Government continues to scam taxpayers

October 20, 2016
Laura Mordaunt

Laura Mordaunt


Right now in Sacramento, the men and women you sent there to protect you will be asked to vote after the Nov. 8 election to formalize the removal of road repair and maintenance money from us.

On Nov. 8, 14 other counties are voting on their version of Measure J. If they all vote yes for the self help tax then Sacramento will vote to appropriate zero monies to road repair because it has been successfully put on your backs twice!

The committee that votes on transportation tax money allocations (where to spend that cash) can be changed from roads to other pet projects.

This is the scam. Sacramento is voting against you and I.

What does this mean? It means that Sacramento will keep all road tax money that has been and will be collected. Then you locally will collect new money for roads paying twice and only getting one fourth of what you paid for. Measure J gives 55 percent to roads.

Why do I say one fourth will go to roads if the funds are not misused?

The money Sacramento already took is X and locally we are to collect X. So that means that we now collect 2X. Yet the first X does not come back to us and the second X, we only us 50 percent on roads. So out of $2X we don’t get the first X and only half of the 2nd X that means we may get out of 2X only one fourth of that value.

So we only have a chance of getting one fourth of all money collected for roads. This system is a scam. Do you get it now?

Vote no on Measure J.

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Grateful to Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA) and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) for filing a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) about the Campaign Reporting Violations of the Political Reform Act by County of San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) and Yes On Measure J Committee. We not not forgotten when brave people work together to enforce Campaign Reporting.

Having relocated from former Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins district, I can assure you any sales tax increase under the guise of Transportation without disclosing AB32 Cap + Trade revenue has been diverted to the general fund and Bullet Train to nowhere is a scam. I already voted NO on Measure J. Just as Kings County didn’t pass Measure K Sales Tax increase in California’s June Primary. Just as Los Angeles County residents are fighting another Sales Tax increase because the passage of Measure R led to fat salary increases while only 2% of revenues went to build bike paths and walkable road diets. And San Diego is in the fight of its life to inform a No on Measure A Sales Tax increase this November.

If our climate laws had produced sound policy, Kings County, San Luis, Los Angeles and San Diego would not have Sales Tax increase measures touting ‘roads’ since SB375 Sustainable Communities Strategy was sweeping landuse legislation that promised “Smart Growth” would be cost effective.

Ron DeCarli ought to fired, along with County Council Rita Neal. But no, what does the SLOCOG board do? Give him a 5% raise! Kudos to Frank Mecham, Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold for voting NO to such nonsense. This Measure J is a scam, a shell game. And not only our County, but most Cities and Counties are figuring out they can pull a fast one on the citizenry by saying these tax increases are for “road improvements” or “to our schools better”. The reality is they have plenty of money, but a majority of it is going for salaries and pension benefits. I say it’s time to stop feeding the pig! Get rid of those that push this agenda (Hill, Strong, Waage, and Gibson when he runs again), fire De Carli and Neal, and let’s cleanup this mess.

And this notion that all this money will “stay local”, what a crock. All you have to do is look at all that money, over $207,000 raised so far, to promote this tax. Nearly 75% of it comes from out of the County! Why would engineers and contractors from LA and beyond care about what we are doing here? You think they’re contributing big $$$ just for the fun of it?

NO on J!

Nice analysis Laura. This is the way of current government thinking. We need to vote no on all tax increases if we want our economy to prosper.

Have you seen the Yes On J TV ads?

If it were for the people and let the people decide then why is there a need to have a YES on J committee?

This is a scam and where are our state representatives. Have you ever heard them fight for us no they do not they roll over and say to us SUCK it up!

I would like to see the video of Ron De Carli asking the state to give our money back. Does he say that with his fingers crossed behind his back?


Government is like feeding a pig. You normally feed a bucket a day but you will be gone for 4 days so you put 4 days worth of feed in the feeder.Pig eats all in one day and then wants more.Politicians/ government like the pig can’t stand to see the food/money sitting there so they eat it up as fast as they can and then want more. A good example of wasted money is the concrete work they are doing under the overpasses and the on and off ramps in Atascadero. There used to be dirt only there for yrs. which was fine. They put concrete now to make it look better supposedly but I’m sure there aren’t many people say oh that looks nice as they drive by at 70 miles per hr. Vote no on every measure that gives government more money as they need to manage it like the hard working public does.

Government shouldn’t be allowed to add more expenses unless they eliminate/reduce an equal amount of expenses.

Isn’t that what we do with our own personal budgets when we spend too much?

Here we go, another year, another election cycle…

When has government ever spent our tax dollars wisely?

When will enough be enough and the voters open their eyes?

When has a politician opened his or her mouth and any truth has come out?

Think back and ask yourselves, what ever happened to all those tax increases and fees?

How are your roads?

How are your schools?

When has a temporary tax increase or fee ever sunseted?

We should never support a new tax for anything that has already been funded, YES ALREADY FULLY FUNDED !