Local philanthropist donates $20,000 to Carpenter campaign

October 26, 2016
San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

Open letter from Dan Carpenter

I’m pleased to announce my campaign for 3rd District Supervisor has received a major contribution, $20,000, from B. Wayne Hughes Jr., an 18-year resident of San Luis Obispo County.

I’m proud to have earned the respect and admiration of Mr. Hughes. His support of my values and principles are a major factor in his decision to get involved.

Mr. Hughes is the founder and chairman of Serving California, a 501c3, created to serve our men and women returning from the Middle East who suffer from PTSD; supporting a dozen recovery homes for men and women across the state. He is the sole founder of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), which has over 1,000 students behind bars in the California State Correctional System.

For 18 years, Mr. Hughes has been a part/full-time resident of SLO County currently residing in Shell Beach. He has given generously to a broad spectrum of county agencies and nonprofit organizations including Cal Poly, Atascadero Fire, California Mid State Fair, FFA, 4H, Food Bank Coalition, Homeless Foundation, Children’s Museum, Community Foundation of SLO, Restorative Partners, Community Action Partnership of SLO and many others.

Mr. Hughes truly walks the walk and I’m honored to have his support during this election. I look forward to working with him and many of the organizations he supports when electedsupervisor.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my campaign over the past 20 months. Every dollar has helped get my message out to the people in our county and we are making a difference.

I remain humbled by the outpouring of support from all of you.

San Louie

That’s strong Mr. Hughes. Darned strong. Good on you!


Go Dan Go!


Mr Hughes is a stand up man who has donated endless financial aid and personal time to bettering peoples lives. His efforts go where it counts, not into a bank account like Hill’s. We have seen the benefits of the programs he champions such as The Mighty Oaks Warrior program which is the real deal when it comes to community betterment. This is why Mr. Hughes knows who to support and its obviously not Hill. Thank You Mr. Hughes for all you do!!.


Mr. Hughes has done what he believes in and Dan is a great choice for Supervisor.

I am thinking that this may give courage to other financially well off residents to help Dan too. Dan is a winner and Mr. Hughes allows Dan to reach more voters in this critical race for Supervisor.

Thank you Dan Carpenter for running a fantastic race and thank you Mr. Hughes for supporting our best choice for 3rd District Supervisor.


$20K will change a lot of hearts and minds, hopefully