Paso Robles council trying to ward off marijuana businesses

October 6, 2016

med potWith marijuana legalization likely to pass on the November ballot, Paso Robles officials are trying to preempt a pot rush in the North County city. The city council finalized an ordinance Tuesday that will, by in large, prohibit marijuana businesses from operating in Paso Robles.

If Proposition 64 passes, medical marijuana delivery services will be the only pot businesses permitted to operate in Paso Robles. Brick and mortar marijuana stores and dispensaries will be banned, as will be cultivation, transportation and manufacturing of marijuana for commercial purposes.

Mobile medical marijuana dispensaries are already tolerated under current city codes. Delivery services must obtain permitting, though.

The new Paso Robles ordinance will also ban outdoor cultivation of cannabis. If the ballot initiative passes, the city will only allow growers to cultivate plants inside an accessory structure on a private residence.

Prop. 64 calls for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. The ballot measure would allow cities and counties to effectively ban marijuana businesses by restricting where they can be located. The initiative would also allow local governments to ban outdoor cultivation. But, under Prop. 64, individuals are allowed to grow up to six plants inside their homes.

Paso Robles’ marijuana ordinance will take effect early next month, prior to the Nov. 8 election.


One question to the fathers who think they know best: how many folks stood up at the last council meeting where you decided upon this ordinance that told you to ban dispensaries? That would be a friggin zero. Government by the people and for the people is out the door here in alcohol country.

Jon Tatro

The PR City Council is a bunch of senile old white guys who have have no clue what’s happening in their town. Quit worrying about pot you idiots your PD is falling apart and cops are fleeing because of a lack of leadership at the top. Replace inept Chief Robert Burton before all the good cops leave.



There’s so much meth up there, they should welcome marijuana to bring those losers down off their highs.