Government continues to scam taxpayers

October 20, 2016
Laura Mordaunt

Laura Mordaunt


Right now in Sacramento, the men and women you sent there to protect you will be asked to vote after the Nov. 8 election to formalize the removal of road repair and maintenance money from us.

On Nov. 8, 14 other counties are voting on their version of Measure J. If they all vote yes for the self help tax then Sacramento will vote to appropriate zero monies to road repair because it has been successfully put on your backs twice!

The committee that votes on transportation tax money allocations (where to spend that cash) can be changed from roads to other pet projects.

This is the scam. Sacramento is voting against you and I.

What does this mean? It means that Sacramento will keep all road tax money that has been and will be collected. Then you locally will collect new money for roads paying twice and only getting one fourth of what you paid for. Measure J gives 55 percent to roads.

Why do I say one fourth will go to roads if the funds are not misused?

The money Sacramento already took is X and locally we are to collect X. So that means that we now collect 2X. Yet the first X does not come back to us and the second X, we only us 50 percent on roads. So out of $2X we don’t get the first X and only half of the 2nd X that means we may get out of 2X only one fourth of that value.

So we only have a chance of getting one fourth of all money collected for roads. This system is a scam. Do you get it now?

Vote no on Measure J.

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Couldn’t have said it any better. Measure J is a scam by the state and by SLO county to get more of your money with nothing (or very little) in return,

The state will continue to get all of the revenue now collected for road repairs and will be allowed to use it on whatever they want (such as so-called high speed rail), The counties

will have to collect even more revenue to maintain their roads.

Please see through this scam and defeat Measure J. We need to have representatives in Sacramento that will really stand up for us.

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Government is a rapacious beast. It must be starved into it’s rightful place as servant, otherwise it will inevitably attempt to become the master.

Methinks government has become the master and we are now the servants!

Pffft, they lost me when they called it the “Half Cent Tax”, yeah, if you only spend one dollar! Otherwise it one half percent.

It’s simple! Vote No on Measure J. Taxpayers…did you notice the tax orgy going on this election cycle, not only locally, but also statewide.

If you haven’t looked at your ballot as yet, there are 17 statewide propositions of which many are asking for a tax increase. Can your taxpayer credit card afford all of this! Remember you will be paying interest on all of this. God help the people on fixed incomes and God help the working familes.

Yeah, it’s called unfunded liabilities and many of us have been screaming about it for DECADES.

Tell your neighbors about this, we need to get the word out ASAP.


Thanks for the simple explanation of why I should vote NO ON J!

Also I was pleased to read that the Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA) is looking out for me, the taxpayer! CCTA, along with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA), jointly filed a Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) complaint re the use of public taxpayer dollars by government entities such as the San Luis Obispo County and the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) to outwardly promote Yes on Measure J. As Jon Coupal of the HJTA stated, “government is using tax dollars for electioneering!”

As a voter, I received a 4 page brochure from SLOCOG singing the praises of Measure J. And then I received the 30 page County Supplemental Voters Informational Phamplet, and noticed that 28 of the pages again sang the praises of Measure J. And the pamphlet’s title called Measure J an ‘investment plan’ and not a tax. What a scam!

You are already paying for roads through so many taxes. Don’t feed the bureaucracy any more taxes. Vote No on J!

Very well put. It’s likethe school lottery money that has been collected and as promised did go to schools. But the catch is that they took away the normally funded money for schools so there was nothing gained. This is what will eventually happen if Measure J is passed.

Everyone should not only vote NO on Measure J but also vote against for those elected officials who orchestrated this, since they make up the SLOCOG Board, if they are up for re-election starting in the North County with Martin & O’Malley and then moving down into the south county and eliminate thos politicians who want to be in your pocket book.

Excellent points, Laura. This is the best revelation of the Measure J scam that I have yet seen.

Measure J is a cynical attempt for local governments to squeeze more money out of the taxpayers.