Andrea Seastrand declared California’s taxfighter of the year

November 18, 2016
andrea Seastrand

Andrea Seastrand

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) named former congresswoman and San Luis Obisop County resident, Andrea Seastrand, the “2016 Taxfighter of the Year.”

Seastrand currently serves as the president of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA). She recently led the opposition to SLO County’s Measure J, a transportation tax initiative that is currently failing by a narrow margin.

As of Wednesday, 65.68 percent of voters had approved the sales tax initiative, and 34.32 percent voted against it. A 66.67 percent vote is required for it to pass. Some ballots still have not been counted.

In conjunction with HJTA, CCTA filed a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission alleging SLO County and the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) illegally used taxpayer dollars to promote the sales tax initiative. The FPPC is currently investigating the matter.

An HJTA news release states Seastrand has been a vehement taxpayer advocate both in and out of office. Seastrand, who also served in the state Assembly, never voted for a tax increase, and following her time in Congress, the Los Angles Times called her the “promise keeper,” according to the press release.

“If anyone personifies the Jarvis ideal, it is Andrea Seastrand,” HJTA President Jon Coupal said.

HJTA is the namesake of Howard Jarvis, who led the effort to place California’s Proposition 13 on the 1978 ballot.

Seastrand said in a statement to CalCoastNews that she remembers taking part in that effort.

“I recall so many years ago, gathering signatures to place an initiative on the California statewide ballot to protect the forgotten taxpayers’ rights,” Seastrand said. “That initiative was Proposition 13, and was overwhelmingly approved by the California voters on June 6, 1978, and has been under assault ever since 1978 by the political powers-that-be at all levels of government. I will continue to do everything I can to fight to protect Proposition 13, as well as advancing the right of taxpayers on other tax issues.”

Seastrand said it is a great honor to be recognized as the 2016 taxfighter of the year.

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Andrea does a great job. I’d also like to remind people of the the wonderful work that her deceased husband, Eric, did for the area. He was always there when the Sjany de Groot Home for Disabled Children needed him. The Seastrands have always been there when people needed them. Congratulations Andrea for a job well done!

Way to go gal. You are super. Keep it up. But, remember mature people need or want guerdons.

As President of the California Taxpayer Association (CTA, I want to thank you, Andrea, and commend you for all the work you do to protect California’s property tax owners. You always speak the truth! You always stand up to those in opposition and tell it like really is without all the fluff. You are the taxpayer’s hero!!

Calif. has moved so far to the LEFT that it can now see its backside. Calif has too many expensive draconian laws and regulations regarding greenhouse gases that it can’t afford. And, the high speed rail has become a pipe dream. The government support for the project has been turned off by Congress.

Now California residents will be hit by healthcare costs with Obamacare. We have the highest sales tax in the nation, and regulatory environment. California is in deep need of more money because the leaders in Calif. are over spending and creating more and more debt. The place to find revenue is to change Proposition 13! – Vote NO to changes! It will raise taxes on all Real Estate, home owners, businesses, and renters. By changing Prop.13, it will raise costs for us all. Less jobs! Renters costs will especially go up, as property owners try to recoup their losses. As President of the CTA, Andrea will fight against changes to Prop. 13. Support her in this fight for a gov. tax raise on all property.

Senator Bill Monning is who should be accountable for the Shell Beach mess. Where is he? Have you complained to him? Have you asked your Supervisor to get him here for a town hall discussion?

Every time I get stuck in the gridlocked traffic while coming through Shell Beach on the freeway I will think of her with disgust.

So you drank the koolaid!

Sacramento stealing our road repair and maintenance $ is where you should direct your disappointment.

Senator Monning got a free pass on this by the voters. He has done nothing never came here to discuss the issue so since you are for taxing me and the other taxpayers because that is easy get out there and show Sacramento this is wrong!!!

Measure J was so diluted for roads that it was mainly special interests instead of roads. What about that. Go tell Ron DeCarli why he had to only at the most allow 55% of the funds even be for roads. What was wrong with 100% for roads.

Because the first 1% was going to Mr. DeCarli and staff. Anyone see the big raise they just got. His Department, SLOCOG, is a clearing house for Gas Tax Money.

You go to the gas station fill up your car and pay $.56 a gallon for STATE Tax and $.35 a gallon for Federal State. That money is sent to the State of Board of Equalization in Sacramento. The State money goes to Cal Trans. Cal Trans then sends grants to the Counties which it goes to SLOCOG. SLOCOG has a staff of about 20 people, not including legal staff which is contracted out. Then, the Seven Cities of SLO County working with SLOCOG decide the projects and the spending fate of this money. By the time the money is on the table, half as been used through the pipeline. Ridiculous.

Anyone see what happened in Paso this week. They are doing a trial program of diagonal parking in the downtown are BUT you have to back in to the spot. Everyone kept asking WHY, this makes no sense. Well, finally after the staff was pushed for an answer, it was because it was safer for the bicyclist. So, backing in, taking some of the sidewalk space, impacting pedestrians and children on the sidewalks, impacting traffic flow, impacting the drivers of whom most aren’t good backup drivers, etc. the bike riders will be safe! How many bicycle riders ride in downtown Paso. This is another Sacramento requirement coming to a town near you…

Need to support Andrea Seastrand as our Governor plans to tax us to death!

Right now the current legislators up in Sacramento are figuring out how to do us in with MORE taxes!

So many are leaving CA because of all the taxes and regulations.

Andrea Seastrand is one person, just think if there were more, what great strides could be made with her leadership.

I just signed up to receive her newsletter so I can be ready

Andrea Seastrand was David up against Goliath

The YES on Measure J took in over $312,000 to create TV, radio Ads and more to tell you to vote YES on J!

Nearly 80% of those $ were from OTHER than our county!

The $ spent would not have been local!

Also I hope Ron DeCarli is gone as he violated the rules as a government official by SELLING the Yes position!!!!

He was to remain neutral, right that never happened until the FPPC came a knocking.

Thank you Andrea Seastrand for fighting for us.