The “Sophie’s Choice” election

October 9, 2016
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


Never did I think I would write an opinion piece on national elections in a local paper. But never in my six decades on this planet have I seen a presidential election like this one. This year, our two-party system seems to have flatly failed us by giving us two vastly different yet inherently unlikable nominees, neither one of whom is likely to serve our country well.

When his father asked him “Who chopped down my cherry tree?,” a six-year-old George Washington responded “I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down that cherry tree.”

Over 270 years later, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when questioned by the House Oversight Committee on why she lied about the circumstances behind the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi, she responded “What difference does it make?”

My, my, my– to the dismay of the families of those who were killed on her watch in Benghazi– how far we have fallen.

In the 1982 film “Sophie’s Choice,” Meryl Streep played the role of a Polish mother sent to the Auschwitz death camp by her Nazi captors during World War II with her two children. She was given the choice to pick one of her children to be gassed or both would be executed. She chose her son to live and her daughter to die and was haunted by her decision for the rest of her life. Just as we will be haunted for the rest of our lives, regardless of which of these two awful choices we might vote for.

Door number 1: Hillary Clinton

In Hillary Clinton, we have an inveterate liar who has been relentless in her lust for power. Hillary Clinton

Her claims that her experience makes her the most qualified candidate is nothing to brag about. Her “experience” pales before what she has done with that experience. Her tenure as Secretary of State under President Obama was an unmitigated disaster that led to the birth and rise of Isis and the creation of chaos in the Middle East.

Her self-proclaimed life-long commitment to public service has been nothing more than a 30 year of excessive quest for power. Her announced tax plan will grow government exponentially at the expense of all of us. While her lies and deliberate forgetfulness over her email scandal should have disqualified her from the race, her claim that “I did not email any classified information” was absolutely refuted by the head of the FBI. Then just the other day Wikileaks publishes some new emails that revealed her attempts to keep her true self from being revealed.

While there will surely be more shoes to drop on this issue, there she will be on our November ballots.

Door number 2: Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Then we have Donald Trump, a bellicose bully prone to tantrums who has seemed to be in the process of destroying the Republican Party.

He seems to have an innate ability to “step in it” every time he opens his mouth. He rarely thinks before he talks, and rarely uses the clutch to engage his brain when speaking.

While he has brought many Reagan Democrats into the party, he has alienated its core supporters. I actually appreciate his lampooning of “political correctness,” but not at the expense of making a religion of doing only political incorrect things.

While his tax plan may be better than Clinton’s in stimulating our economy, there remains that nagging fear about his temperament as someone who could have his finger on the nuclear trigger.

While Trump has toned down his rhetoric and was starting to sound almost “Presidential” in recent weeks, his poor performance in the first debate and his comments in the aftermath revealed that he had already begun to slip back into his old self. That was confirmed yet again with his 11-year-old interview chock-full of sexist remarks about women.

It’s Down To This…

What a choice! Do we vote for somebody else, only to guarantee that one of these characters gets into office? Or do we hold our noses and vote for the one that is the lesser of two evils? The real problem with that choice is there seems to be no lesser evil. If “none of the above” were on the ballot, it would win by a landslide.

Clearly, one of them will become president. Whichever one it is, we will likely all suffer the consequences. Indeed, regardless of who wins, this coming election day portends a national day of mourning.

We can only hope that the cornerstone of our Constitution– our system of checks and balances– will protect us over the next four years.


The choice is clear! Vote for Dan Carpenter!


Trump is going to create jobs?

He outsources his ties and clothing to India and China. Those are jobs that COULD be American jobs.

He went bankrupt FOUR times, each time shafting small business owners, some of them losing their businesses.

He left some 50 ALREADY retired employees cut off their pensions when his hotel bankrupted. Imagine waiting for your direct deposited check that you works YEARS for, but instead getting a “you’re broke now” letter.

Hillary lies.

Benghazi. As the wife of an Iraq War Veteran, this bothers me. Our heroes matter. We leave no men behind. Deplorable.

E-mails. Work e-mails are work emails, personal e-mails are personal. I am just a small town girl, but even I have separate accounts. She “lost” 30 THOUSAND e-mails, some highly confidential.

She has more lobbyists and sponsors than a NASCAR driver.

What is the better? The “other” parties should be explored. We DO have a choice.


I’m looking at Jill Stein.

Why are only two parties invited to debate? There are SUPPOSED to be freedom of the press. The People have a right to learn more about our options.


HIs despicable behaviors and actions, including a clear lack of knowledge of world affairs and exactly how government works, makes Trump monumentally unfit to be commander-in-chief or the leader of the free world.

Hillary Clinton will not be a perfect leader, but I will be able to go to sleep with her as President knowing that decisions will be made by a reasonable person who will appoint a cabinet and advisers who will make decisions rationally and thoughtfully.

Trump’s incredible lack of restraint in dealing with criticisms and/or anyone who differs with his small minded and blatantly ignorant views of the world, are a clear warning to all that he is incapable of representing the U.S. with objective and prudent thought processes in the thousands of diplomacy related negotiations and decisions he would be relied on to make as President of these United States.


You may be able to go to sleep with Hillary as President, but the idea of the Constitution being “Re-interpreted” to what she thinks it should say will keep me awake!


Isn’t that the point? Our unscrupulous, unfit government has stripped us of our wealth and well being. I Want this President to Change how government works!

Hilary will never change. she will raise your taxes SO high you will no longer have a Bed to Sleep in!! She had her chance to prove herself and she has failed miserably. Ask the Families in Benghazi if they will sleep well knowing she’s in charge? We have been in a crisis state for way too long. IT has to stop. Hilary will only be 4 more years of it. And BTW, MR President Clinton was a worse womanizer. HE manipulated women into sex AT the White House, and elsewhere, then on top of it, his Wife attacks the women!! ! At least Trump is just all mouth, and at least respects women enough to give them REAL jobs. So ALL women really ask yourselves, who is creepier?

I would rather have Johnson as President, but because that is not possible, I would rather have someone Transparent, as Trump is, I agree he is scary, but Hilary is a dangerous Liar and way too greedy. She has NO desire and NO clue on how to direct our country into better times.


Lol, Trump was the best the GOP could do.


“Finger on the nuclear trigger..” Fear mongering much. Those scare tactics went out decades ago, it’s kind of revealing when one brings them back to life.


Trump is petty, crude, disgusting, and I (and you) could go on and on. He is also a builder, a maker, someone who knows how to get things done. What he is not, is someone who would take this country so far to the left that we would have only the ruling class and the serfs left. The one world government people, including Bill and Hillary, scare me more than having a boorish loudmouth for a president. No one could be worse than Hillary Clinton as President.


Ha ha ha ha Thanks for the laugh. How does the writer feel about Trump now?

Mitch C

Well said. I truly fear for our country. My “least of two evil” vote is with Trump. While I concur with your analysis of his failings, at least what he has done has not been illegal, he did not sell his high office for personal gain, his decision making did not result in the death of four Americans, and he has not lied to us about everything. Clinton was a terrible Secretary of State; how could she even be an adequate president.


Where were all these Trump recordings during the primary? I believe someone was sitting on them to release at “just the right time.” Any Republican could beat Hillary, except Trump.


I would amend your statement: “Any Republican OR DEMOCRAT could beat Hillary, if it was not for rigging the system, malfeasance, cheating, etc.” I mean, Bernie is an interesting guy, one I might even get along with, but his politics are about as weak as you can get for a national candidate – which I think was the point (to have him as a paper tiger). Except he actually was beating her somewhat soundly… so a Clinton did what a Clinton does: cheat. Have “your people” in positions of power and abuse said positions.

Yeah, Trump is no great person, but he is the better candidate – thanks to Hillary being Hillary.


No, Trump is the paper tiger that is there to help Hillary, the GOP has been had.

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