Nipomo woman gets year in jail for abusing terminally ill daughter

November 2, 2016
Susanne Wilch Krout

Susanne Wilch Krout

A Nipomo optometrist has received a one-year jail sentence for abusing her terminally ill adult daughter, whom hospital workers reportedly found covered in urine and feces. Despite pleading no contest to a felony count, Susanne Wilch Krout maintains her innocence and says she took a plea deal because a jury would never believe her.

On Sept. 23, 2015, Krout, 65, called for an ambulance to the Nipomo home of her son Thomas Anderson and her 28-year-old daughter. Emergency medical personnel arrived and transported Susanne Krout’s daughter to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria.

After discovering the patient malnourished and soaked in her own urine and feces, hospital staff reported suspicions of neglect, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies conducted an investigation and determined Susanne Krout’s daughter had fallen on the floor in a bathroom at her home where she laid for several days.

Deputies arrested Susanne Krout, as well as Anderson, 31, who was living with his sister but had a job outside of the home. Following the arrests, the sheriff’s office issued a press release saying the incident was not isolated and there had been a pattern of neglect and abuse over a few months.

Family members disputed the sheriff’s office account of events. San Luis Obispo-based attorney Michael Krout, Susanne Krout’s husband, said there was no feces and urine, and the adult daughter had been on the floor for no more than a day. Michael Krout described his wife as a loving mother who stopped in daily to check on her daughter.

In August, Anderson pleaded no contest to felony dependent adult abuse. He received a sentence of three years formal probation and community service.

Last month, Susanne Krout, too, pleaded no contest to felony dependent adult abuse. Susanne Krout was sentenced last week to 365 days in jail. She is expected to serve about 180 days due to time served and other credits. Michael Krout says she is applying to serve her sentence in home detention.

Susanne Krout also received three years of formal probation, and she must complete community service and pay court fees.

Prior to sentencing, Susanne Krout maintained her innocence during interviews with probation department officials, adamantly denying that her daughter was never left on the bathroom floor or covered in urine and feces. Susanne Krout said her daughter’s health had deteriorated over several days, and she had planned to call 911 on Sept. 23 if her condition had not improved. The only mistake she admitted was not calling 911 sooner.

After sentencing, Michael Krout released a statement saying the plea his wife entered was the result of poor judgment on the part of the mother of a dying daughter.

Susanne Krout’s daughter is now living n a nursing home outside of SLO County. The woman has been diagnosed with neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation, which is a permanent irreversible genetic disorder that leads to dementia and will become a terminal condition.

Shortly before falling ill, Susanne Krout’s daughter worked as an engineer. She is a Cal Poly graduate.

Protective orders bar Susanne Krout and Anderson from having any contact with their terminally ill daughter and sister until Oct. 2018.

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There are a lot of issues.

If the daughter wasn’t deemed incompetent, she had a right to live as she wanted. She could refuse food, she could walk around in her own home. It doesn’t take long at all for a person to become dehydrated and incontinent, not when a person is sick to begin with. Demented people often forget to eat the food and drink that is place right in front of them. They have been known to refuse food and drink.

We don’t know the whole story here, and I’m not going to judge someone by a few lines of a story. Everyone wants to tar and feather this woman, but I wonder why no one helped this family BEFORE things got this bad….

Middle class people have it rough. Poor folks get medi-cal, and with it all the “free” stuff. Rich people can afford the care they want. An engineer with a degenerative disease may or may not still have had their private insurance, and we all know how they LOVE to approve needed stuff right? (Note that is sarcasm) They give you XXX days in a facility, then kick people out REGARDLESS if ready or not.

This poor lady in the story was malnourished. That takes a while, but it can be overcome with proper food and supplemental foods like Ensure. Home health care is available, and between an optometrist and an attorney I would think they could afford to have someone come in for a few hours a day to care for he,r rather than dumping her on her brother. How could any parents treat their disabled daughter like that? “I was going to call 911.” Yeah right.

Do the Krouts have a big life insurance policy on her? Wouldn’t surprise me.

365 days in jail translates to 180 days and now she wants mere home detention? Anyone else would be facing prison! Shame on them!

Just remember, your children pick your nursing home and your son is still around.

A plea bargain with one year sentence for the neglect, humiliation, and abuse foisted upon her own daughter????? Is the prosecutor the brother of the judge in the Brock Turner trial?

Dan Dow has never met a plea deal he didn’t like. Especially in what may be difficult cases.

Meanwhile, he has padded his resume with a “sex and human trafficking” conviction and 60 year sentence of a Los Osos man who was voluntarily driven from the Bay Area to the Central Coast by the underage 17 year old girl. Dow also took a plea deal of 1 year in County Jail for a man who sexually assaulted a retarded girl. Huh?

I’m sure Dan Dow will be a Judge in a few years. He knows how to grease the skids of the criminal justice system.

From what I gather from the article, the daughter is an adult and mom didn’t even live with her. There’s must be more to the story because I don’t see how she is guilty of anything.