Peschong takes countywide fundraising lead

October 10, 2016

John Peschong 5Despite being the last person to enter the 2016 San Luis Obispo County supervisor races, political consultant John Peschong has raised more money than all other candidates. Peschong, the front runner in the District 1 race, has raised nearly five times more money than his opponent, Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin.

In the hotly contested District 3 race, incumbent Supervisor Adam Hill is the clear fundraising leader. Hill has raised in excess of $100,000 more than challenger San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter.

However, Carpenter’s fundraising pace has picked up in recent months, and the SLO councilman held a nearly 11-point leader over Hill in a poll conducted by CalCoastNews over the summer.

District 1

Total Contributions

John Peschong – $250,203

Steve Martin – $52,721

Total Expenditures

John Peschong – $216,769

Steve Martin – $37,839

In 2015 and 2016, Peschong received a combined total of $250,203 in campaign contributions, as of Sept. 24. Peschong entered the race late last year, and his 2015 fundraising efforts only spanned one month.

Between July 1 and Sept. 24, the most recent filing period, Peschong raised a total of $96,290. As of Sept. 24, he had spent a total of $216,769 and had a cash balance of $52,379.

During the recent filing period, four donors each contributed $5,000 to Peschong’s campaign. The donors were: San Luis Obispo-based K&M Holding Corporation; San Luis Obispo-based H&S Walter Well Drilling & Pump Company; Santa Maria resident Herbert Perrett, the owner and operator of Perrett Ranches; and conservative group the Lincoln Club of San Luis Obispo County. The Lincoln Club has given Peschong a total of $7,000 this year.

Over the course of the campaign, Martin has received a total of $52,721 and spent a total of $37,839. As of Sept. 24, Martin had a cash balance of $14,269

In the June 7 primary, Peschong received 45.52 percent of the vote. Martin garnered 35.02 percent.

District 3

Total Contributions

Adam Hill – $242,246

Dan Carpender – $133,903

Total Expenditures

Adam Hill – $239,247

Dan Carpenter – $114,928

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Hill raised a total of $131,385 in 2015. He has raised $110,861 in 2016, as of Sept. 24, bringing his combined total to $242,246. In 2015 and 2016, Hill has spent a combined total of $239,247. As of Sept. 24, his cash balance is $30,435.

Throughout the campaign, Hill has benefited from numerous contribution from developers, including several donors who have had or will have projects come before the board of supervisors. Developers including Nick Tompkins, of Arroyo Grande; Santa Barbara-based Somera Capital Management; and the Trilogy Central Coast Holding Company, each contributed $1,000 to Hill during the recent filing period.

During the 2016 campaign, Supervisor Bruce Gibson has donated $7,000 to Hill’s bid for reelection.

Carpenter only raised a total of $28,153 in 2015. But, his 2016 campaign contributions have totaled $105,750, bringing his overall fundraising amount to $133,903.

In all, Carpenter has spent $114,928. As of Sept. 24, he has a cash balance of $19,297.

During the last filing period, Carpenter raised $34,559, which exceeded Hill’s total of $28,785.

Like Hill, Carpenter received one donation of $5,000 during that period. It came from San Luis Obispo-based H&S Walter Well Drilling & Pump Company, the firm that also contributed $5,000 to Peschong.

Carpenter also received $1,000 from Arroyo Grande realtor Peter Keith; $1,000 from San Luis Obispo residents Evelyn and Ed Page, the property managers of Model Lands Inc.; $1,500 from Central Coast Support in Morro Bay; and $2,000 from the San Luis Obispo Cattlemen’s Political Action Committee.

In the June primary, Hill received 41.21 percent of the vote, and Carpenter garnered 31.63 percent. However, Carpenter and Debbie Peterson, the third candidate in the race, combined to receive 58.79 percent, which singled Hill is at risk of losing in November.


Modern democracy at work. Big donors buy candidates by giving them money that they spend on crap like yard signs. The electorate is basically stupid enough to be swayed by slick fliers, commercials, and yard signs, without any apparent regard to the actual issues.


Simply put…Adam is one of those creepy clowns lurking about the county.


So if you can buy the offices offered why do we have to vote? Right Adam?


So now the Tribune has endorsed every liberal running for office. Hmmmm. No pattern of partisan politics there eh Trib? The only one missing is for Assembly. I am sure the editorial board is trying desperately to find any reason, any at all, to endorse Ortiz-Legg over Cunningham since they could then guarantee a full slate of losers.

The Trib has become a bell weather for picking the candidate most likely to be an insider crony. In the mean time its subscription falls, its ad rates drop and its reporting is trying to keep pace in quality with the local high schools. All the while its editor rubs elbows with the business community and the Democrat Central thinking she is Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee.


The Tribune does not represent their readers any more than Katcho did the voters of north county with the water district.