6 differences between Hill and Carpenter

October 1, 2016
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


The contrasts between the candidates vying for the San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor seat, incumbent Adam Hill and SLO Councilman Dan Carpenter, are striking.

For example, Dan Carpenter has been approached by some of Hill’s big developer supporters who offered to match the campaign contributions they made to Hill if Carpenter promised to support their projects as they apparently asked Hill to do. While Carpenter refused those contributions under those conditions, Hill was only too happy to take and feed them to his campaign war chest, presumably to be used to eviscerate Carpenter with last-minute attack ads.

Then Hill sends out a blistering email to the business community demanding significant “pay to play” donations to his campaign or else. Knowing both candidates as I do, it compels me to draw the following comparisons between the two:

· Dan Carpenter is a man of conscience and principle. Adam Hill is a man of none.

· Dan Carpenter tells the truth. Adam tells anything but the truth.

· Dan is independent, politically beholden to no one. Hill is ensconced in his developer’s cabal.

· Dan listens to people. Adam threatens them.

· Dan wants to serve and represent the people. Adam just wants power.

If Carpenter wins, District 3 will get what it needs. If not, it will be getting what it deserves.

T. Keith Gurnee is a local planning and urban design consultant and former San Luis Obispo Councilman.


Keith this statement alone is enough to cast my vote for Dan Carpenter for 3rd District Supervisor

“· Dan wants to serve and represent the people. Adam just wants power.”

We are so unrepresented….

Like Measure J Dan is opposed to Measure J and so am I.

Measure J is supported by Adam Hill

There are more than 6 reasons to vote for Dan Carpenter for county supervisor.

Rich in MB

It’s time to find out if people really do want people of integrity in office or just “their team political hacks” in office. Adam…pack your desk…the Happiest City in America is about to be happy again.


Dan is the man! He is invested in his community. He’s came to my neighborhood and talked with me about anything I might have to ask. He always gives a clear, conscious answer. He’s not out to get rich. His family is also very nice. His son taught me how to skate about 15 years ago. He lives in SLO, unlike a lot of our other city officials.

Hill is the kind of guy that needs a good old fashioned ass whooping


Sanders voters fedUP with the #riggedsystem who support #DemExit should vote Dan Carpenter. Adam Hill is a Clinton Global Initiative puppet, and new age Democrat. The same group that derailed meaningful implementation of SB375 Sustainable Communities Strategy, and now return to ask for Sales Tax Increase via Measure J because they lacked the backbone to ensure AB32 Cap+Trade revenues were allocated to Sustainable Communities and Sustainable Ag. Vote NO on Measure J to teach them a lesson meaningful implementation of current laws matter: not padding CalTrans salaries and bonuses. Dan Carpenter will look out for renters and address affordable housing as SLO County income gap grows. Adam Hill will reduce affordable housing stock as handmaiden to the same developer cabal that displaced families in Venice Beach, San Diego and San Francisco. The Limo Lib lobby that’s created the worst homeless and housing affordability gap in California’s history http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-susie-buell-hillary-clinton-20160603-snap-story.html

Vote Dan Carpenter for District 3 Supervisor to maintain SLO quality of life.

Reality Check

Dan Carpenter will be a breath of fresh, clean air on the Board of Supervisors.



You could not be further from the truth unless an opponent of his published it. Talk to Dan personally or check out his website, I feel he lays out his thoughts openly and does state positions as well. Give him a chance before you criticize him.


should have been in reply to Jimmy_me


So Carpenter turns down money from developers. Who cares? The only thing that matters is how he will vote if he wins. Not that I follow this mess, but I would guess Carpenter is taking the political approach and not stating how he will vote. If someone knows different, I’d like to hear about it.


Should look at his record while on the City Council in San Luis Obispo. He is not afraid to challenge the main stream political powers in this County.


Actually, the fundamental difference between Hill and Carpenter is RIGHT (Dan) vs WRONG (Hill). It’s not complicated, nor is it rocket science. Simply stated….

It’s good vs evil.