Carbajal and Fareed get testy at Cal Poly debate

October 21, 2016
Justin Fareed

Justin Fareed

During a debate rife with personal attacks and leading questions, Democrat Salud Carbajal showed he does not intend to stop discussing Republican Justin Fareed’s supposed support for presidential candidate Donald Trump. Fareed revealed he cannot name anything about Carbajal which he admires.

On Thursday evening, KSBY anchor Carina Corral moderated the second televised debate between 24th District congressional candidates Carbajal and Fareed at Cal Poly’s Spanos theater.

In addition to posing questions about global warming, gun control and immigration reform, Corral asked the candidates whether or not they support women’s reproductive rights, “free” community college, marriage equality, unisex bathrooms in schools and transgender rights.

On Diablo Canyon — the primary San Luis Obispo County issue that was discussed — Fareed said the nuclear plant needs to be retrofitted and used as a desalination plant. Carbajal said it needs to be determined whether Diablo Canyon can be transformed into a regional desalination plant. However, that cost may fall on local ratepayers, Carbajal said.

At the end of the televised portion of the debate, Corral asked Carbajal and Fareed to name something each admires about the other candidate.

Carbajal praised Fareed’s confidence and desire to serve in Congress as a young man. Carbajal said that when he was Fareed’s age he had other priorities, like serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and raising a young family.

“Sounded like a whole lot of nonsense to me,” Fareed responded. “The answer is no I can’t,” he said when stating whether or not he could name something he admires about Carbajal.

Salud Carbajal

Salud Carbajal

Prior to posing the question, Corral said she was trying to conclude on a positive note. The debate then continued an additional half hour with KSBY livestreaming it online.

In a repeat of the first debate, Carbajal continually attacked Trump and accused Fareed of supporting him. Carbajal said multiple times that Fareed has been standing with Trump’s racism and misogyny. He also said Fareed is standing with a presidential candidate who condones Russia meddling in American elections.

Fareed said it is expedient for Carbajal to make their congressional campaign about the presidential race.

Carbajal and Fareed each accused the other of being a “puppet” of respective Republican and Democratic interests. The candidates did shake hands at the conclusion of the debate, though.

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Salud Carbajal is a money-politics prostitute of the highest bidder.


The number of times Carbajal brought up Trump showed he’d memorized a script because he’d return to the Trump Talking Point off topic. Carbajal’s misrepresentation of his Marines service made me sick to my stomach. He’s disrespectful to the Vets who’ve served in theater in our near 2 decades of Middle Eastern and African wars. While Fareed’s staff and parents went outside to acknowledge the protesting Lompoc and Templeton residents who want Carbajal to own to his corruption and stop insulting their communities, I didn’t see a single Carbajal surrogate, staff or the candidate himself address the protesters to see what they want. In fact, Carbajal exited the building the opposite direction so he wouldn’t have to face the protestors holding signs for him to be accountable for his corruption as County Supervisor.

I stayed through the full debate. Once the TV broadcast came to a close, each candidate had 1 minute to give a closing statement. Fareed, while saying his typical points, spoke naturally on topics that he clearly cares about and tied his campaign as being built from ground up to serve the people of California’s Congressional District 24 regardless of party. Carbajal used talking points, used his fingers to count the points and mentioned issues that were not even brought up in the debate – attributing some position to Fareed that was not addressed up that point.

The second live stream included questions that expanded on the first half of the night. Again, once this second session concluded, each candidate was given a 1 minute closing statement. Fareed recapped his points from that session and tied it to what he’s heard from meeting with voters of all stripes: farmers, business people, students and Cal Poly Hothouse. Salud Carbajal REPEATED, VERBATIM, HIS EXACT CLOSING STATEMENT FROM THE TV BROADCAST. Including a second time mentioning the $15/minimum wage that was NEVER addressed in either session.

My take away is that while he can be stubborn, Fareed is genuine. Carbajal can memorize a script but he lacks any ability to go off script and answer from a genuine interest on policy. I have already voted Justin Fareed for Congress! Seeing the debate confirmed I chose the right candidate when I marked my ballot.

Fareed is a baby and an elitist who came off as a spoiled brat!

He was embarrassing!

And where is this ranch he owns????

Carbajal can’t debate Fareed on the issues because he’s knows your average person doesn’t want HIGHER TAXES, MORE AND BIGGER GOVERNMENT, KILLING LOCAL BUSINESSES…these are all the things Carbajal stands for. So what does he do? Plays the Trump card. I hope this strategy backfires on him and people see him for the snake he is. I’ve watched his wormy ways on the Board of Supervisors too long. Time for him to go. Time for a change.

Carbajal cannot debate Fareed on the issues because

Fareed HAS NO TRACK RECORD at all.

Fareed was 4 years old when his Daddy started their business.

Daddy’s money and Mama’s boy.

The whole political arena this election year STINKS to high Heaven!! The choices are lousy, the end result will be frightening, especially the Presidential one. All this Nation can hope is that we at least can keep our heads above water. I just hope and pray that there is a glimmer of hope somewhere, and we as a State and Nation can start to heal from the mean, hateful, mud-slinging garbage strewn about by politicians and the public as well. Do it for the grandchildren…

Fareed came off as a punk in the debate.

He seemed like he was taking clues from Trump’s performances.