Tom Fulks promotes division and anxiety

October 26, 2016
Tom Fulks

Tom Fulks


As an educator in California public schools for over 26 years, I have seen this presidential election evoke more distress and anxiety in students like no other. As community leaders, educators and elected officials it is our responsibility to role model civil discourse which includes being honest, being responsible for our own behavior, working for the common good to build a just society and holding all members of our community accountable for their behavior.

I was sadden when I read Tom Fulks’ Op-Ed on Oct. 23, “How Trump has made healing our divided electorate more difficult than ever,” as Mr. Fulks contributes to the partisan divide in our local community when he infers that 3rd District Supervisor candidate Dan Carpenter is a Republican which is not truthful.

Projecting labels on local candidates encourages a culture of divisiveness. Like myself, Mr. Carpenter is not affiliated with any political party. We can teach our children that it is possible to treat all members of our community with respect and we can disagree and still get along.

I ran Mr. Carpenter’s 2012 campaign for SLO City Council and I assure you he does everything in his power to avoid partisan politics.

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Tom and Adam clearly have the same illness and presumably have a prescription for the same medicine. So far the medicine is not working!

As for the Tribune, which is a newspaper in name only,it is on the way to zero subscribers. Most of the content now comes from other papers and news sources. With a lack of objectivity and timely sports coverage – with box scores – why would anyone have a need to read the rag?

Prayers for an early death as prescribed by bankruptcy are offered by a plurality of citizens who are deeply offended by the Tribune’s inherent dedication to liberal causes and support of the Democratic Party.