Poll shows Peschong expanding lead over Martin

November 2, 2016
John Peschong

John Peschong


Republican John Peschong is building on his wide lead over Democrat Steve Martin as the campaign for the San Luis Obispo County District 1 supervisor seat enters its final week, according to a CalCoastNews poll conducted Sunday.

Among decided voters, Peschong holds a 29-point lead over Martin. Peschong leads with 64.83 percent followed by Martin at 35.16 percent. Of registered voters polled, 31 percent said they were still undecided.

In the primary election, CCN polls were strong indicators of the final results. In a poll conducted on May 19, CCN had Peschong leading with 45 percent of the vote and Martin at 32 percent. In the June 7 primary, Peschong received 45.52 percent of the vote and Martin garnered 35.02 percent.

The latest CCN poll has a margin of error of less than 5.5 points. CCN contracted with a phone survey company to call a randomized list of district voters.

With Supervisor Frank Mecham retiring, two of five seats are up for grabs on Nov. 8 as is the political makeup of the county board. In the past, Democrats Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson often battle Republicans Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton with Republican Mecham being the swing vote.

Currently District 3 candidate San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter, who is not affiliated with a political party, has a slight lead in the polls over incumbent Hill.

According to the San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorders website, as of Oct. 14, the county has 163,311 registered voters including 62,358 Republicans and 57,706 Democrats.

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Steve Martin has a strange quirk for a politician. He is thin skinned and if his feelings are hurt by someone in a discussion, he stops talking to the person–forever. There is at least one councilman that he won’t talk to at all.

I am voting “no,” for Mr. P? Why? Because in the part of the County that I live, I only see campaign signs for Pechong, Fareed, Cunningham, and Trump (I have only seen one Martin sing, near Paso; and no signs for any of their opponents?). These Republicans all seem to have a lot of money for signage. Who is funding this? Folks like you and me or corporations, businesses, etc.

John Peschong is exactly what this county needs as a new supervisor!

Frank Mecham has been a great disappointment and Steve Martin is another Frank Mecham.

Thank you John Peschong for running a great campaign and serving our residents.

Look forward to the January 2017 1st meeting of the new year and you are sworn in!

Don’t vote one way because you see so many signs of his opposition. Get to know him or what he stands for. Don’t drink a Pepsi because you saw a bunch of Coca-Cola trucks pass you on the highway.

So then you are voting NO on Measure J?

Measure J yes people received donations from outside contractors that are already accepted to win the contracts because they are “B” corporations that means that Gov Brown has them on a pre authorized list and so does our county. These companies have given more than any of our candidates have on their 460s over $300,000 so they can play and get the $225,000,000 for themselves outside our county!

This is pay to play and that is why NO STEVE MARTIN!

Steve is on the Pay to Play team with Gibson and Hill!

Vote for John Peschong because he is the best person to lead us out of the negativity.

Don’t miss the boat, stay afloat and vote for the conservative party.

Steve Martin moved too fast too soon. Most admire the person that finishes what they started, in Martins Cade it’s being mayor

Great news for the voters who want to change the County Board! Will he still be on the Paso City Council?

From what I have observed, Steve Martin is a business-as-usual, establishment hack like Frank Mecham.

“me, me, me” and “I’ve done this. I’ve volunteered for that!” Steve is a really nice guy. It’s unfortunate that he took the Tom O’Malley playbook and tried to take credit for everything.

After all of these Steve will still be a nice guy. Too bad O’Malley did this to him.

Steve Martin flip-flopped on the proposed rail spur project.

He strongly supported the water district idea (more taxes), which voters soundly defeated.

Martin also supports Measure J. (Even more taxes!)

Plus look at some of his endorsements–The Trib…Jan Marx…Jim Patterson.

NOT moderates but very liberal supporters.

And yes, he’s a nice guy, well known about town but in this campaign, Martin’s been all about “me, me, me” and “I’ve done this, I’ve volunteered for that!”

Peschong isn’t running for himself. He will better represent the people of the North County. He has my vote.