back to our middle class? Yea guess that is hard to understand.

Lets put JOBS back in America. OMG HORRIBLE!!

Lets balance trade with other countries. BLASPHEMY!!!

Lets have a strong military like we have had, that has weakened some.

Lets go after ISIS and others that threaten our country and way of life. OMG MAKE IT STOP!!

Yep all these things are offensive to delicate wallflowers like yourself.

“enforcing our laws? Didn’t realize that was racist.” Depends on how you do it.

“Lets put JOBS back in America. OMG HORRIBLE!!” Employment is up, not paying attention?

“Lets balance trade with other countries. BLASPHEMY!!!” Ford is moving jobs to Mexico, trade indeed.

“Lets have a strong military like we have had” We do, where do you thing those tax dollars are going, check out the Zumwalt, soon to have lasers.

“Yep all these things are offensive to delicate wallflowers like yourself.” You got Trolled, lol.

Yep you are right, all the low paying jobs are up.

Ford moving to Mexico would follow more under jobs than trade but I’ll just write that up that you are off your meds again.

Military, you obviously don’t read. We are down on troops, down on equipment, (i.e. plane, ships, etc). In case you haven’t noticed China is pushing hard all over Pacific. And before you go to the typical liberal drivel of not needed, sorry I remember the debacle of the depleted Military coming off the Carter years and the Reagan buildup that was one of the many parts that got Russia to blink by the late ’80s.

No I didn’t get trolled. I had to read more drivel by the CCN liberal, that replied.

Don’t look over your shoulder, but there is a shadow watching you right now.

For once I have no comment; this diatribe isn’t worth my time. Vote for Trump!!!

Good job at using ‘diatribe’ in a sentence.

Thank you Alan for a textbook example of a hyperbolic, false equivalency filled, lazy and simple argument made by wannabe wonks who are way out of their depth. Granted, they exist on both sides. I’m embarrassed for you.

Who taught Hillary how to name-call? I got two names for Trump supporters and neither one has anything to do with their intelligence. One is “philosophical cowards” and the other is “easy marks”. Philosophical cowards, while in their day-to-day lives may seem quite rational, when it comes to big complicated issues that involve big complicated ideas, run and hide – these dysrationals want a savior figure to come along and make all the uncomfortable thinking going away, which makes them very vulnerable (“easy marks”) for Machiavellian narcissists like Trump, just looking for a flock. If anything is deplorable about Trump supporters, it is that they are such vulnerable cowards (now that’s how you name-call!)

The difference is you would love to elect Hillary as Queen and use the Federal bureaucracy as a blunt force object to get all the ignorant subjects, especially the unruly right and the deplorables, to comply with the correctness of the State. I forgot, since you’re so smart, what did they call government control of private enterprise again? I think it starts with an “F”… sort of like the grade for Obama’s time in the White House. So, let me get this part of your thinking straight, if you over-complicate a situation (take war for example, someone who is a nasty aggressor wants to kill you or innocents), and then make the situation worse (say like attacking a weakened despot in Libya who had already stopped his terrorist ties and WMD program) you would give your vote to that ‘hero of the Progressive thought’ because they just had, what on paper at least, seemed to be such a good idea to have a good war to stop a war that wasn’t… Your left brain cell seem not to be communicating very well with the other one, but then again what do I know I’m just a deplorable simpleton…

PS Not a fan of the Trumpster but he can’t possibly make the already non-functioning Obamanation any worse

Yeah, he could, in a very short time. That’s the point.

8-0!!!! Perfection!!