Why does the Tribune cover for Adam Hill?

November 5, 2016
Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice


An open letter to the San Luis Obispo Tribune:

It is newly disappointing that the Tribune is now openly providing cover for an abusive public official. I am shocked the Tribune is also abusing reporter Cynthia Lambert in this sham. She is a good journalist and you are sullying her fine reputation and name by forcing her to write false and shoddy stories on behalf of Supervisor Adam Hill. I know Cynthia’s work, and this is not hers.

Instead of sunlight, the Tribune is fabricating cover and joining in Supervisor Adam Hill’s abuse of respected women in our community. Your acts have revictimized these women.

SLO Tribune has failed our community for years, but recently has become openly blatant with respect to disregard of the public interest. Subscriptions are flailing at your hands.

I advise all election candidates not to participate in Tribune editorial interviews, as endorsements are not based on any substance other than the interest of the local entrenched cadre.

I can’t imagine whether the Tribune merely lacks courage to bring sunshine or is outright on the take in some manner with our county supervisor.


Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr

Sandra Duerr, the executive editor at The Tribune, responded to Rice’s letter:

We take exception to your assumption that we are “abusing” reporter Cynthia Lambert. We agree that she is an excellent journalist — and in fact, she is the one who suggested fact-checking the robocall.

We did try to seek comment from the small business person involved, Julie Tizzano, to find out what happened, but she did not respond to Cynthia’s calls or email.


You have to know that the Tribune isn’t a little small town newspaper. It’s part of a franchise whose agenda is everything to the extreme left. They have been full of Yellow Journalism this election cycle. They would never print a story for the merit of truth or importance to society. They have to go through a propaganda screener to see if the story fits their narrative.


Please remember some of the stories pushed by the Tribune over the years.

Support for Kelly Gearhart until he was arrested by the FBI.

Support for Chief Lisa Solomon until the city’s own investigation found her guilty.

The opinion piece supporting Sharia Law for Muslims in SLO County (because they are afraid of law enforcement).

The opinion piece supporting the couple with the baby born only with a brain stem and their fund drive to see a doctor in South America. (There is no help for a baby born without a brain).

The opinion piece on wind turbines for houses. The particular wind turbines they recommended were withdrawn from the state program because the company made unsupported claims about their equipment.

The celebratory Mother’s Day article on the homeless woman from Illinois with two disabled children who had found love in SLO County with a homeless man and was pregnant again.

We need a new editor who will not surround herself with the lamest left wing journalists who don’t do their research.


I know that I am not as bright or well educated as the print media in this Country, State, County, Township, but I predick that a lot of Editors will be looking for employment in 2017.Complete fabrication from the Tribune.

mb business owner

the tribune’s support for others like jamie irons, christine johnson and noah smuckler who have basically moved our formerly fine city to certain bankruptcy is enough for me to have cancelled my subscription months ago as well as stop advertising for my businesses.


The Tribune and the McClatchy empire follow the editorial dictates and attitude of the liberal NY Times and the arrogant WaPo in DC. The LA Times is exhausted by the Hollywood blight and leaves the SLO market exposed to sarcasm of the New Times Shredder.

Despite all this, we have the courageous CCN, Cal Coast News, leading with objective facts and truth, exposing the ugly underbelly of politics exemplified by that Hill in SLO.

This begs the question – could this fresh breeze of factual reporting put the others to shame? Can they survive the $$$ onslaught exemplified by the current legal tactic against it. I desperately hope so. Good boy, Kevin.


I am shocked, shocked, that left wing propaganda is promoted by the Tribune!

The current owner of the paper is hardcore left wing and the top people at the paper are left also. In addition to the endorsement of Hill, the endorsements of Hillary, Ortiz-Legg, and Ray are all justified by convoluted logic. These people can not connect the dots and do not understand the degree to which our rights and liberties are being assaulted by left wing government.

Oh, and don’t forget Measure J and the Paso Robles school bond boondoggle.

The faster the paper closes down the better, but then what will we use to line the birdcages?


I hope Dave Congalton follows up on this, i.e., did Julie really get a call from the Tribune?


I agree with the basic analysis behind Kevin’a argument, though I would be more comfortable if he had chosen another phrase other than the Tribune “abusing Cynthia Lambert.” That’s a pretty harsh statement and far from the truth–I don’t think a verb like “abusing” should be tossed around so lightly.


Dave, I’m not one to wordsmith, but the terms used in Kevin’s editorial do show the severity of the Trib’s malfeasance. Just one thing to say, since I’ve already fired the Trib.



Hey Dave, your left leanings are showing.

Kevin Rice

The Tribune’s corrupt alliance with Adam Hill is only partially transparent in single instances; but becomes fully evident in viewing a litany of protective and biased Tribune articles that clearly hide the facts of Adam’s big oil and big developer money base. Those of us who pay attention at painfully aware of the Tribune’s corruption. Power communicate your concerns to the Tribune’s parent company, McClatchy:

General Inquiries

Tina Tedesco

Head of Corporate Communications



Advertising Inquiries

Kim Nussbaum

Vice President, Advertising



Marketing Inquiries

Kathy Lehmen

Head of Marketing



Financial/Investor Inquiries

Stephanie Zarate

Investor Relations Manager



Kevin Rice

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