Los Osos man on the run

October 14, 2016
Jeffrey Allan Kelly

Jeffrey Allan Kelly

A Los Osos man who allegedly held a machete to the back of his girlfriend’s neck was due to begin trial in Merced County of Tuesday. But, Jeffrey Allan Kelly failed to appear at a hearing last week and has not been seen since then. [Tribune]

In January, Kelly, 37, allegedly beat his girlfriend with a broomstick and threatened to kill her with the machete after the couple got into an argument. The incident occurred while the couple was traveling through Atwater in a truck with a camper shell.

The woman, who is also aLos Osos resident, managed to escape and contact police. Officers searched the vehicle and reportedly found the machete, as well as a crossbow, three rifles, a BB gun and ammunition. Kelly also was reported to have a nunchaku, an Okinawan martial arts weapon, in the vehicle.

Kelly is facing three felony counts of corporal injury to a spouse and criminal threats. The charges carry enhancements for the use of a deadly weapon. Kelly also faces a count of unlawful firearm activity.

If convicted of all of the charges, Kelly faces a maximum prison sentence of six years and four months.

After Kelly failed to appear in court last week, officials issued a $75,000 warrant for his arrest. Kelly’s public defender has not commented on his disappearance.

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If I were him, I think I would go to Mexico, Belize, Maybe Venzuela.

He wants to prove he is a sharp stick.