Some Americans are deplorable

September 15, 2016
Allan Cooper

Allan Cooper


I woke up this morning thinking about Donald’s slogan and Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable.” Permit me to share with you what I was thinking.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the times when we were flushing raw sewage into creeks, let’s return to the time when there were so many bear we could hunt them into extinction, let’s return to the day when Native Americans were regarded as godless, ignorant savages and our solution was to indenture or exterminate them.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the time when only males were allowed to own property, run companies, be educated or govern, let’s return to the time when public hangings were a form of public entertainment, war was considered a great and noble undertaking and let’s return to the times when your wealth was a function of how many slaves you owned. Yes, let’s make America great again!

David Brooks on Meet The Press the other night described Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable” as evidence that she has a “dark side.” He accused Hillary of believing that some people were irredeemable and further suggested that her use of this word was un-Christian-like.

For Hillary, being accused of being un-Christian is a low blow. Of course Hillary was describing the deplorable “behavior” of these Trump supporters. I don’t believe she was commenting on their “souls.” But the slogan “let’s make America great again!” truly does have a dark side and those who embrace that dark side are, in my opinion, deplorable.

Alan Cooper, a long-time San Luis Obispo resident, is the secretary of Save Our Downtown.

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Fired from the Watergate Investigation for dishonesty and lack of ethics-deplorable.Made Richard Nixon look like an amateur when deleting things-deplorable .Attacked her sex addict husband’s victims-deplorable. Deemed a pathological liar with a list of scandals of which most of us couldn’t list them all-deplorable.Pay to paid with foreign powers while Secretary of State not only deplorable but treason including deal on Uranium one.Leaving people to die and blaming a video which we all now know was yet another in a long long line of lies-deplorable,The list goes on and on.She cannot keep the lies straight from day to day.You can guess the rest.

Some Americans make my ears bleed. Who cares what they think?

If you’ve ever made the mistake of hiring and nice guy lawyer you can understand why I would never vote for lying Snow White for President.

@ BeenThereDoneThat

If you’re going to call people stupid and insult their comprehension, you might first ensure that your own writing does not indicate that you are in the same straits.

Among the learned it is common practice to change a sentence when we’re unsure about a piece of punctuation — to something that we’re more sure of in its correctness — rather than to provide several punctuation marks in one place for the reader to choose from.

Similarly, one should learn the difference between “to”, “two”, and “too” before incorrectly using those words in a screed decrying the lack of intelligence in others.

You have got to be kidding me. Really grammar? Is that all you’ve got? I can’t waste my timeshowing you all the studies that show that doesn’t mean shit from shineola. You should see buddy of mine, his grammar is same or worse and has 170+ IQ. Now do you have enough IQ to make a thought and debate or are you just wasting my time?

Does your buddy bathe? I think if you expect to be taken seriously by a larger audience, you need to pay attention to the basics. Or is it ‘I’ before ‘E’ except by the sea.

So let me ask you. How is your knowledge of History? Geography? Science? Yea grammar isn’t a strong point of mine. I can find a weak topic for everyone. So what is more important an understanding of History and how it affects us or grammar?

I know a LOT of people with good grammar, that don’t have a clue about many things. So, by your reasoning, we could have people in charge that could be clueless about other things, as long as they have good grammar? O.k. then..

My point was that IQ is irrelevant. There are many low functioning geniuses.

My limited knowledge is also irrelevant but if I was disposed to broadcast my opinion as a news article I would double check it and expect the editors to do the same. I did not mean to imply that typos are a crime.

It is a crying shame is that teachers allow kids a pass on basics in order to inflate the kis and their own values. Slap an ‘A” on that sloppy composition and the author graduates with inflated self esteem. Then he becomes a politician.

Timeshowing is a scam, I hear, and I hear your brain explodes at an IQ of 152. Just out of curiosity, what’s your friend’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient?

Dude is very successful, with own business and a great knowledge of many subjects. Trust me, good chance he would make you look like Forrest Gump in comparison.

Hell, I own my own business, and I’m as dumb as a box of chocolates.

“There’s one candidate who’s got me really excited: Donald Trump!

Now, you might say he’d make a terrible president. I mean, the guy bankrupted his own casino. A casino! Where the house always wins! Unless it’s Donald Trump’s house.”

Lewis Black

Really, is that as much as you read? Yes he bankrupt a Casino. In the meantime he had Numerous other businesses that have done well. He has a 3% failure rate. In investing or anything business I’d take that in a minute. No business doesn’t have hiccups Any chance you following what is going on at Samsung??

What other DNC talking points have you got that have been feed to you?

Maybe you’re Too smart for the Rest of us and are Reading better Things than we is but there is no Person that doesn’t get it wrong Some of the time so give Us a Break.

BeenThereDoneThat says: “He has a 3% failure rate.”

He bankrupted 3 or more casinos and more, but when you are born with the golden spoon you can afford to burn through other peoples money.

Can’t comment without bracketing your factoid with personal attacks? Classy.

Personal attacks? Oh please. You, I and most here have done from time to time so get off your high horse and don’t be a hypocrite. Oh and I still stand by DNC comment. This is how they debate. Spin, talk about other things, attack by calling racist, homophobe etc whenever someone doesn’t agree. To say that you get talking points from them and not calling any names, are you really that thin skinned and delicate or like I said………..redirecting debate.

Yup you got me slick. He has had 11 companies since 1990 fail. He controls 500. Yea that sounds like 3%. Close enough for me without getting out the calculator. Feel free to double check.

How did kettle get you slick?

I get a laugh out of watching and reading all the liberals running around like three year olds whining for their binky. Did they forget something called checks and balances? If Trump gets in he needs Congress. He will have to sell anything to Congress.

I wish people would get this upset with their Congressman, where most of the problems lie.

That IS funny! And comforting! Now that we know that we can stick anyone in there. Hell, why not Hillary Clinton?

Ah the classic knee jerk. I thought I’d give most the benefit of the doubt, being smart enough to understand. Guess you aren’t. Whoever the Prez would SELL their ideas to the Congress,. So a leaning (Congress) towards that Prez ideologies would help but not always necessary. Look at Reagan. Do you understand that meaning (Reagan) or should I spell that out for you to?

The meaning of “Reagan”? He was a Prez, wasn’t he? And before that an actor? Did I get it right?

No actually you didn’t. In the late forties while still acting he became President of the Screen Actors Guild. He liked that and started getting more into politics. He stopped acting by late fifties, early sixties and got into politics full time. Then became Governor of California from 1967-1975, two terms. Ran in 1976 for President and again in 1980.

Now what is Hillary’s resume? Oh yea carpet bagging Senator, Secretary of State that leaves men to die and did I miss anything else?

Yeah, you left a whole lot out, but at least you know that the best preparation for the presidency of the United States of America is a term or two as president of the Screen Actors Guild. You’ve outwitted us again.

Well seeing as you just want to troll, instead of engaging in real discussion of what has happened, we’re done here.

I’ll say when we’re done. Now, about the Screen Actors Guild – you brought it up and like any patriot, I’m trying to find out if it is good preparation for the presidency of this blessed nation.

They say Nancy slept around. Do you believe it?

“he needs Congress”

Congress still on track to be among least productive in recent history

I get a laugh at the Republicans.

To get proposed law moving (unless he pulls Obama moves) any Prez needs Congress. Who makes laws? Hmm???????????

city council?

Gee I thought we were talking national politics. Nice troll though.

Well, they DO make laws. I’m having a hard time keeping up with your intellectualnessicty.

Are those anarchists that have killed police officers deplorable? Are those angry BLM people who loot and burn cities deplorable? Are the gang members that shoot each other and innocent people deplorable? Is the Mexican cartel who are dealing drugs in San Luis Obispo Co deplorable? Is Bill Clinton committing adultery deplorable? Is Anthony Weiner sexting with his child next to him deplorable? Is that now adult person who as a 13 year old beat the elderly man to death deplorable? Is Paul Flores deplorable? Is Michelle Martens, who had her child raped and murdered so she could watch deplorable? Is Rex Krebs deplorable?

Allan Cooper, you are so mixed up.

Mej –

No one is disputing that what you describe is deplorable. It’s strange that you would suggest otherwise. As you are obviously a Trump supporter you are probably supporting the things that he is advocating. I will compare my examples of a past to which we should not want to return with each of his statements:

1) Flushing raw sewage into creeks = Trump wants to get rid of EPA

2) Hunting bear into extinction = Trump denies climate change & its effect on the 6th great extinction (the Holocene extinction presently taking place)

3) Indenture Native Americans = Trump wants to ban Muslims

4) Only males were allowed to govern = Trump objectifies women

5) Hangings as a form of public entertainment = Trump wants to bring back torture

6) War was considered a noble undertaking = Trump wants to bomb the “shit” out of our enemies

Now this is what I call “mixed-up”!


You must find it hard to live…the nanny state to which you are so loyal hasn’t completely taken over yet, but don’t you worry you have an ideal candidate in Clinton (the criminal, not the one who was already impeached for lying) so you can claim how mighty her additional millions of pages her protections are. Since you don’t trust your fellow Americans and insist they must be ‘re-educated’ let me enlighten you on your silly liberal points.

1) People long ago figured out not to contaminate the water supply with raw sewage, unless you are in Los Osos, and the EPA dumped millions of toxic sludge in a CO river and covered up lead poisoning in Flint, MI, so that’s a fail…

2) The only extinction ‘global warming’ will promote are jobs in the USA and shipping those jobs to China and India where pollution controls are the whim of mass polluters, so another failure…

3) They killed the native CA tribes, almost all, and banning people who want to kill us in Jihad may not be a bad idea, but I bet your jihadi denying will kill you sooner than global warming scams will me…

4) Trump actually hires women and his daughter would say you’re full of…

5) According to Progressives criminals aren’t the problem, the police are…

6) America is the problem in the world and we should leave our fate at the whims of the UN and treaties, oh and Thank Pres. 0 for Iran’s peaceful nuclear weapons, or not.

“Mixed up” is voting for a government that will lie about absolutely everything…

MrRearden –

If you and the other 35+ Trump supporters reading this think things are bad now, just imagine what it will be like when your candidate is elected President. The stock market will spiral down taking the economy with it, Trump will be “exploring” the nuclear option with every banana republic that insults him and our civil liberties will soon come to an end. Better yet, imagine what it will be like living in Russia…except now you will have a “strong leader”!

Wow you must have just rehatched the same arguments you and others like you, used on Reagan. I heard this same bullshit back then and here we go again. He’s a War Monger. He has no experience blah, blah, blah. Yea after we just got done with 8 years of Mr. YMCA. Give me a break.

What’s wrong with the YMCA?

Nothing wrong with YMCA if you are doing community work. To jump from that, to Senate (two years and most not there on floor) to President and then people question Trumps experience? You don’t see the hypocrisy in that?

It used to be you could get a cot and a meal at the YMCA. Then it turned into a Village People song. I think that’s when America took a wrong turn.

Allen, you are so horribly hateful and closeminded towards people who don’t think like you. I hope you run into some of these “deplorables” about town. so we can embarrass you in front of your friends when we see you around town.

See you soon buddy!

To the Irrational Cowardly Right: this reality show ends once he’s elected. You’ve got 52 days to pull your heads out.

Mr Cooper, your ancestors called. They said they dealt with the world they were given, that you wouldn’t have done any better.