CCN trial delayed until March

November 8, 2016

GoFundMeCalCoastNews and its founders will face trial March 6 after a delay was granted by San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbara. The trial had been scheduled to start this week.

The libel action has been brought by Charles Tenborg, whose company, Eco Solutions, hauled hazardous waste and contracted with the county’s Integrated Waste Management Authority. Tenborg was upset over a 2012 article which discussed his questionable handling of hazardous materials.

Tenborg’s attorneys, James W. Wagstaffe and Ivo Labar, appeared in person at the ex parte hearing and argued against the delay.

Kerr & Wagstaffe, a San Francisco law firm, has a three-decade relationship with local lawyers Adamski Moroski Madden Cumberland & Green, which in turn represents the IWMA. James Duenow represented CalCoastNews at the hearing.

CCN has turned to GoFundMe to help cover the cost of the suit.


More time to raise funds to put on a better defense. We need CCN

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Clearly, SLO County is on the grips of the ‘Old Boys Network’, and the fraud, abuse and corruption runs deep. It is an open secret that the ‘powers that be’ want to see the Cal Coast News closed down, and the scrutiny of their scandalous behavior by CCN is one of the only serious checks and balances left in the SLO County media.

San Luis County Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbara, because of his longtime ties to the plaintiffs, ought to immediately recuse himself from this case. He has no business adjudicating this matter, and his continued presence as a judge sends the wrong message about an independent judiciary.

Jurors should get on to this case and refuse to award these plaintiffs any damages at all. Let’s all support the concept of a free press and dismiss any claims associated with the case. Jurors should advise the judge that Adam Hill & Co. ought to be forced to pay all attorney fees in this case.

Go to the GoFundMe link.

Just saying,



Justice justice denied.


The legal system at its best. Delay, delay and delay. Keep the attorney fees going up, up and up. Then as usual the little guy is depleted of funds and the case ends.


I agree with what you say, generally, about the legal system feeding itself at the expense of the people it purports to protect.

But in this case, I think it was the “little guy” (ie CCN) asking for more time to prepare a defense, rather than the “big guy” (Tenborg/Hill) trying to bleed them down. At least, that’s how I read the article.


Malicious intimidation to cover up the truth is the M.O. of the SLO County Ol’Boy Clique.

I hope that it will be a Jury Trial and not a Judge Only Trial. As a leader of the SLO County Ol Boy Clique, Barry LaBarbara has serious conflicts of interest.

Jim Anderson

Adamski and Moroski not only represent the IWMA, they are also litigation lawyers for PG&E at Diablo Canyon (where the hazardous waste in question came from) and are open supporters of Adam Hill (found here on Team Adam Hill supporters page)

James Wagstaffe is such good friends with Marty and Diane Moroski that he made a significant donation in Diane’s honor to Festival Mozaic.

I smell a rat, James.


Jim ………… As a hazardous waste generator, we are held responsible ‘from the cradle to the grave’ as written by both by Federal & State law. This includes improper, or even accidental off-site transportation and improper disposal.

Hiring someone else transport and ‘dispose’ of our hazardous waste does not in fact transfer responsibility.

These are tuff, no end-run rules to protect the environment, so, one has to believe both the State & Feds (maybe even judges) are allies of CCN in this dogfight.

Rich in MB

Talk about Ridiculous….

This is just an attempt to shut down the only local Journalistic Watch Dog we have.


Remember how Barry LaBarbara threatened to sue New Times SLO into bankruptcy and successfully intimidated them into parroting the party line of the SLO County Ol Boy Clique????


Is that when the New Times became as useless as the Tribune?