Anti-Trump protests continue in SLO and in the nation

November 13, 2016

For the second time in several days, hundreds of protesters marched Saturday in San Luis Obispo to show their disapproval of Donald Trump. For the past four days, throughout the country people have protested the presidential election.

At 3 p.m., demonstrators met at the government center on Monterey Street and marched through downtown chanting phrases such as: “We reject the president-elect.”

Protestors marched in cities including Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco and Fresno.

While most protests were peaceful, in Portland, Oregon police arrested 19 protesters on Saturday during an “unpermitted” march, police said. On Friday, a Portland protester was shot in a confrontation on a bridge.

In Los Angeles, 180 people were arrested during anti-Trump protests.

Some protestors, such a radio host Dave Congalton, have asked Trump to denounce an increase in racial violence they blame on his election:

“In Petaluma, confederate flags were on display at a Veterans Day parade,” Congalton wrote on Facebook. “In Michigan, a man demanded that a young woman remove her hijab or be set on fire with a lighter…In Minnesota, racist, pro-Trump graffiti painted inside a high school…the Southern Poverty Law Center has counted hundreds of instances of hateful intimidation and harassment since the election of Trump (that’s less than one week).

“And yet the man in Trump Tower remains silent, more preoccupied by debating whether he’ll move to the White House or remain in New York.

“So we march. We protest. We speak with one voice and we’ll continue to speak out–until Donald Trump realizes the nightmare his rhetoric has created–and joins us in speaking out against it. That’s what a President does.”

On the other side, Trump supporters such as Roger Freberg argue that hate and violence against Trump supporters is being ignored by the local media.

“I remember the Republican riots after Romney lost… oh yeah, that never happened,” Freberg responded to Congalton. “A search has found that much of that didn’t happen… but the attacks on Trump supporters are real. Trump supporters are not setting fire to buildings or rioting… your on the wrong side of history once again Dave.”

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Trump and the Republicans won. End of story – for at least two years. The party in power usually takes a beating in the off-year elections.

Americans put up with a lot but eventually their patience runs thin. I suspect the breaking point may be different for everyone, and for some, it may just be a general malaise that finally says Enough already. I think we saw a lot of that last Tuesday. Post-election interviews indicated many people were ready for a change after eight years and that change was the unconventional Donald Trump.

Parties come and go in terms of being organized, in and out of power. Republicans were being told Trump’s presidential bid was the end of the GOP. If Clinton had won, that might have been the case. But now the shoe is on the other foot. The Democrats have some hard choices to make, to go to the left a la Bernie Sanders or to go toward a more middle road approach, picking off those swing voters who voted Republican but who aren’t committed to their agenda entirely. They have two years to figure it out to make gains in Congress. It will be especially interesting here in CA where we have the top two vote-getters in the primary running in the general election. We could end up with a choice of two Republicans in some Congressional districts, much like we had two Democrats running for the US Senate this time around.

Imagine being black right now, or Hispanic, or a woman, knowing that nearly half the voting population would even consider for the leadership of their country, a man endorsed by the KKK who ran on deporting a class of people, and as far as women? Hell hath no fury. The 1960’s called and they want to be relived.

Well said slophocles. The 1960’s may seem tame compared to what is coming.

These protests are great…they almost assure us that in 2018 we will win more house races and senate seats, governorship’s and state house races. The Tea Party wins when the left takes to the streets. Trump wins when the left takes to the streets. The people win when Trump wins. So keep on protesting. Mr. Obama don’t bother saying anything to calm the waters, and Hillary stay silent and in hiding, Mr. Reid keep talking. The Tea Party has prevailed! and will continue to win as long as the left appears to be so childlike.



We are about to see what crazy looks like, up close and personal.

It always baffles me when the low income voters want a Republican.


They need the social programs the Dems promote.

Who is going to provide that check to the 16 year old with the baby? The permanently disabled because they are a life long alcoholic?

If people are unemployed, then move, get new skills, or humble yourself and come pick our crops. There are plenty of jobs out there – just lots of Americans “too good” to work!

“Since he is of no use anymore, there is no gain if he lives and no loss if he dies.”

-Pol Pot


Go back to catchin’ those a-frames dude!

How often should one move when there’s no jobs available? What about the cost of moving itself? What has the republicant’s done to solve the 16 year old with the baby? And when they make abortion illegal again? What about then? Yea, humble up, that’ll put food on the table and make your rent or mortgage! I’ve tried it and it don’t work, dude!

As far as your contention that “The permanently disabled because they are a life long alcoholic?” are collecting disability? That’s a lie! The federal government did away with that in the ’90’s: “Social Security can deny a disability claim if the agency determines that drug addiction or alcoholism (DAA) is “a contributing factor material to the determination of disability.” (

Why would anyone want a job that doesn’t pay minimum wage, pays no overtime, offers no benefits and is seasonal at best? That’s what our current crop of crop picking human beings put up with everyday. They humble themselves every f**cking day as the likes of you call for their deportation with a mouthful of their labor in your mouths…

I’d say come in from the waves dude, but you’d probably just bury your head in the sand on the beach….

Hillary spent $250 million to promote herself and Donald spent $90 million to promote himself, Hillary had at least 30 years of earning political favors as a government insider and Donald made is name as a salesman never in government. Facts as they are, Donald winning the election for President over Hillary, says allot about Hillary. I’m still unclear why they are protesting?

Hillary Clinton is a crook and unfit to be president. I did not vote for her. Donald Trump is for all intents and purposes an incarnation of Adolph Hitler. Neither should have been president, but electing another Hitler to the presidency will surely bring out protesters. And civil war.

I think if you read a bit of history you will find that Hitler was a Democratic Socialist. About as far from Trump as you can get.

shelworth If you read a bit of history you would learn: “Hitler often denounced democracy, equating it with internationalism. Hitler also thought democracy was nothing more than a preliminary stage of Bolshevism. Although Hitler realized that his ascension to power required the use of the Weimar Republic’s parliamentary system (founded on democratic principles), he never intended for the continuation of democratic governance once in control. ”

So no shelworth Hitler was not Democratic Socialist, you are just trying and failing to throw shade on the word Democratic.

Oh scary FUD.

Hitler’s party was called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, but I think you missed my point, Donald Trump is arguably the most Capitalistic President to date, he wants more private sector involvement in running the country, if anyone should be compared to Hitler it would be Hillary. She wants government to be in charge of every aspect of your life. As for trying to “throw shade on the word Democratic”, I’m not even sure what you mean, Democrats aren’t really democratic are they? Look at all the whinny, “I didn’t get my way” protesters running around screaming “he’s not my president”. Trump won, deal with and move on!

Sunday we had 70-77 police (depending on the source) and 5-9 protesters (depending on the source).

What a total waste of time.

Not if you’re a cop. That was probably time-and-a-half.