Trump win sets off Cal Poly protests

November 10, 2016


Joining disgruntled liberals and leftists state-and-nationwide, hundreds of students at Cal Poly protested President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory. The Cal Poly students marched across campus Wednesday chanting slogans like “love trumps hate” and “not my prez,” as well as “fuck the wall. Dump Trump.”

In addition to protests, a Cal Poly Against Donald Trump group sprouted on Facebook. The group has more than 400 members, as of Thursday morning.

“This group aims to garner support at the local level for a Democratic resurgence,” said Isaac Schick, the group organizer. “The situation is Donald Trump, someone who has never held a political office, has included firing the generals, killing the families of terrorists, dropping countries that can’t pay the United States (countries that are fearful of Russian aggression) from NATO, banning Muslims from the country and of course building a wall and making Mexico pay for it, in his list of policy decisions, has just become our next president.”

Schick is calling for Trump protesters to join a demonstration Thursday in support of Cal Poly students who do not have legal status in the United States. Another protest against Trump is scheduled for Saturday outside the San Luis Obispo courthouse.

Free Speech WallThe protests against Trump broke out at a time when tension was already rising on campus over a free speech wall erected by the Cal Poly College Republicans. Bigoted language, as well a swastika reportedly appeared on the wall, and a person later spray painted over writing it contained.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong stated on Twitter Wednesday that he completely supports students’ right to protest.

In Los Angeles, thousands of protesters poured onto streets Wednesday night and hundreds of them later shut down traffic on Highway 101. The protesters also burned Trump’s head in effigy. [LA Times]

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We need to institue a program of mandatory national service immediately after high school for both males and females and for a period of 4 years. These young people can choose between military service or public service (work in conservation or health and human service programs).

When they finish their national service and have discovered that “it’s not about them” but rather “about the country” they can go to any technical trade school or college for free so they can take their place as a productive loyal American citizen.

This is what our left leaning professors teach our kids,this is how things work in their little world, just wait till they have to get jobs,pay taxes,house payments,rent,insurance and on and on,they vote the democratic line thinking that all is a free ride, its not.

Ahh and these most likely are the people that re-elected A Hill.

To all the smarmy snowflakes:

Trump did not win, Hillary LOST. Period. Sure, you’ll find people that support Trump, but I’ll bet you dollars to slodoco-donuts that a large chunk of Trump votes were “NO HILLARY” votes. Let’s face it, the hive-mentality, inward-focused, isolated-from-reality that has become the norm of the democrat party FAILED each and every one of you (of us?), the only reason your “boogeymen” (aka republicans) win is usually because the choice for democrat is even worse.

The democrats are such lock-step ideologues that I do not know if there is any hope of changing that party. Bernie “almost” made it look like it (from a point of view I disagree with), but you have to ask yourself: “When did Bernie know it was fixed and rigged against him?” – He obviously did (even got his payout), but did he know it going in, or did he honestly think he had a chance?

Dump your lame, ½-ass political party and pull your head out of your ass. Stop listening to your over-privileged professors who likely have done nothing in life except hide out in academia where responsibility and liability are minimal.

Maybe they just didn’t want their p*ssy grabbed.

Give these students….oh let me correct myself…CHILDREN some diapers and a bottle! REALLY, I’m disgusted with the protests in the first place. So, if Hillary would have won then everything would have been sunshine and roses? Oh, if this were to happen with the other side – the Nat’l guard may have been called. I’m not happy with President Armstrong either. He should be a little more forceful about the issue of what those students are there for…and I have a son there and if those “brats” are causing such a ruckus that classes can’t be held – then that’s MY MONEY being wasted AGAIN and this is a big reason why so many Americans have stood up to stop the insanity of the last 8 years. Change under each presidency happens…and these youngsters are going to have to learn to deal with it. Yes, it’s important that they are reminded/taught that their vote counts HOWEVER it doesn’t mean they win everytime and when they don’t they can’t throw the temper tantrums and get their way. Ridiculous.

If your not first your lsst

Eh, who cares if they want to protest. Since even before the Vietnam war protests in the 60s, protesting something on a college campus has been practically a right of passage. They aren’t burning, looting, or mowing down people with assault rifles, so let them have their little protest. I’d rather have an engaged electorate that is passionate about the issues than a bunch of mindless zombies who let the government walk all over them.

Essentially, what these idealistic young minds are protesting is democracy….the very form of government that allows such dissent.

I didn’t vote for Trump, but he won in a fair, democratic election.

Now, return to the classroom…you just might learn something.

I wish we had a better choice between the two canidates but we didn’t so we all must get together and make the best of it. I didn’t like Obama at the time but I didn’t protest and burn our flag and tried to stay hopeful he would do good. Didn’t work out in my view but I still stayed civil. I’ve watched interviews with college students from prestigous universaties and I’m amazed at the lack of knowledge they have on the history of our country and what is actually going on know. I’m sure if you asked all the protesters about this you to would be amazed at the lack of knowledge. Protesters seem to protest because others do and even though a few know what’s going on most of them don’t. When you burn the flag you are not protesting Trump but our country that has given you the right to protest and live free. I also can’t believe people who do not have legal status in this country have the nerve to protest and complain about anything in this country. They can always go back to where they came from if they are unhappy or be happy this country gives them such opportunities to prosper.