Why AG residents should vote for Mack and Akins

November 5, 2016
LeAnn Akins

LeAnn Akins


There have been several short opinion pieces in the Tribune supporting our opponents for Arroyo Grande City Council. I am writing to share with you why you should support John Mack and I.

We have the skills needed to help build a strong council who will vote based on all evidence and facts.

We have no hidden agenda; our reasons for seeking a seat on the council is to fully represent stakeholders and citizens in Arroyo Grande, work towards more efficient and effective government, and to focus on the issues facing Arroyo Grande and implement solutions.

We possess the humility strong leaders need. The resolutions to the issues facing Arroyo Grande do not solely lie within us—the resolutions require all citizens to work together—we have experience bringing people into the fold and finding solutions to difficult situations.

We do not have a history of ignoring issues, hoping they will go away, or just disappear if ignored long enough. Even before we became candidates for council, we worked to comment on the issues facing Arroyo Grande—even if council ignored what we brought forth.

We will not look the other way as our Planning Department collects only 30 percent of the fees it should be collecting. We will not look the other way when issues arise at the South Sanitation District. We will not pretend parking and traffic are not issues in our city or that our lack of planning has caused some of the issues we now face.

We will advocate for smart growth and for projects which truly mitigate water usage and acknowledge that any new development will add to overall water demand. We will not ignore that our police department is not fully staffed or fail to recognize how dangerous this is for our community.

We will not allow an unbalanced budget to be passed or considered. We will not let personal feelings or personalities dictate how we vote or impact our willingness to work with other members of the council.

We care deeply about Arroyo Grande and what happens within our city and the decisions made which chart a course for our future. We need responsible leaders who do not shy away from accountability and who are going to do the real business of Arroyo Grande.

When we are elected, our votes on the tough issues will align with our statements and goals. Please consider us when you vote this election for Arroyo Grande City Council. Your vote truly does matter.

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To fhill123—Thank you for your kind words—please point people to my facebook page in this final push for November 8th—AG needs some new leadership—my facebook page is:


Thank you again for your kindness and have a great evening…..

Akins seems like a breath of fresh air. And with all the pollution around it is a refreshing thing.


The words sound very good and we would like to believe you and support you…

Will you and John Mack, make it a priority, to join the Mayor’s acknowledgement of, and address the injustice in CDD (Teresa McClish). Mayor Hill said we first have to acknowledge there is a problem in his state of the City Address.

Will you both be part of the solution that so many have been looking for and join him to correct this problem?

Inclusive are the acts of favoritism ( the County Assessor’s Office has acted upon CDD’s past and recent decisions), during their ongoing investigation in tax evasion in Tract 1132, Mayor Ferrara’s old neighborhood.

Example: Lot 127, Construction at 420 Cuerda Corte, AG with no City Oversight.

We are victims of CDD’s bias. This major structure, on a very highly graded lot (200-250 yards of dirt Est) on a recorded easement, added on a lower lot, blocking our drainage for spite, violating our privacy, should never have been built.

It violates many Municipal Codes and State Law. For some reason, CDD can not find this construction (as we reported to CDD).

This 18′ X 27′ X 13′ Est. large concrete deck, in the front yard, past the setback, blocking our drainage, covering the interceptor ditch is a detriment to us. The Assessor found it on the first try and assigned four years back taxes for it.This is only one example, others are being reviewed currently.

Big surprise, the owners have announced they are moving now. They want to run from this illegal construction and responsibility (Deck Gate).

It is time for the City to improve our quality of life and remove this structure and put the earthen ditch back,175 feet long, along the property line on Lot 127(so we don’t flood again). Stop protecting, Lot 127!

Please help others that are experiencing the same illegal practices from CDD.

Help the City correct CDD’s unethical tactics that favor some and make victims of innocent people. Remove this illegal structure immediately and install the interceptor ditch that is missing.

This act will also send a clear message to others in Tract 1132 that this is no longer the way we do business in Arroyo Grande.

In conclusion: This is the real business in Arroyo Grande, as you state. Jim Garing (GTA) personally wrote a letter recently stating that the grass lined interceptor ditch (there are several on our street) was on Lot 127, when the City bought it off, as GTA designed it. It is necessary and the owner also has a legal obligation to maintain it per GTA.

CDD is ignoring all the facts and helping their friends. Ferrar’s reach is from the inside of City Hall,still.

Thank you and good luck to both of you. Ethics and Revenue matter.

To Justice Counts:

I would agree there is a problem. I think many people would agree there is a problem. I do think things need to be addressed in CDD–the issues you bring up are concerning for several reasons. Outside of the favoritism, there are issues with fee collection. The Planning Department is collecting about 30 % of the fees they should be collecting—this is based on a fee study just completed in late September. This lack of collection adds to our budget shortfall. Current and prior councils have sat unwilling or unaware—either way, no action has been taken to change the trajectory of that department.

So, yes, I will work to make some deeply needed changes within the city itself. Practices which are inappropriate and which do not benefit the city should not be supported or continued.

To LeeAnn,

Thank you for taking the time to review and answer our posting. We agree and are happy to hear that you are concerned about collecting fees and eliminating favoritism as we have been impacted by non-permitted practices by CDD. We live with the fallout of such favoritism on a daily basis.

These identified construction projects include:

1. No City building applications and/ or are not submitted to the Building Department or submitted as landscape projects with no height dimensions to disguise structural height.

2. There are no City Inspections performed.

3. There is no assurance’s of safety for the public.

4. CDD is not enforcing City Municipal code’s, even when CDD is notified, and say they will in letters to us.

5. Finally, leaving no paper trail of any kind of what was built and sold to the next homeowner. Then the homes are sold (as is) while CDD takes sides with friends who want to take advantage of the law and contiguous neighbors.

Not collecting on permitting is so dangerous on so many levels. Research tells us that a common thread to non-permitting is the loss of building integrity and lower property values to all citizens. Homes sell for less.

As a note, another “spite” aspect of the deck is our loss of privacy.

The Deck was purposely designed to look back into our house windows, (master bedroom, bathroom other bedrooms) built in their front yard and they have grown the hedges and trees around it so high to attempt to hide it that it also blocks our viewing.

Don’t be fooled by the attempt to cover this 18 X 27 X 13 foot concrete deck. Which is about 10 feet higher than the original topography bought off by the City when the home was built.

It needs to be removed at the cost of Lot 127. The Interceptor Ditch needs to be Re-established as designed, before it rains again.

Again, Thank you for your understanding and support to follow-up on these issues. It is in everyone’s best interest in Arroyo Grande.

Council member, Kristenten Barneich, now running for reelection to the City Council in opposition to LeeAnn, says about the controversial Easy Cherry project for a high density development of 51 homes, recently approved by the Arroyo Grande Planning Commission, that the project has never been reviewed by her, that “Like any project that comes before me…. I take very seriously when reviewing the project. Cherry will be no different.”

Barniech misleads when saying “I have not been presented with the project, or seen the staff report”. She reviewed and supported the project proposal on July 8, 2014 — two years ago — when it was initially reviewed by the City Council.

Barneich has followed the project since July 8, 2014 – if not before – and certainly since by attending the Planning Commission meetings addressing the East Cheery project.. She and Caren Ray appears to be funded and endorsed by the developers.

She asserts “it is laughable that you think I have made up my mind.” She did two years ago and her endorsement of the project is recorded in the minutes of the City Council meeting on that date.

Vote for Leeann Akins and John Mack for City Council along with reelecting Mayor Jim Hill


Excellent summary!

If still undecided on whom to pick for the open A.G. City Council seats, this will give voters all the right reasons to pick LEANN AKINS and JOHN MACK !