Locals support Jordan Cunningham

November 2, 2016
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


If you look at the California Secretary of State financial reports from Jordan Cunningham, you will notice he has received a lot from people in our local community.  If you look at Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s reports, well over 90 percent comes from outside the area.

Ortiz Legg has raised more money, but it is not from people that can vote.

If you look at endorsements, you’ll find Jordan Cunningham’s is supported by all of local law enforcement, by local businesses and education leaders. If you look at Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s endorsements, it shows the Democrat Party and unions. She also doesn’t have all the unions as Jordan Cunningham is supported by the California Teachers Association and the California Correctional Peace Officer’s Association.

If you look at Jordan Cunningham’s support on Facebook, you will see he has over 3,000 likes on his page.  If you look at Dawn Ortiz-Legg, she has about 800 people.

The choice here is clear, and Jordan Cunningham is the one supported by our local community.

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I support Mr. Jordan Cunningham!

It really is a clear choice, but, even if it wasn’t, we should still elect Mr. Cunningham. Sacramento, as you may know, is being run by Democrats, and we have big government and high taxes to show for it.

In a society like ours, counterbalance is a good thing.

Dawn Ortiz-Legg, (D), says ‘We are all war criminals.’

Are you a war criminal? Me either.

Just saying,


Well said and astute as to what foreign money means. There is no reason for people outside a district to pour money into a campaign unless they expect something in return. Let’s face it, DOL, prior to this race was a nobody in state politics or even local politics (unless you call rabble rouser a profession). So what is it that is so important? Only the D behind her name, not the D in it. That “D” means that this state will be ever closer to single party rule through a super majority. So even a moderate governor would not be able to veto some of the truly wacky bills that the assembly passes.

The only people who think a super majority Democrat state congress is fine, are not home owners, rely on public support or are Democrat politicians.

That’s why DOL’s financial support is so thin from inside this district and so heavy from outside of it. She is a place holder and a rubber stamp for the political machine. If she and two more seats flip, it is the end of Prop 13 as we have known and enjoyed it for decades, an open flood gate of business leaving for Arizona and Texas, a rise in personal taxes and an erosion to the 2nd Amendment. That’s a given. What is unclear is what the nuts inside the party will slip through that will further erode our rights and steal from our wallets.

If you are a middle class person who works 8-5 for a living, you currently give 100% of what you earn to the government from January 1 to the middle of May each year. How much more do they want? Remember, if you pay taxes at all, you only represent 50% of the CA population! The other half lives on what you earn.

A good example of what good is and what bad is. Vote for Jordon.