SLO doorbell camera captures would-be burglar

October 24, 2016

14702272_10104982999066757_6013780787854938979_nA doorbell camera linked to a phone app captured a man with gloves lurking outside a San Luis Obispo woman’s home early Saturday morning. The video has circulated on social media and in the news, but police have yet to catch the would-be burglar.

The suspect rang the doorbell at the woman’s home around 2:30 a.m. The woman initially assumed the man was a lost, drunk college student, her neighbor, Lisa Deutsch, stated in a Facebook post. Later, the woman watched the surveillance footage and realized that was not the case.

Footage from the doorbell camera shows the would-be burglar holding the door handle, presumably waiting for a resident of the home to try to open the door. The suspect then paced around the entrance to the home and eventually noticed the camera. He placed a finger over the camera, wiped the lens and then left.

Deutsch said in her Facebook post that police believe the suspect was armed because there was a black bulge in the back of his pants.

“It is very obvious he had bad intentions,” Deutsch wrote. “i’ve almost always felt safe in SLO, however this man has now changed that.”

The “Ring” app notifies users when someone is approaching their door and allows residents to watch video of what is going on outside the home. The video of the would-be burglar has been viewed nearly 300,000 times on Facebook.

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A poster child for proposition 47. You fools voted for it. And you passed it so this guy could get out of jail, do more drugs and steal your sh%*.

You voters loved it so much, you want to spring his brothers from the slammer too. So vote YES – YES – YES – YES for proposition 57, because we need more non-violent rapists, arsonists and misunderstood criminals in our neighborhoods. Your welcome Jerry Brown!

Proposition 47: Allowing career criminals to freely roam the streets committing the same crimes over and over again because there are no consequences.

Also the reason why crime in our area is only going up, up, up.

But, anything described at the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act” sounds like a great idea, right? PLEASE, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Actually, read the propositions and then do your fact checking.

We all know SLO is happy happy happy place. Just keep saying it and it will be true. Of course, it’s baloney, the town has a rapidly increasing violent crime rate, is 26th least safe place in CA according to the FBI, but the city knows better — better, that is, than the FBI. City hall says we’re just happy happy happy and none of this is actually going on. In fact, some on the city council scream in public at people who try to call it to their attention. SLO is an illusion.

Yes, because the FBI totally needs to be involved in an affair the local law enforcement is well qualified to take on. In fact its their job.

This isn’t NCIS its real life. Watch how fast he’s caught.

Install cameras

Install peepholes

Lock your windows with locks that cannot be forced open.

Lock your bedroom door with something that cannot just be forced open with body weight.

Have a loaded gun on your nightstand & make sure you know how to use it. Basically, point and shoot.

Vote Trump because the liberals do not want you to have guns.

Be AFRAID, be VERY afraid!!!

I think there’s an open fear-mongering gig at Faux News you might be interested in…

Every woman’s nightmare. Once they get ahold of you….they decided how long and how hard you will suffer.

Another reason to be an adequately trained marks(wo)man.

Burglar? Cal Coast News someone blew that headline, even the story clearly shows this was no burglar showing up at 2:30am holding on to the doorknob ringing the doorbell.

Cathy, you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about the doorbell here. What he is wiping and touching is the camera, he just realized is in the unit. Go to and look at unit. Camera and bell are separate. Also why gloves? Are you really this obtuse?

I am praying that someone comes forward about this. His face is so clear someone must recognize him…

On another note, I think it was more than burglary. It was pointed out on a different thread that it looks like he has a syringe in his mouth. Add that to the gloves,the hand on the door, the weapon and the time of day and I would say this guy was up to more than theft. I am so thankful she didn’t answer the door. What a monster.

I think this should (if it does not already) fall into the FBI category where they anticipate grievous bodily harm and possibly death. This kicks into action special services….services that would determine not only if that IS a syringe–but the model, and if there was anything in it. They really have some superb analysis abilities. Like tracking his route to this house through reversal of satellite photos, etc.

They should have this perp’s photo up at all the bars and local businesses downtown. SLO is not that big so it shouldn’t be too hard to find this creep.

I disagree. I think this merits FBI analysis.