Hate and hypocrisy

November 29, 2016
Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr


San Luis Obispo Tribune Editor Sandra Duerr’s admonition against hate speech was both timely and appropriate, but it was also hypocritical.

Duerr’s article focused upon two forms of hate– racism and religious bigotry– and used examples of letters received by the paper that expressed those forms of hate. Those snippets were deeply disturbing and her calls for more tolerance and understanding in our society were spot on.

Yet, there are other forms of hatred such as political hatred and personal hatred that the Tribune seems to tolerate. That happens every other weekend when the Tribune publishes the column written by Tom Fulks.

Fulks is the merchant of hate and his biweekly fulminations such as the piece he wrote on November 20, 2016 are veritably dripping with hate.

Hate in any form begets hate. You can’t spread it in one form and decry it in another. If Duerr believes in what she says, “Don’t let hate and fear win,” she should start with her own paper.

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Remember how people used to view social media as a cesspool (which it mostly is)? Well, guess what? That is how I am beginning to view most media – it’s all a cesspool, whether they are going for click-bait or trying to lie to our faces and take a carefully-selected, approved moral “high ground” from which to lecture us.

The press and television news have long since lost their “news” moniker in my book; to me, they are all “media” just like twitter, facebook, instablab… whatever. It has all become a blur of hypocrisy and created narratives. Kind of like how it has always been, just without so many people realizing it.

We are witnessing the playing out of this with all main stream media.

The voters as has been shown by all polls, are fed up with the collusion and pandering by the supposedly free press.

This op-ed just points out this glaring spectacle, as the facts prove. And, the original article is nothing more than just sour grapes…

Instead of opining, why not do your job and report the facts…

The Trib and its numerous other papers in other counties and states are a disgusting example of one sided opinions which are pretending to be news. Slobird is 100% correct in saying they need to make clear just what they are, a liberal,democrat rag with a one sided view of life.