CMC patients attack female worker

November 4, 2016


CORRECTION: The attack occurred at California Men’s Colony and not Atascadero State Hospital.

Two inmates attacked a female correctional officer at California Men’s Colony last week and beat the woman unconscious, inside sources say.

Early on the morning of Oct. 27., two inmates allegedly attacked the guard, knocked her unconsciousness and pulled chunks of her hair out, sources said. Another pair of inmates came to the assistance of the officer and stopped the beating. Other guards said, had the attack continued, the worker could have been killed.

The victim has reportedly been released from a nearby hospital but has yet to return to work. The extent of her injuries is unclear.

Charges have yet to be filed against the attackers.

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Send these 2 to a prison more suitable for their behavior. Pelican Bay

Call me sexist but females shouldn’t be guards in male prisons/jails/psychiatric hospitals. Too dangerous.

Thankfully this woman survived.

Not to worry, non violent folks like this will be out on the streets if 57 passes. Then you wont have to worry about those women physcs getting hurt, just the general public..

These folks are clearly violent, so I am confused why you refer to them as “non-violent”. 57 frees those people who are spending time for weed. They probably aren’t staying at ASH. I find it strange that you link ASH to prop. 57. Something stinks, Snoid.

If you look into prop 57 it lists attacks such as this as non-violent along with things any one with common sense would clearly see as violent.It is why moonbeam brown is getting so much push back from law enforcement. Poorly conceived and written garbage.

If I am not mistaken it used to be named Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane…

Charles, obviously you along with most of California voters have not read Prop 57. Crimes to be reduced to misdemeanor will be attack on a cop, rape if the victim was unconscious, false claims of school bombings, throwing acid in someone’s face, etc.

Try to find a few minutes and read this:

I was being sarcastic over what we believe is unimaginable stupidity in government, but hey were in Calif ya know, so its no surprise really.. As the other educated posters indicate, prop 57 releases non violent criminal like rapists, those who drug and rape, think date rape drugs, gang bangers,and a slew of other heinous crimes.

Unfortunately, this is one of the few employers that pays a salary that allows most people to live on the Central coast. To live the Central Coast lifestyle, THIS is what people are willing to risk. Instead of being sexist, perhaps we should talk about bringing SAFE, LIVING WAGES to our community rather than shutting down businesses like PG &E.