Jordan Cunningham will fight for students

October 15, 2016
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


As a student at Cuesta College, the cost of college is very important to me. That is why I am voting for Assembly candidate Jordan Cunningham.

Jordan is the only candidate with real solutions to fixing the epidemic of skyrocketing college costs. Jordan Cunningham, as the former president of the Central Coast Taxpayer’s Association, will take a watchdog mentality to Sacramento.

We need someone who is going to help control the state’s out of control spending, and that will help reduce bloated administrations and their fancy taxpayer funded vacations.

Jordan is the candidate that will fight for tuition freezes immediately and will work to reduce tuition costs in the long run. For college students, or parents getting ready to send kids to college, Jordan Cunningham is the obvious choice for the California Assembly.

Jacob Miller is a life-long Pismo Beach resident who is currently attending Cuesta College.

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Cunningham clearly cares for students needs as he tirelessly works towards improving Templeton Unified School District by making those board meetings his #1 priority since being appointed….

Oh wait….

After the way downballot Republicans, including Jordan Cunningham, have been disloyal to Donald Trump, I am voting Trump and Straight Democratic ticket on all other races to screw over the worthless Republican Party.

Sounds very dumb to me.

Jordan Cunningham will fight for Proposition 13. If the Democrats are successful in getting a super majority in the Assembly and the Senate, say good bye to Propostion 13! The Dems will screw us over!