Pickup hits bicyclist in Grover Beach

November 15, 2016

A pickup truck collided with a bicyclist at Grand Avenue and Highway 1 in Grover Beach Monday evening. The bicyclist survived and was transported to the hospital.

At about 6 p.m., emergency responders found the injured bicyclist in the roadway. The bicyclist reportedly suffered moderate injuries.

The driver of the pickup remained at the scene and complied with officers who were investigating the crash. Police did not make an arrest, and the driver is not suspected of DUI.

Several witnesses to the collision spoke with police. It is unclear whether the bicyclist was wearing a helmet or a headlamp and whether the bike had a light.

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Another media reported the bicyclist ran a red light and slammed into the side of the pickup. If that proves to be true and if I were the owner of the truck, I would not allow my insurance to pay any damages and I’d have my truck repaired by the bicyclist. I believe in sharing the road but bicyclist, electric vehicles and does Gov not pay fuel road tax too? There is reason for great concern for funding short falls, if Sac just sucks then we worker bees just pay more for the free ride of others.

Fuel tax goes towards building and maintaining highways, not local roads that are used by cyclists. Local roads are paid for primarily through property taxes and sales taxes (see the recent measure J sales tax initiative). A bicycle inflicts virtually no damage / wear-and-tear on a road, and takes up a very small amount of road space compared to other vehicles. Because of this cyclists that are paying the same taxes as everyone else towards road construction and maintenance, but receiving much less benefit from those taxes.

In a similar way the fuel tax that everyone pays at the gas pump ends up disproportionately benefiting the trucking industry. Large, heavy trucks do magnitudes more damage to highways than a passenger car does.

Measure J is nothing new, a version has already been passed in Santa Barbara County with a sunset and list of promises. Now it is permanent and the bottle neck at Montecito has not been fixed as promised. New taxes to fund an old process points to a corrupt process not the need for new taxes. How do Tesla owners pay their share that is funded by gas taxes, the list of exceptions go on.

I only mentioned measure J as an example of where revenue for roads comes from — in that case a general sales tax, not a fuel tax.

You’re wrong about bicycles, butI agree with you about electric cars. The most fair thing is a road charge based on mileage which is what is what is currently being explored by the state government as provisioned by CA SB-1077