Vote for leaders who defend the rights of all people

October 3, 2016
Dawn Ortiz-Legg

Dawn Ortiz-Legg


As a Democrat, I am troubled by Assembly candidate Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s advertisement attacking her opponent for defending the constitutional rights of those accused of crimes.

In the words of President John Adams, who defended the reviled British soldiers accused of committing the Boston Massacre, “power must never be trusted without a check.”

In an election season where the Republican nominee for president has demonized religious and ethnic minorities to score political points, we need now, more than ever, leaders who are willing to defend the rights of all people. While the political expediency of criticizing a law and order candidate for the alleged crimes of his clients is obvious, utilizing such a tactic is unprincipled.

I hope that Ms. Ortiz-Legg will reconsider her attack ads and focus on a more inclusive message.

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The left has “jumped the shark” with this candidate

As a Decline to State, with many Sanders supporters as friends, I admire your stance, Justin Arnold. A fraction of Liberals within the Democrat party have turned into elitists and lost touch with regular folks. That’s who Debra Ortiz-Legg comes across as catering to. I doubt Debra-Ortiz Legg would stand up to people who tear down old growth trees to grow more wine grapes. It was interesting all the teachers groups support Jordan Cunningham. He seems to have reached out to a diverse group of voters to gain support for his run.

You mean “Dawn,” not Debra, I believe.

It frightens me the level of ignorance of the democrat base. I truly fear for my country – and many of them are in academia and believe themselves well-read and educated. That’s the part that is the most scary.

I guess that masters from Johns Hopkins in public policy was wasted on her. I wonder if it was a correspondence course.

someone called in to the DC show yesterday when Ms. O-Legg was on and said that despite how odious the caller found the ads and how offensive they were, this person was voting for her because the voter was “a lifelong democrat”.. sums up a lot of problems we have today.

My mailbox is being jammed full of Ortez-Legg’s leftist hysteria.

Hysterias based on falsehoods is the primary modus operandi of the left. One can say that without hysteria there is no left.

One could also say that if they couldn’t peddle fear, there would be no right.

Well played sir.

Thanks for being an honest dissenter within the party. Given the power structure of the Democrat party from the National level down to the County level, I don’t know what can be done but the Democrats are driving away my votes now the way the Republican power structure did for over 2 decades. I know there are others like you but someone needs to figure out how to retake power from the corrupt and amoral leadership or the Dems are going to fracture the same way the Republicans have.

‘Vote for leaders who defend the rights of all people.”

Wishful thinking, but given the nature of American politics, sadly, you are asking almost the impossible.

Given the level of discrimination, racism, hatred, bias, prejudice, and plain stupidity, it will be a very difficult task and has been since our founding to defend the “RIGHTS OF ALL PEOPLE”…even though is supposed to be guaranteed.

I was confused by this opinion at first. I thought it was supporting Ms. Legg but instead it is supporting

Jordan Cunningham for State Assembly

I hope after reading this you agree that Jordan is the correct choice and show everyone on election day that attack ads can backfire.

While you are at it, if you can vote for

John Peschong for supervisor if in the 1st district Paso Robles/Creston/Templeton

Dan Carpenter for supervisor if in the 3rd district San Luis Obispo/Pismo/Avila/Grover

Justin Fareed for Congress anywhere in the county

Don’t hold your breath.

Her path has been set for some time now. The powers that be are not going to turn on a dime.

“I hope that Ms. Ortiz-Legg will reconsider her attack ads and focus on a more inclusive message.”

Reconsider? Really- that’s it? How about APOLOGIZE for those ads?

When would you suggest she apologize, after before or after she loses this election. She has shown nothing but lies, deceit and ignorance about right and wrong. We don;t need anymore of this in our County!

When have those traits ever stopped a democrat from winning an election? There is a reason 100% of democrats running on any level are 100% attack-only. None of them have done squat to point to as an example of how qualified they are, instead, they hope people are ignorant enough to succumb to attack ads. They are usually correct.

Case in point: our current president. He has absolutely ZERO qualifications in his past, the ONLY thing that got him anywhere was the mass-hysteria of “you’re a racist if you don’t vote for me” and it worked. Twice.

Democrats are turning out to be below the bottom of the barrel, but because the republicans are so inept (possibly calculated to be so), they end up winning. Well, opponent ineptitude and severe gullibility and ignorance of their base.

I’m hoping she will do us all a favor and withdraw from the election.