6 former mayors support Mattson for Atascadero

November 4, 2016
Bob Kelley

Bob Kelley


Nicholas Mattson is challenging Atascadero’s Mayor Tom O’Malley for his position as mayor of Atascadero. Mattson, a newcomer to the Atascadero political arena, is running against O’Malley and has drawn the support of six former mayors: Jerry Clay, Rolfe Nelson, George Luna, Mike Brennler, Ellen Beraud and myself.

Also, many past O’Malley supporters have joined Nic Mattson.

In a recent article in the New Times, O’Malley stated that there are two extremes that have always fought for power in our community, the extreme left and the extreme right. No truer words have ever been spoken by O’Malley.

Having sat on the council for close to eight years now, that environment still exists. O’Malley has made no apparent attempt to heal the wounds, which is not good for the community.

It appears it’s all about power for O’Malley.

Elected representatives should serve all of the people and not just try to obtain power for their self gratification and personal gain. Nicholas Mattson comes before us to help end this power play in Atascadero.

The makeup of the six former mayors is formidable as you might say there are three from the right and three from the left. Nicholas Mattson is the one to bring unity back to Atascadero.

Nicholas Mattson

Nicholas Mattson

O’Malley says that he is friendly to business which is a good sound bite. But he is raising fees, adding regulations, supporting Measure J which is another tax increase, and voting himself a future $450 a month pay increase from the city the way to be friendly to business?

O’Malley sits on the Board of Directors for SLOCOG which in the past has approved an 8 percent pay raise for employees and recently a 5 percent pay increase for their CEO. This could be the true act of a bureaucrat spending our hard earned income on themselves.

Tom’s favorite quote is “cost analysis and cost recovery.” The cost analysis is based government costs. Being a life long bureaucrat, that is all he knows.

We in the private sector are much more conscious regarding costs. After a $26,000 study to justify the last raise in fees, I asked the consultant if there was any place where there could be a savings? His answer was, “that’s not part of the deal.”

I thanked him for his honesty and was the lone no vote for the fee increase. That is an example of O’Malley’s “cost analysis and cost recovery.”

Tom O’Malley orchestrated the no bid contract for Atascadero’s garbage contract. As a result, the city has lost it’s recycling center.

The center put approximately $800,000 a year back into the community. The closing also resulted in the loss of three to five jobs. The overall economic loss to the city is well over $1,000,000 a year. Is that being friendly to anyone. Possibly the most significant financial blunder in the history of the city.

After serving eight years on the council, I will not be running for reelection. I too, like former Mayor Rolfe Nelson, believe that term limits are in order. It’s time that new leadership takes us into the future.

I was contacted by the power players wanting me to run for reelection only because their concern was that they may lose their power and control. I politely turned them down and said that was not my game and said it’s time for change in Atascadero.

Mayor Tom O'Malley

Mayor Tom O’Malley

Nicholas Mattson is a young energetic person who is devoted to the community and serves on many nonprofit boards. His service with these organizations is much more than a photo op. All of us who have served on any of the city’s commissions or city council endure a learning curve. Anyone who says they don’t is nothing but a politician, and is that what we really want?

Our first Mayor, Bob Wilkins, had no experience or qualifications when he took office and he did well just like Nicholas Mattson will do.

Don’t be swayed by all of the O’Malley commercials claiming that he is the sole person for everything being accomplished in Atascadero. Believe me, it is the hard work of many people within this wonderful city and no one person should take credit for it.

I urge you to join six former Mayors and many other supporters and vote for Nicholas Mattson for the new mayor of Atascadero. He will represent all 29,000 residents of Atascadero and not just one side or himself.

Bob Kelley is a current Atascadero City Council member and former mayor.

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Good luck Nich. Your going up against someone who supported Kelly Gearhart and his ponzi scheme, whom has real-estate interests in mind; Tom, and has the support of that Debbie Arnold, a crazy person with wineries for brains. You have my vote. I hope you can reduce growth, support refining this natural place with roots of poly-face farming and sustainable existence. Even if you dont make it, please keep up the work, try again. We need new blood, not antiquated old baby boomer post industrial idiots running this county. You could buy a house here with half an acre, for under 200k 20 years ago. Tourism ruins places, look anywhere in the world. Local is the only way, with small globalized commerce. Rich people are destroying any locals hopes of raising a future generation here. This is out of control, Tom is for it, and he has a very very very old education built of psychopaths of yesteryears. And f-walmart, track houses, and really rich folks f-ing up the world of locals. Go home howlies. Good luck, thank you for trying to go against an illuminati of real-estate psychopaths.

Thank you for having an open mind. Yes, the rumor that I was supported by Patterson or Michiellsen was reported as news by Mike Mesmer of KPRL. I countered that report on Sound Off. I can only imagine that the rumor started after I volunteered at the RISE event where many local volunteers, including Patterson and O’Malley, were also volunteering.

Later that week, I met with a number of local people including both Al and Roberta Fonzi, and Eric Micheillsen, among others. Some meetings were helpful, some were not, but nonetheless I want to be transparent that I met with people and have not made alliances whatsoever.

There was no support given or received at any meeting, and I’ve maintained that the seat of local government is beholden to the people and not to parties, causes, or special interest. Every person who contributed to my campaign in any way did so under the expressed pretense that I am not beholden to their contributions.

I volunteer at many places when I can and my purposes are genuine.

I appreciate your vote and I will be true to my commitment to nonpartisan public service.

So, I have changed my mind and am now voting for Nicholas Mattson. Sometimes, I believe that the old timers that have been around for ever get the mindset that possession of the office is beholding to them. I have listened to Steve Martin and his ME comments, I listened to a group of people in the Park one Saturday night talking about O’Mallory and who wants their group to support, I listen to Hillary Clinton, Jan Marx, Adam Hill, etc.etc and say, it is time for a change. I was not going to vote for Mattson because I heard he was being supported by Jim Patterson and Eric Michelson. I have been told that was a lie and so I will case my vote for him, but if I see them anywhere around this candidate, I will never have to vote for him again, but because I want to see change and lots of it, I think sending a message for change now is a good thing.

It is his last legal term to state. He cant run again ;)