Undercover investigation nets 20 pounds of meth

October 1, 2016


Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested two Goleta men after they attempted to sell the officers more than twenty pounds of methamphetamine with a street value of $729,600, according to a sheriff’s department press release.

Late last month, investigators from the sheriff’s department, the Santa Barbara Regional Crime Abatement Team and the California Department of Justice, concluded a five-month investigation into the trafficking of methamphetamine. The investigators then negotiated the purchase and delivery of 20 pounds of meth.

On Sept. 20, after the negotiations, Guillermo Rea, 27, and Victor Ruvalcaba-Romero, 36, delivered the methamphetamine to the 5800 block of Calle Real. The suspects arrived, showed investigators the methamphetamine and were arrested.

Investigators seized more than 20 pounds of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of over $729,600.

Deputies booked Rea and Ruvalcaba-Romero into the Santa Barbara County Jail on suspicion of transportation and sales of meth and possession of meth for sale.

Jorge Estrada

Maybe we should model our drug enforcement after the Philippines’s? They have removed thousands of drug dealers and users from the surface of this world! Their leadership cares about the health of their people by eliminating the competition. They can only afford results that achieve 100%, why should we afford less? Certainly I am open for a good reason to fund.


Maybe this is why we have seen such an increase in crime in the area as of late.

Hopefully with this large amount off the streets, we will see the trend reverse. Trying to be optimistic, I know it”s like trying to stop seawater intrusiuon.


make that intrusion….


I’m generally very critical of LEO on almost everything. In this case I offer applause. Nice work! I fear that the two individuals arrested were only pawns, but this is still a victory.


Wow! They didn’t even need a panga boat.


This long term operation was a joint mission by CA DOJ/BNE, SBRNET with assistance from, SOU, UNET,LEIU,SABRCAT with help from the DEA and other federal agencies.

The ” ROMERO’s” were working all along the Central Coast including San Luis Obispo, who was NOT a part of the take down in Goleta. The PCI’s were given immunity and flipped on the “Family” to get a deal which is very common, but the one thing missing is the amount of cash, guns and other information. The next shoe should be hitting the ground sooner than later.

Organized Crime was the main focus and with the Cartel’s involved you can bet the Romero Bro’s will give up their contacts to stay alive and out of prison. The “Blue Methamphetamine” the crystals are compromised of L-Meth and D-Meth, it is nearly in the high 90’% pure and can bet stepped on several times to make is over 20+ pounds.

The old add-age is too follow the money, from local labs to the Cartels and more.


Scott on this issue you are very wrong. There is no such thing as blue methamphetamine. The mix you describe would be the result of incomplete synthesis, not an intentional mix. It is very difficult to “step” on the drug at this level, because it would be spotted in a heartbeat. This is not cocaine, which cuts can be easily mixed into.

I would bet anything that when they test this they are going to find out that in fact, it is not meth at all. NOBODY would add a colorant to crystalized meth because it would not sublimate properly when heated. This is most likely Isopropylbenzylamine, a substance which has no stimulant effect but similar properties.