Mother gets drunk, toddler wanders Morro Bay streets at night

October 14, 2016
Ruby Becerra

Ruby Becerra

During a night of heavy drinking in Morro Bay, a 21-year-old Templeton woman lost track of her two-year-old son.

Morro Bay police found the boy wandering around a neighborhood at 3 a.m. Thursday. Five hours later, police found the woman driving drunk while searching for her child.

The toddler was located while he was walking in the 400 block of Avalon Street, officer Jeremy Painter said. Police stopped the mother’s vehicle in the 300 block of Bonita Street.

Officers arrested the mother, Ruby Becerra, on charges of DUI and willful cruelty to a child. Officers booked Becerra in San Luis Obispo County Jail, where she remains in custody with her bail set at $100,000.

Police placed the toddler in the custody of Child Welfare Services.

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RESIDENT You made my day! Thank you!

Hardly anyone-on any site-can stay on topic right now. You will find millions of people right now diving for each other’s throats at the first opportunity (what am I saying….there doesn’t even need to be one). The human attention span is greatly distracted and people are acting like nuts. Only a couple of days ago, we had the guy who went off downtown and “forgot” his 5 month old was in the car. I never used to listen to my pastor grandfather…..but you know….some of what he used to rant about all the time… coming to pass.

Most, if not all, of today’s headline ills can be attributed to lack of family structure and responsibility. It all starts at home. If you don’t teach the kids right, they rarely get a chance to do it right later on as adults. Govt and Govt programs can not correct this and are certainly not a substitute for a proper upbringing. Look around and it is easy to see the different family values that different cultures have, and the effect that has on crime. More so than poverty, geography etc.

Home run, sloweb…

There is a serious diconnect when people do not take personal responsibility realistically.

Have unprotected sex, you probably will get pregnant.

Spend your child rearing hours getting stoned or drunk, bad things can happen.

IMHO, this all leads back to the roots of non parenting in favor of everything is fun, rosey and PC.

Bottom line, all parents need to be connected more to their children and take that connection seriously…

This is a total double standard!

You are allowed to forget your phone how many times in life? I mean, I’ve lost my phone probably 5 times really well.. The kind of losing your phone where you think you’re going to have to buy another level of phone lost… I’ve had to buy a new one twice.

You’re allowed to lose your car keys, right? I mean, I’ve probably lost my car keys 2 times, and I mean really lost them.. only finding them maybe a day later. I was dare I say panicked when this happened.

So, aren’t we creating a bit of a double standard here?

Lose your Iphone 6, after throwing up all over it and having it fall into a decrepit couch, you go back to Verizon, and get a new one the next day, no questions asked. Maybe a small “slap on the wrist” fee or something. They don’t say: “Sorry, you will never have a cellphone again”.. especially if the cellphone somehow made it’s way to Verizon after someone had found it at the house party and returned it. You just get it back.

Now, let’s apply the same logic to the wayward child: Was the child lost? Yes. Was it an accident? Yes. Is the child fine? Yes!! Gained some life experience. Everything’s fine!

Alternative: Take the kid away for life, and spend a lot of taxpayer money shuffling papers.. ultimately the child will probably end up just as messed up and another broken family in America.

Sometimes you lose stuff, sometimes that stuff is your kid.. Usually the best thing to do in that situation is 1. calm down 2. crack open a natty ice on the couch and think about where you last saw them and retrace your steps.

Yes, sometimes your kids might wonder off into another neighborhood town city are random warehouse building. The important thing is always remain calm and think about where you last saw them. Had this lady done that, I think she drunkenly could have found her kid a lot quicker, and we all could have avoided this unfortunate accident.

How many times have you forgotten your Iphone before? Now apply that logic to the child.

I hope this was meant to be some kind of bizarre sarcasm. Comparing losing your iphone to losing a child while your’re drunk.


Of course it was sarcasm.

Everybody should get ONE free pass on this one.

Who hasn’t lost their kid while on a bender before? It happens to the best of us.

Hey kids, I believe Resident’s comment might have been sarcastic. Ya think maybe?

The sarcasm is lost with these posters it seems.

That’s not funny.

I’m going to vote this one up…. because I’m guessing it has to be sarcasm. And it is based on the spiraling down expectations of the liberals.

The five cities is known as Oceano Grande Beach.

MEJ with an attitude like that why don’t you move away from the area?

Take a joke CityGirl….. Interesting screen name.

Moron Bay surly lives up to its name.

What were the other names. Atrashcadero, Los Grosos, Arroyo Grunge, Anyone know the rest?

SURLY? Really?

Gotta love instant karma online.

Dismal Beach, O’shitano, s’ Hell Beach, all part of 5 Shities.

I grew up in HighMucus…great little town, love the pier.

“Oceano, where the sewer meets the sea”, Pissmore Beach, Grover Shitty–when it was still Grover City, now it’s Grover-Bitch.

Pussy Wobbles?