Julie Tacker works tirelessly for Los Osos

November 2, 2016
Julie Tacker

Julie Tacker

Opinion by Dr. C. Hite

When Julie Tacker announced her candidacy for Los Osos CSD during the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting, a sadness came over me. I realized that the consequence of pushing the senior, fixed income citizens from Los Osos meant we could no longer vote for the people who stood up for us.

Julie has always been there standing up for the communities of the Central Coast; pouring over public documents, calling attention to discrepancies, increasing awareness, helping residents make informed choices about the direction they want for their community.

Julie Tacker has revealed more about the workings of the communities we try to live in than many, many civil grand juries.

Julie was there doing the research, writing an informed editorial about five disabled people being pushed out of their individual Los Osos apartments by a county funded entity. She did so by simply stating the facts and asking the question “why?”

Julie was there researching the documentation on the proposed seismic testing and connecting others to those documents and to the coastal commission.

Julie has been there, tirelessly shining a light on all the things that do not ad up for the tax payer from poor public inclusion, poor management, poor record keeping, poorly designed projects, abuse of power, waste of public funds, and the cronyism that pours thousands, even millions of dollars down the drain.

And yes, Julie was there working hard to get the Los Osos waste water project out of the center of town and our water conserved instead of sprayed into the air to evaporate.

Julie was there trying to get the county to give Los Osos an affordable and better designed sewer, which the county chose not to do.

I have never observed a more conscientious person. I find that Julie doesn’t push her opinion on anyone, that she is tolerant and will answer any question to empower others in their advocacy.

Julie does make it uncomfortable for those who are more comfortable operating in the shadows.

I have actually looked into the claims of some of her detractors and come to this conclusion;

Julie is intellectually gifted, beautiful, confident, experienced, hard working and female… what is there about that not to hate?

Julie Tacker would be a fair director of the Los Osos CSD, if you choose to give her your vote. She has never betrayed my confidence or my trust.


Yes, indeed, I’m convinced that the majority of our community would agree with you.

Like a bad marriage, formed on lies & half truths’, our marriage to the CSD should be ‘annulled’,

Because an annulment is only is usually only possible when the marriage was not legal in the first place.

Like a bad marriage, every now & again we tell ourselves lies in order to delay making difficult changes & decisions that we know are ultimately in our best interests.


I was replying to Pelican 1 ………………….guess I pushed wrong button.


This woman is not only wonderful and works tirelessly, she is funny, smart, and beautiful. I think she might be the only woman we ever need.


Yeah, great. Now, slophocles, you just need to learn what her name actually is.


Jill Rucker, right?


Spare me! Those of us, who have been around here long enough, have seen the damage that Julie Tacker did to the community of Los Osos. Everyone in Los Osos is still paying for it.


Julie Tacker possesses an intimate understanding of budgets and their missadministration which threatens those in authority that are incompetent and sometimes malicious in their ambition. I have seen this personally.

She is a model of excellence in the political fabric of SLO County. She is sharp, very intelligent, and has a balance of wisdom and honesty in her conduct addressing the ever evolving politics of the area.

She reminds me of the man who crossed bred a lion and a parrot. When asked what did he call it? He said, I don’t know. But when it talks I listen! Those in authority benefit when listening to Julie. Those who don’t usually have personal agendas that are in conflict with the true interests of the citizens. Julie is special.


That’s Julia, alright! I’m WITH HER!!




If we had more people who are as conscientious as she is in politics, this would be a better place to reside.


Don’t forget she is married to a developer waiting to pounce on Los Osos. But I’ll forgive that if she dissolves the CSD.


Didn’t her husband also want to close the Oceano airport so he could develop the land?


The Spin Dr. is in the house!


Dissolve the LOCSD.