Jordan Cunningham will represent our interests

October 5, 2016
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


I have attended a number of debates in which Dawn Ortiz-Legg continually says she will not be a rubber stamp for the Democrat party. It may play well during a campaign, but here are the facts.

Four months ago, Dawn Ortiz-Legg had basically no money and no endorsements.  Then the Democratic Party gave her over $500,000, which has been spent on attack ads without regard to the truth.

She likes to claim that she will be an “independent voice” and will have a “seat at the table.” Bull.

Upon her arrival in Sacramento, she will be reminded that she would not even have a seat if it weren’t for the party. Pressure will be applied in the form of worst committee assignments, worst office, lowest budget, etc.

At an event in Sacramento, a state senator mentioned that he votes against his party more than any other Democrat in Sacramento, yet still votes with his party 93 percent of the time. If you elect Dawn Ortiz-Legg, the Central Coast will have no voice in Sacramento.

Jordan will truly represent the interests of the Central Coast. I’m Jordan’s dad, but those are the political facts of life.

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It says he will represent my interests but …..

I’ll probably vote for him but I sure wish Jordan would tell me what he is going to do for me and this community. My interests do not extend to the personal life of Jordan Cunningham OR his opponent so, please tell us how you’ll represent our interests. I dont care what you think of the person you are running against and wouldn’t care what she thinks of you. I care about the issues that affect me so tell me how you’ll make improvements.

Funny you should ask. This was released by the Cunningham campaign just today:

October 6, 2016

Contact: Jordan Cunningham


Cunningham Finishes Touring Local Businesses, Releases

Five Point Plan for Local Job Growth

Templeton, CA— Jordan Cunningham finished his Local Business Tour, touring 50 local businesses in 50 business days. The tour extended across the 35th Assembly District, from San Miguel to Lompoc, and extended across a variety of industries and business types.

Jordan asked every business owner the same question – “What could the state do to help your business grow and add jobs?” From these conversations, Jordan formulated his Five Point Plan for Job Growth. These reforms would help small businesses in California grow and thrive.

Cunningham’s 5 Point Plan for Job Growth

1. Sunset Clause on New Regulations

California’s Legislature often stacks new regulation upon old regulation, which compounds the difficulties for small businesses. There is rarely any attempt to “phase-out” regulations that have ceased to serve any useful purpose. We should require a “sunset clause” for new regulations. Instead of making a regulation permanent, any regulation that impacts small business should “sunset” after a reasonable number of years. This will allow the Legislature and state agencies to study whether the regulation has been effective, whether its benefits outweigh the costs, and whether it is even still necessary.

2. Reform Wage and Hour Laws to Be More Flexible for Employers and Employees Alike

Many businesses on the Tour expressed difficulty with the enormous hassle imposed by current wage and hour laws. They also expressed that wage and hour rules make it difficult to give their employees flexibility in scheduling and hours. This hits small business hardest, as they must devote resources solely to compliance paperwork – increasing costs but without any increase in productivity. There is also the possibility of lawsuits under the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) – regardless of fault or bad intent – which drain resources and destroy jobs.

3. Reform Worker’s Compensation

It seems like the worker’s compensation system is not working very well for employers or employees. There is inadequate screening of claims to weed out fraudulent ones. The use of third-party claims administrators may lead to bad incentives and inefficiencies. It is time for another reform of the worker’s compensation system. This is not glamorous work, and many legislators avoid it like the plague. But it is too important to our business community to ignore.

4. Scale Regulations to the Size of the Business

Sacramento seems to like one-size-fits-all regulations. But we have a large and diverse state, with many regional and local economies. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work.

Interestingly, it is often large corporations that favor one-size-fits-all regulation. After all, they have the resources to comply, and they can hire the lawyers and accountants to find the loopholes. It is the smaller businesses that get hurt.

We should do two things to even the playing field:

1. For many regulations, we should let small businesses obtain waivers, or even exempt them altogether where it makes sense.

2. Small businesses should be given extra time for compliance with new regulations, to accommodate the fact that small businesses usually do not have compliance officers and lawyers sitting around.

5. Invest in Career and Technical Education and Job Training

Many business owners on the Tour stated that there seems to be a mismatch between their hiring needs, and the skills actually being taught in our high schools and colleges. Just one example: there are 5 million open welding jobs in the United States, but not enough skilled workers to fill those jobs.

First, we need to restore Career and Technical Education to a place of importance in our high school curriculum. Our kids need earlier exposure to drafting, auto, carpentry, plumbing, and electronics – sparking that critical early interest that could develop into a career.

The second piece is supporting vocational training at the community college level. In many fields such as nursing, construction, information technology, auto repair, and others, community colleges provide the training for young high school graduates and also for “second career” adults learning a new skill set.

The final piece is increasing collaboration between our local business leaders and our education leaders and policymakers. There is a disconnect between the needs of our business community for skilled workers and our education policies. We need more elected leaders to make these connections, build these bridges, and use them to inform good policy.

Donate to Jordan Cunningham for Assembly

Paid for by Jordan Cunningham for Assembly 2016

FPPC #1374745

PO Box 627

Templeton, CA 93465




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And he’s going to do all this at the same time as cutting taxes. He’s got my vote.

Here you go ruin. He’s got my vote.

Mr. Cunningham,

You’ve raised a fine, upstanding son. I, and many others, will be voting for Jordan because we’ve come to know him and his family. We’ve watched them all be part of our community. You should be very proud. I know I feel better knowing that someone with his background and sensibility is willing to go through this gauntlet that we call an election for all the right reasons. Thanks, Jordan, for running for office. We all support you.

Really? A letter from dad?

What next…a letter from his 5th grade teacher?

Jordan Cunningham says to Vote NO on Measure J

“Pay To Play” Prime Example Measure J

Wow! Look at the 460 summary sheet that a campaign is required to submit to our local and state government to show you and I who and how much money they give to sell us a position. Click on this page to easily see the summary sheet.

To see all 18 pages click on this link.•-measure-j-•-460s/

Ron DeCarli is an over $200,000 paid a year employee of SLOCOG who is pushing this down our throats donated $500 to the proponents of measure J and going all over this county to push YES on our tax dollars (his pay check) which is wrong!

Wallace Group • San Luis Obispo, CA donated $11,740 as of 9-29-16. What do you know about the Wallace Group? They are involved in heated issues with the South Sanitation District of Oceano and Arroyo Grande. They are involved in the Los Osos sewer financial nightmare. The Wallace Group has a financial stranglehold on our county choking out other businesses. Look up all the articles and meetings held because of the Wallace Group concerns and proof by citizen groups and city council records.

I estimate that by the election there will be over $200,000 collected to run a campaign to talk you all into voting YES on Measure J-16.

Go to website and learn why I am voting NO on Measure J-16 and there you can read all the pages (18) of the 460’s and all the individual donor’s names and amount.

Why do they need big money to jam this down our throats? It is because the ballot measure requires a ⅔ majority vote to succeed! That is why you and I want to protect proposition 13 that require a ⅔ majority vote to TAX us. This is our only protection.

So tell your neighbors and friends and enemies to vote NO on Measure J-16.

It is a SCAM . View the video linked here that Supervisor Lynn Compton and Supervisor Debbie Arnold give their reasons why it is a SCAM.

Supervisor Debbie Arnold

Supervisor Lynn Compton

fight back

VOTE NO on Measure J-16 and vote for Jordan Cunningham for Assembly

You lost me when you try to claim Ron DeCali doesn’t have the right to spend his time and his money (derived from a Gov’t paycheck), without your approval. And that his civic participation is wrong somehow because he works for SLOCOG.

Now if you were to tell me that as part of his job (paid for with a Gov’t money) he promoting this cause in an official capacity I would tend to agree with you, but you haven’t. It would be illegal.

Sorry, just because you happen to pay taxes doesn’t mean you get to have an opinion on how someone spends their paycheck that was derived from tax payer funds.

You don’t get to have an opinion on whether they can use that money for politics or an abortion….for tithing or lap dances….or anything else in between.

I say this for your sake, not mine. Control what you can in this life, and quite looking to exercise control over those things that you do not. As in this case. It is frustrating to you because you actually think you get to have an opinion on how he spends his money. If you didn’t hold this erroneous notion I suspect that you’d be happier for it.

DDA, Lee Cunningham, Esq. is correct his son Jordan also a fine lawyer is the one and only choice to represent our voices both locally and in Sacramento. He is a man of immense ethics, integrity, truthfulness and a man a cut above all others.

Mr. Jordan Cunningham, Esq. like his dad is a wonderful family man, cares about truth, justice and the American way of life. He is a great Lawyer, a great person and the right person for our next Assemblyman. His support from not only all Law Enforcement but our great DA-Dan Dow another great elected official as well as many others.

I too am supporting Mr. Cunningham for our next leader in Sacramento, he listens to the people, is a very thoughtful person and cares deeply about all people. Most importantly is will listen and is the only candidate who is telling the actual truth.

As a long term local resident and disabled US Army Veteran he has and will continue to listen to our needs and supports us. I can say his opponent has NOT been supportive of us Veterans, especially those of us who are disabled. Jordan Cunningham is the best most qualified person to protect we the people. VOTE yes for Jordan Cunningham.

Thank you

Aside from the critical typos in the letter, the items in the letter describe both republicans and democrats. If Ortiz-Legg is elected, she’ll vote with her party. If Cunningham is elected, he’ll vote with his party. Some things don’t change. I seem to recall that Maldonado’s vote against his party effectively ended his political career.

This is probably true. (I really don’t know enough about Mr. Cunningham’s views to know if he would break free from the GOP party line very often.) I will still be voting for Mr. Cunningham because he will be opposing the Dems in Sac more often than not. The problem isn’t that they are fundamentally wrong more often than the GOP but that they have too much power and abuse it too easily.

Gov. Brown has had to veto a lot of ridiculous bills coming out of the legislature that were primarily designed to appeal to special interest groups supporting Democrat leaders. People (including me) may have issues with his positions on many things but he has been a moderate in comparison with the legislature. They need to be reined in and bringing in a few more Republicans would help do that. There is no guarantee that the next Governor would show such restraint and it is entirely possible that Gavin Newsome will be that person (shudder).

Ortiz-Leggs attack ads — especially those attacking his most recent occupation as a defense lawyer — provide an extra incentive to vote against her. It shows a definite lack of character and a contempt for the intelligence of voters.

I agree that Jordan Cunningham will represent SLO County’s interests and am voting for Cunningham because he’s not a Sierra Club shill. As an ardent environmentalist, the Sierra Clubs of 2016 throughout California serve the Limo Lib Dem machine and Sacramento. Dawn Ortiz-Legg is riding the typical California Dem gravy train to public office, and once in, she’ll be the next Toni Atkins or Kevin de Leon: A puppet to the machine.

Ortiz-Legg’s solar farms advocacy harms raptors and serves NYC Hedge Funds and Tom Steyer. She’s be handmain to climate laws that divert local funds to Northeast Hedge Funds instead of mandating offsets locally or in-State. SLO residents and habitat in the Assembly district she’s running to represent would not be served. Jordan Cunningham grew up here, and appreciates our ag and open space resources. His legal background would craft policies that serve us: not Limo Libs Todd Myers warns about in ‘Eco-Fad: How Trendy Environmentalism harms the environment’

“Eco-Fads exposes the pressures that cause politicians, businesses, the media and even scientists to fall for trendy environmental fads. It examines why we fall for such fads, even when we should know better. The desire to “be green” can cloud our judgment, causing us to place things that make us appear green ahead of actions that may be socially invisible yet environmentally responsible.

By recognizing the range of forces that have taken us in the wrong direction, Eco-Fads shows how we can begin to get back on track, creating a prosperous and sustainable legacy for our planet’s future.”

From every debate, Ortiz-Legg comes across as following the latest trend rather than an authentic life driven by passion.

* “she’d be a handmaiden”

Good grief, I’m starting to spell like Adam Hill!

Sociology, a series of memes and fads, are what make a culture bud. Fads can be bad and good. Eco-fads, like your nongmo and organic foods, non industrially; are good. Sierra Club being an interest group is good and bad. Post some articles and journals to support your wacky claims please, to show both sides, not just touting the generalized bias. And republicans and Democrats alike are rich? Why are you acting out of bias just saying democrats. Bush, Nixon, Rove, Gingrich; all rich? SHEESH. And a bias link to some article isnt a journal, or court case etc.

You know, Billygatez, I’d replied to you, but for some reason this sites moderators are censoring me and deleting most of my replies and comments. I’m going to go live my life now instead of this unpaid nonsense sucking up my time. I won’t vote for any Sierra Club shill. I was in the Sierra Club and don’t approve of what sell outs they are to Sacramento. I won’t retype what I had replied with because I have a life outside of this computer.

No, We are not “censoring” you. We are not a vessel for you to promote your trumpchannel, when you post multiple long comments promoting your channel using cut n paste, over and over that is too much.

NOBODY spells as bad as the “illustrious” Adam Hill. Even if you tried real hard, you’d come in second!

Terse and poignant. Your son has my vote. I know many fine Democrats. The party and Tribune Dems in this county are not among them.