Harmon closing in on Marx in latest report

November 15, 2016

Heidi Harmon and Jan Marx


Incumbent San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx’ lead over her opponent Heidi Harmon has shrunk as more ballots are counted. While Marx led in early mail in ballots, Harmon led among poll voters.

Following Monday’s count of additional ballots from the general election, Marx has 51.13 percent, compared to Harmon’s 48.48 percent. The candidates are currently separated by 461 votes, with 4,464 ballots left to be counted for San Luis Obispo, according to unofficial election results.

Even so, if the remaining ballots run statistically with poll voters, Harmon will close in on Marx, but still lose by 52 votes.

In 2012, even though incumbent Arroyo Grande mayor Tony Ferrara had 54.4 percent of the vote on election night, by the time remaining ballots were calculated he lost to current Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill. A grass roots campaign included Hill supporters holding up and placing hand-made signs throughout the community on Election Day.

During the last few days before the Nov. 8 election, Integrity SLO sent out fliers and robocalls promoting Harmon for mayor.

“Did my election-eve and election-day robocalls for Heidi influence the vast swing here? I think so,” Kevin Rice said. “The remaining 4,464 ballots will need to outperform election night to clench a win. A tall order.

“In any case, Heidi has earned lots of street cred and should use that credibility to challenge Marx’ policies (especially rental inspections). Heidi has proved Jan is far from wholly embraced by voters,” Rice added.

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Marx – 50.76% Harmon – 48.87%

What a race! Kind of reminds me of Santa Anita Race Track. Closing in!

Even if Marx wins…she has already lost….

Trading one regressive for another. Slo still ends up the looser.

But if Hedi Harmon is elected it might start the process to finally fire Katie Litchag, which is long overdue, but if Jan Marx stays, because either she is scared of Litchag or supports her, the city manager is likely not going anywhere.

If Marx’s is elected she will have to buy protection which will be another pay raise and increased benefit package for Litchag. Why not? It’s only our tax dollars for them to waste on themselves.

What’s up with Lichtig? Why is she still employed by the city? Is she Marx’s scissoring bud? I thought that position belonged to the city attorney?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Marx tossed out this way! She’s sold out the townspeople to make things great for the big developers and megabillion corporations like Chevron, is no longer OUR mayor, and needs to go. Heidi’s got a tough road, but it’s possible. The first 4000 after-election-night ballots gave her a net gain of 365 votes. There are 4,464 more to count. At the same rate she’ll lose, but even a slight uptick in percentage of votes could result in a statistical tie and a hand recount. That would be a fitting rebuke to our mayor.

Heidi should also be asking, as a loyal Democrat, why the party endorsed Marx in a non-partisan election, but not Heidi. That’s crooked. If it’s non-partisan, shouldn’t all Democrats get equal support or non-support? Of course, Heidi’s a Bernista, and Marx is pure biz-Dem establishment.

With all due respect, these people in the county clerk’s office have worked overtime for weeks for the election. I have personally watched the process of counting the votes and it’s time-consuming and frankly mind-numbing.

I don’t usually have much to say to commend government employees, but these people have worked very hard with this election. Yes they get paid to do this and it’s part of their job, but it’s like working Black Friday every day for weeks. I would prefer that they take their time and get it right, even if it means we are all still in suspense over some of the races and Measure J.

I am sorry but the routine and way the votes are processed has changed from the successful years of the Rodewald leadership.

The fact they are taking “days off” is disturbing. There are many tight races out there – including J , SLO Mayor and Pismo again and all those small districts that need to be decided. We are supposed to take our signs down and yet do not know the outcome of the contests.

Two years ago, Julie had her seasonal crew in there counting day after day.

The campaigns work night and day for many months; the Clerk Recorders office know it is coming and should prepare for the onslaught.

This is ridiculous!

Good thing the County Clerk Recorder’s office took a day off of counting and will not start again until 2:30PM tomorrow!

21,563 ballots still to be counted in SLO COUNTY!

Why be in a hurry to hear bad news. Lets hope Prop J is still defeated God knows they don’t need more taxpayer money to waste…..at any level.

At least we had a better choice for President than for Mayor.

Damn how long does it take to count the ballots? The election was a week ago.

WTF is going on at city hall??

Votes are not counted at city hall. They are counted by the county clerk recorder.

By now all but the VBM ballots have most likely been processed.

Each signature on vote by mail ballots must be verified.

ya…and the ones against the establishment thrown out…we know how the Game is played.