Nipomo man stabbed to death in Santa Maria

October 3, 2016
Anthony Arguijo

Anthony Arguijo

A 42-year-old Nipomo man was stabbed to death in Santa Maria Sunday evening. The killing marks the 10th homicide in the city this year.

Around 8:41 p.m., Santa Maria police received a call about a stabbing in the 500 block of East Cox Lane. Responders transported  Anthony Arguijo to Marian Regional Medical Center, but he did not survived his injuries.

Officers have not identified a suspect or a motive for the killing. Investigators request that anyone with information abut the case call the police department.

In 2015, Santa Maria had a spike in homicides with 13 murders, compared to three in 2014 and two in 2013.

This January, six people were murdered in Santa Maria. A lull in violence then occurred for several months. During that period, authorities arrested 15 foreign nationals from Honduras and El Salvador who are accused of involvement in the recent murder spree.

The homicides resumed with a fatal shooting at a July 4 block party. Later in July, Santa Maria police shot and killed a mentally ill man who allegedly charged at them with a knife.

Last month, an 18-year-old man was stabbed to death, marking the ninth homicide of the year. In addition to the killings, there have also been multiple shooting and stabbings this year in which the victims survived.

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The F.B.I. have a substation in that tiny city. That should tell you something is wrong. Latin people are terrorists. Seems pretty clear cut. We do not have that rate of violence anywhere else in the county.

Listening to Mayor Patino’s radio ads(she’s up for re-election), you’d think all is well in this “All American City”. You can’t fix a problem if you keep denying there is one. And imagine how much crime they are not revealing to the public. Come on Alice, and the rest of the City Council, you know the truth. Your constituents deserve to know it too.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome to Santa Maria, a Sanctuary City.

The quality of life in Santa Maria continues to decline, and now the FBI has declared Santa Maria to be one of the most dangerous cities in California. I blame local career politicians Steve Lavignino and Alice Patino.

Patino and Lavignino have embraced Sanctuary City status for Santa Maria, and they rolled out the red carpet for illegal alien farmworkers, and now the city is flooded with low-income, poorly educated non-citizens. Worse, the crooked politicians use taxpayer resources to coddle Big Ag and their workers.

Stop corruption, defeat Patino and Lavignino.

Just saying,


“Santa Maria, great idea”, that was the ad jingle that sticks in my head. I bought a 15″ Magnavox TV there at Monkey Ward’s in the 80’s, the one in SLO having closed as Higuera Street transformed away from having Sears, Monkey Ward’s and JC Penney (as well as Put Ons and Green Bros, etc.) all on the same block (my parent’s could afford to buy a 19″ Sony at Jim’s Campus Camera). Santa Maria was a tad smaller and less important than SLO in the 70’s. Santa Maria resolved to get as big as possible as fast as possible. Mission accomplished, bigger than Santa Barbara even. Pretty much West Bakersfield now. Ya happy?

Someone needs to ask Mayor Patino hows her sanctuary city is working out.

Three (3) stabbings in our area in the last week.. Everyone should be required to register their knives immediately!

Biting my tongue and trying not to comment about Santa Mara, again!

Then keep on biting that tongue because really, you care more about how outraged you are than anyone reading you comment.

I’m no fan of either candidate but political views are like religious views, have all and any you like, but let everyone else do the same by keeping it to yourself.

This comment makes no sense at all; maybe the writer intended it to go under another story. So, the six people who “liked” it can please explain why.