Some Americans are deplorable

September 15, 2016
Allan Cooper

Allan Cooper


I woke up this morning thinking about Donald’s slogan and Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable.” Permit me to share with you what I was thinking.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the times when we were flushing raw sewage into creeks, let’s return to the time when there were so many bear we could hunt them into extinction, let’s return to the day when Native Americans were regarded as godless, ignorant savages and our solution was to indenture or exterminate them.

Let’s make America great again! Let’s return to the time when only males were allowed to own property, run companies, be educated or govern, let’s return to the time when public hangings were a form of public entertainment, war was considered a great and noble undertaking and let’s return to the times when your wealth was a function of how many slaves you owned. Yes, let’s make America great again!

David Brooks on Meet The Press the other night described Hillary’s use of the word “deplorable” as evidence that she has a “dark side.” He accused Hillary of believing that some people were irredeemable and further suggested that her use of this word was un-Christian-like.

For Hillary, being accused of being un-Christian is a low blow. Of course Hillary was describing the deplorable “behavior” of these Trump supporters. I don’t believe she was commenting on their “souls.” But the slogan “let’s make America great again!” truly does have a dark side and those who embrace that dark side are, in my opinion, deplorable.

Alan Cooper, a long-time San Luis Obispo resident, is the secretary of Save Our Downtown.


Let’s make deplorable Alan Cooper great again.


This whole opinion piece is rife with repetitive and extreme strawmen, indicative the author’s inability to engage in logical criticism and debate. That is what is deplorable.


You forgot to mention the black slavery and how all white people should be whips. Are you nuts? Democrap mentality is extreme and racial for sure! Thanks for sharing, from a former Democrat that stopped drinking the radical kool aide.


“Make American Great Again” is bad but “Save our Downtown” is good? o.k.


… let’s return to the day when Native Americans were regarded as godless, ignorant savages and OUR solution was to indenture or exterminate them”

Us, the people currently living in the US, haven’t done anything to harm Native Americans. Is every Caucasian American individually and collectively and eternally responsible for actions taken by other people who died more than 100 years ago? Is there no statute of limitations on our “crime”?

The use of a term “our solution” summarizes liberal thinking. The term is selected so that it can be indirectly associated with Hitler’s final solution.

51 years after Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program and after hundreds of trillions of dollars in government spending, is America any better? Has poverty decreased or domestic tranquility increased? NO, statistics show that the liberal prescription for solving our nations issues has failed. So, what do they want to do? They want to double-down and expand government power, authority, and control. Anyone who objects is deplorable.


If Hilary wants to brand me as one of the “Deplorable”, I will wear it as a badge of honor. She is the most dangerous presidential candidate since Richard Nixon. She doesn’t merely try to win political debates. She tries to annihilate anyone who even attempts to oppose her or to offer any oppositions. She will use every facility and power of the US government to get her way.


Allan Cooper

IMHO…you are talking about the Obama administration…which Hillary will continue…!

They’ve created the largest Racial Divide since the 60’s…

Rich in MB

Sure sounds like a Happy El Trumpo Voter to me….


I love how Trump says political correctness is the problem with America, but is then completely appalled by this politically incorrect statement by Hillary. You think he would applaud her candor, but no. He is offended! What a cartoon character.


Sorry. Let me try again. I’ll try to make this easier for you to understand.

Trump: Political correctness is destroying America.

Clinton: I said something politically incorrect. This should please the Trumpeters, since they hate political correctness.

Trumpeters: Not when it is aimed at us, because we are thin skinned hypocrites.


Chad, she didn’t say something that was PC, PC statements have an element of truth and Hillary’s comment didn’t.


Not my point. She said something that was NOT pc, which you would think Trump and his supporters would appreciate. Remember how they think political correctness is the problem with America? So why do they cry when she isn’t politically correct? Isn’t that what they want for America? Not when directed at them…only when directed at marginalized groups.

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