Teen on trial for killing her baby claims pregnancy denial

October 6, 2016

knifeA 15-year-old Santa Maria girl did not murder her newborn baby; rather the infant died as a result of  the teen’s pregnancy denial, a defense attorney is arguing. [KSBY]

The teen’s murder trial began this week in Santa Maria juvenile court. Prosecutors allege the girl, who is being referred to as Maribel S., slit her newborn’s throat and dumped the infant in a bag.

In January, staff at Marian Regional Medical Center informed law enforcement of suspicious circumstances regarding a home birth. A detective went to the hospital and interviewed Maribel.

The teen changed her story several times but eventually said the baby’s body was stuffed in a plastic bag and hidden behind shoes in a bathroom vanity at her home. Investigators searched the home and found the infant’s body in the bag inside the vanity.

Prosecutors say autopsy results revealed the baby was born alive and took a breath before Maribel used a knife to slice the infant’s throat. The autopsy report says the baby was born at 34 weeks, and it was a viable birth.

On Wednesday, prosecutors showed jurors a 23-minute video of Maribel speaking with a detective. In the recording, Maribel recounted delivering the baby in a bathroom, trying three times to cut the umbilical cord and placing the baby in a plastic bag.

The detective asked the teen why she hid the baby in a bag and why she did not tell her parents about the infant. Maribel responded by saying she was scared to show the baby to her parents and that they were going to be mad at her.

Maribel’s attorney argued the teen’s pregnancy denial may have prevented her from recognizing she was actually pregnant. The disease also caused her to often change her story, the attorney said.

The defense also claims Maribel’s pregnancy denial arose because of past trauma in her life, which included being raped by her cousin when she was between the ages of 8 and 11.

Police say the infant could have survived had then teen used the Safely Surrendered Baby Law. The law allows parents to give up a baby within 72 hours of birth.

Testimony will resume Thursday. The trial is expected to last two weeks.


Just wondering how a family doesn’t notice their kid is 34 weeks pregnant.


The father of the murdered child should face charges too. He knew about it and tried to cover it and make it go away. People like this make me sick!! Do a DNA test and send both of those sick f–ks to the slammer for a good 20 year bid.


What kind of a human being much let a mother would SLIT a newborn’s throat? IF she felt so compiled to kill this baby why not suffocate or hug it to death. Animals are kinder and more protective of their newborns. This was pure barbaric and she is unfit to live in a civilized society. What does this say about her upbringing?

Tragic story!

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This young lady killed her own baby in a manner that was premeditated and she knew she was inflicting deadly harm. This is not a case of someone who was in denial, it is a case of someone who felt emboldened to kill.

While the lawyers for this murderer may try to spin a false narrative, I think we all know that she knowingly killed another human being, and being an underage mom does not excuse her behavior.

The person who deserves the sympathy is the murdered baby.

Just saying,



Even wild animals take care of their young. Mother’s instinct is to protect the baby, not to cut the baby’s throat. This evil spawn needs to be tried as an adult and go to prison. Pregnancy Denial. What a gross sham.


Old enough to get knocked up and kill a human being, but isn’t being tried as an adult!? Clearly this girl has major problems, but actions have consequences no matter how insane you might be.


This charge absolutely–without a doubt–should come with involuntary sterilization attached to the charges and the medical findings. It will save needless children suffering—and save us fro having to read about 9 newborns in a freezer. Believe it or not–it takes a toll reading about stuff like this!


No…..denied. Your baby took a breath and you slit it’s throat.