Nic Mattson has ideas and solutions

November 5, 2016
Nicholas Mattson

Nicholas Mattson


It is my honor to encourage you to vote to elect Nicholas Mattson as Mayor of Atascadero. Nic has an amazing understanding of Atascadero, sees solutions to many existing problems and has great ideas for the future.

Nic has a solid plan to bring quality jobs to Atascadero. Without solid head of household employment opportunities any city would have serious problems and Atascadero is definitely lacking. Solving this issue alone will add economic soundness, cut the cost of transportation for families and give them more time to spend together.

Our current council is comprised of good people, who mean well.  They seem to have a focus on adding quaintness to the city, giving it old fashioned charm. All nice, but what will that do for the long-term future of Atascadero? What will it do for the economic base? What will it provide for the safety of families throughout the city?

Why is it continually said that Atascadero is a terrible place to do business? Why is there drug paraphernalia on our sidewalks? Why do kids say there is nothing affordable to do to help keep them out of trouble?

Nic has ideas, solutions and is willing to listen. I urge you to please read and ask Nic questions about his goals and long-term plan for the city.

You will not find another candidate so connected to the average citizen of Atascadero. Nic has been all over the city working for the newspaper, covering many events for people of all ages.  He has listened to the needs and concerns of the local residents and families. He serves with many non-profit organizations, working diligently to help make a better community.

One only needs to read articles or social media posts written by Nic to understand his deep thoughts and care for Atascadero. He truly “bleeds orange and gray”.

One good example is the Atascadero Printery building which has stood vacant for nearly 15 years. Nic was extremely sad to see it continually deteriorate. He put out a passionate plea to save the building. Others joined in his vision and now the building is being boarded up and cared for properly, until it can be restored. It will be a building truly belonging to the community, held in trust by the Atascadero Printery Foundation.

Without the vision, a plan and belief that such a huge undertaking could be accomplished; the building would continue to be destroyed by vandals and the elements.

I will never forget the crack in Nic’s voice as he stood before the council speaking of his love for the city of Atascadero and the people here. It is not just a sentiment, it is truly his belief that with good ideas and planning, the city will be a remarkable place to live and work.

There is an old saying, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This is so true of communities. They have to stand together, working with a strong leader with heart, who inspires and listens. Nic Mattson is such a man.

Please join me in support and vote to elect Nicholas Mattson for Mayor on Nov. 8.

Karen McNamara is an Atascadero business owner and licensed realtor.

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Nice comment. Nic will be a new fresh look for Atascadero politics. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for Atascadero that the people of are ready for a real non partisan council member. Nic is a real active member of the community who really cares and will make Atascadero better for everyone. Vote yes for Nic.