Harmon vows to battle climate change as SLO’s mayor

November 29, 2016

Heidi Harmon and supporters

At a press conference on the city hall steps, San Luis Obispo Mayor-elect Heidi Harmon reaffirmed her intent to battle climate change while in office. Harmon said she plans to push for SLO to become a net-zero emissions city.

On Monday, Harmon addressed the public for the first time since narrowly defeating incumbent Mayor Jan Marx in a race that was not decided until the final ballots were counted two weeks after the Nov. 8 election. Harmon ended up beating Marx by 47 votes, and the three-term incumbent opted not to request a recount.

Harmon said during her press conference Monday that she is thankful for Marx’s service to the community.

In addition to promising to craft policies to battle climate change, Harmon said she would promote diversity in San Luis Obispo and try to create more affordable housing and reduce homelessness. Harmon also reaffirmed her plan to repeal the city’s contested rental inspection ordinance.

The ordinance, which was adopted in May 2015 on a 3-2 city council vote, allows an inspector to enter and examine rental units to determine if the properties are safe and habitable. The San Luis Obispo Property Owners Association, as well as several landlords, are currently suing the city over the ordinance, contending the inspection program is unconstitutional.

Harmon, a longtime environmental activist, ran for state Assembly in 2014 against Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, garnering 37 percent of the vote. She chose to challenge Marx after returning from this year’s Democratic National Convention, which she attended as a delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

The mayor-elect defeated Marx despite trailing her by 726 votes after the completion of vote counting on election night. While Marx led in early mail-in ballots, Harmon led among poll voters and late mail-in ballots, which were cast after activist Kevin Rice circulated several robocalls supporting Harmon.

Harmon will be sworn in on Dec. 9. Incoming council members Aaron Gomez and Andy Pease, who will replace councilmen John Ashbaugh and Dan Carpenter, will also be sworn in that day.

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“Harmon vows to battle climate change as SLO’s mayor”

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Super Mayor!!!!!!! Da da da dahhhhh

Really SLO?

My top priorities:

1. Chronic panhandling

2. Litter Removal

3. Graffiti Removal

4. Potholes/ street repair

5. Remove the Fluoride

13. Investigate the strange arson going on locally.

35,432. “Climate Change Mitigation in SLO”.