Why does the Tribune cover for Adam Hill?

November 5, 2016
Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice


An open letter to the San Luis Obispo Tribune:

It is newly disappointing that the Tribune is now openly providing cover for an abusive public official. I am shocked the Tribune is also abusing reporter Cynthia Lambert in this sham. She is a good journalist and you are sullying her fine reputation and name by forcing her to write false and shoddy stories on behalf of Supervisor Adam Hill. I know Cynthia’s work, and this is not hers.

Instead of sunlight, the Tribune is fabricating cover and joining in Supervisor Adam Hill’s abuse of respected women in our community. Your acts have revictimized these women.

SLO Tribune has failed our community for years, but recently has become openly blatant with respect to disregard of the public interest. Subscriptions are flailing at your hands.

I advise all election candidates not to participate in Tribune editorial interviews, as endorsements are not based on any substance other than the interest of the local entrenched cadre.

I can’t imagine whether the Tribune merely lacks courage to bring sunshine or is outright on the take in some manner with our county supervisor.


Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr, the executive editor at The Tribune, responded to Rice’s letter:

We take exception to your assumption that we are “abusing” reporter Cynthia Lambert. We agree that she is an excellent journalist — and in fact, she is the one who suggested fact-checking the robocall.

We did try to seek comment from the small business person involved, Julie Tizzano, to find out what happened, but she did not respond to Cynthia’s calls or email.


To get at the other side.


The problem with propagandists is they ultimately start actually believing in the narratives they are propagating. This is why one may still find genuine “shock” that readership evaporates or ratings take a dump.

Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees…


Kevin, you are so right, but to defend the Tribune and Ms. Duerr, they can’t help it. The only people who subscribe to or advertise with the Tribune anymore are the same people who support Adam Hill. I know a few of them personally and although they mean well and seem nice they are so entrenched in their own political crowd they just can’t function intellectually when it comes to politics. They will never support a republican and if the devil himself was running for any office (as a democrat) they would support them. I will never understand these people, they are smart and successful with many rationale thoughts but will only vote for democrats no matter how corrupt. Look at how much support Hillary Clinton has even though she is undoubtably the most corrupt candidate to ever run for POTUS. To me it is stunning how many people will destroy this country because their brains cannot see clearly enough when it comes to politics. what’s that old saying? “Politics makes strange bedfellows”


I thought the paper was supposed to report the news not tell the people how to vote. I will no longer buy this propaganda rag.lf the editor wants to show her mentality by backing these thugs that is her right even if it is wrong. Cannoncocker


I am shocked to hear that Adam Hill has committed transgressions as I thought he only does what is right for his financial backers and only goes against those who disagree with him. Is nothing sacred?


Sad but appears that the Tribune is following in the shadows of the national news coverage. Every day we hear more and more of how corrupt and dishonest some news coverage in our country has come to be.


You mean Fox, right?


Hey Kevin!! there are thanks to be given to the trib by many of us slo residents and that’s the weekly delivery of a plastic dog turd bag, some bird cage liner and best yet…… take that nice list of endorsements the Turdbune came up with and vote everything but who they support. I thought a NEWS paper was just that, NEWS, not a hopeful means to sway ones political beliefs. Considering their readership in slo county if I was a candidate endorsed by the Tribune I sue them for compromising my chances at a win.

San Louie

Duerr and Company are a disgrace. The Tribune was once an excellent local paper. Now it’s a terribly skewed and emaciated rag that somehow hangs on.

Why their superiors in Fresno have not demanded more of them is a puzzle.


The McClatchy gang thinks they’re doing a great job — keep the ad revenue flowing in. This is all corporate journalism cares about. No interest in supporting a community, reporting the news we need to know, just in extracting money from our special place. And sending it elsewhere. Hey, what was it they farmed out to India not long ago?

Thomas A

Sandra, quit the generalized BS. You are being called out for your racket with Adam Hill.

It is stated in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science that, “The press is a quasi-public agency because the founders of its freedom created it for a public purpose–as a substitute for revolution.”

If you are accepting bribes from Adam Hill to mislead the public, you and Adam are committing crimes Sandra, and it will come out.

Fire Adam Hill

Reality Check

Every now and then, the Tribune gets something right. They endorsed Ed Waage for Mayor of Pismo Beach. He is highly qualified and was previously savaged by the Tribune when he ran for District 3 Supervisor in 2012. Waage has shown himself to be an excellent leader who has the best interests of the City of Pismo Beach at heart rather than special interests. So in his case, the Tribune is correct and Pismo Beach residents should vote for Waage.

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